8/17 GREENDOG Adoption Fair☆Report (Part 1)

green dog1

On Sunday, August 17 we held an adoption fair at Green Dog in Kobe.
Although it was at the end of the Obon vacation, many people came. We want to express our sincere gratitude to Green Dog, which supports ARK in many different ways.

green dog2

The cats who participated were Onyx (left) and Takeru (right).

Lately Takeru’s become a bit mischievous and started to tease adult cats, but he’s really laid-back. I thought that when he first came to the fair he would be scared and freeze up, but from the beginning he was lively, moving around, playing, meowing, and relaxing. I bet he will adjust to an adopter’s house very quickly.

Sweet and gentle Onyx froze up at the beginning, but she gradually became more responsive and had fun playing with the guests.

green dog3

The two kittens were satisfied after playing with many different guests. In between, they would take a nap, and then play again. Kittens have so much energy! I wonder if everyone who came noticed how great they are?

Hm? What about Gin-chan, you ask? A few days before the event, he fell from a shelf and broke his shoulder, and is now in the hospital…
(Gin-chan is so unlucky… Gin, you fool! This was your chance!)

green dog4

This is Momo-chan.
Momo-chan was very reliable that day. Although there were many guests and a lot of children, she seemed to have a great time walking freely around the room. She can now eat the delicious jerky given to her by strangers, and by the end, she was enthusiastically eating dog food from the hands of children, even though she sometimes doesn’t finish it in her bowl.

Momo-chan, what happened to you? Did something snap in your brain?

When I saw Momo-chan having fun and relaxing in a new place surrounded by strangers, I felt that I could adopt her out without worries. Momo-chan was the most weak-willed and scared of the four sisters; I wonder when she became so confident? I am about to cry from happiness just seeing her relaxed and enjoying herself.

green dog5

Is that Sakura?

When Sakura arrived at the scene, she took a walk outside, and wandered around as we were getting ready. She was a little uncertain, but her tail was up and she seemed to be having a good time. “Oh, that’s pretty good…” I thought, almost reassured, but when the guests started to arrive, Sakura was nowhere to be seen. She curled up in a corner of the room and spent the whole day quietly deepening her relationship with the wall.

grenn dog6

The guests kindly watched over Sakura, who stayed frozen in the corner. Momo and Beano also went to check on her now and then. Sakura was quietly checking out the party in her own way, through scent and sound and atmosphere. “At Sakura’s own pace, as much as possible…” I thought, and left her alone, but not quite enough, because I thought that, given an opportunity, she might show some change. Later, I kind of regretted this. I’m sorry, Sakura…

green dog7

In the dog enclosures at ARK, Sakura barks at guests through the fence. But when dogs who are always barking at ARK are rehomed, I often hear of them, “I’ve never heard her bark.” We’ve trained her to be a good canine citizen from a young age, and at any of the staff members’ houses she soon adjusts and relaxes, but it is a problem that it’s difficult for adopters to see how great Sakura is.

green dog8

Beano-kun, a.k.a. Diaper Man, wears a happy expression while surrounded by a family with children. He showed off all his tricks – Sit, Shake hands, Other Hand, Lie Down, and Wait – and begged for treats; Beano did an excellent job as Welcome Boy.

There are still many things I’d like to tell you about. But this report is getting too long, so I’ll continue in Part 2…

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