Happy Stories – Loquat: Part 1

When I started work this morning, the snowy scenery was a startling difference from yesterday. It kept falling and piling up while I walked dogs and cleaned dog enclosures, but fortunately it stopped before noon, and the sun melted it all.

The winter in Nose is fierce, but this year is nothing compared to last year. Snow piled up a lot last year. I remember worrying that the snow would prevent the dog enclosure doors from opening, not being able to go on walks, and desperately shoveling the deep snow. My wintertime morning routine was to take a hammer and break the thick ice that formed on the drinking water buckets in the enclosures. There were frequently days when I couldn't use the water because the pipes had frozen.

For the animals who live at ARK (especially the older ones and babies), a mild winter is welcome, but even in this I can feel the danger of global warming in my body every day.

Today was the day Loquat was rehomed. He is a scaredy-cat, so up until now, even if potential adopters came, he would hide in his doghouse, or bark ferociously and make a bad impression, so he was not able to establish good relationships and had a stay of over a year at ARK. I am grateful to the adopter who recognized Loquat's charm. Yesterday, Staff M took him home, and today he was transferred to the adopter's house.

This is Loquat sleeping at Staff M's house last night. He started at the sound of the TV in the next room, and at the sounds of cars and voices from outside...he was very nervous.

Here’s Loquat on a walk the next morning with Staff M. This walk was very different from his usual walks at ARK, because there was so much he had never seen before. This made him really scared. In fact, he was acting so timid that he kept his tail down the whole time. He was so scared he peed on himself. But his tail is between his legs and you can't see it.

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