Does Larry have a chance, too?


Zeros, who could not find a new home easily because of constipation problems, is now enjoying a new lease on life with his new adopter who loves him. And he gets to live with his good friend Oto-chan! The adopter is taking good care of the two, especially looking after Zeros’ belly while consulting with a vet.

So, maybe, there is a ray of hope for Larry too?!


Larry came to ARK about 9 years ago. I tried to find out the details of how he wound up here, but could not. The photo of him as a kitten was so cute! I could not help feeling “Wow, there was a time Larry looked like this?!”.


It was about four years ago when I started to work at ARK. Larry was suffering from very serious constipation. I was told that his pelvis was narrow near the rectum. My co-workers showed me how to give a massage on his belly to stimulate a bowel movement, but I couldn’t do it very well. I couldn’t tell whether or not his stool was blocked up, which made me feel sorry and depressed.


Frequently, it was necessary to use an enema because Larry could not defecate, despite his best efforts. But these days, he can go to the bathroom comfortably almost every day. Among many cats who only defecate every two or three days, this is a great improvement. Larry must be feeling pretty good, too. 


Larry takes liquid paraffin every day for his constipation. Liquid paraffin is used as a food additive, and as a lubricant in medicine for stimulating defecation. Anyone can give liquid paraffin to Larry because he can take it with no problem. His future adopter will find it easy, too. There are supplements with liquid paraffin as a major component, and maybe someday, he can stop taking it and change to more natural method.


We used think re-homing Larry was just a dream, but these days, we feel he might be able to become happy with a family.

She is a calm, cuddly, very good girl who loves to play with people. And she is not overly clingy. No matter what she has to endure (like enemas), she never shows aggressiveness. She is touchingly patient. Cats of this kind are relatively less popular among potential adopters, but I hope we can draw people’s attention to her good qualities and character so that she can live at home with her family peacefully, forever.

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