The Chronicles of Beano

Beano has come back to us after being adopted as a puppy eight years ago.
Apparently his owners had to move out of their house and could no longer care for their dogs.

In Beano’s former home, there were also two Labrador Retrievers who were kept indoors. But according to a photograph sent to us by the owners, Beano was kept outside, chained to his kennel. He was so skinny that you could see his ribcage and hipbones.

We wanted to help the dogs as soon as possible, but we had to have the owners wait until we had room in our kennels. During that time we were able to find an adopter for the two labs, where they could go as soon as their owners got them spayed and neutered. However, the days were going by without any sign of this happening, so we made the arrangements ourselves for the two labs to be fixed so they could go to their new home.

Then the owners informed us that they had found a house where they could have one dog. It looked like Beano could live with them in their new house, and the two labs would be happy with the new family. However, the owners said they were going to negotiate to have two dogs and keep the two labs at their new house.
That is how Beano came back to ARK.

When our staff went to the owners’ home to pick up Beano, they found him chained in the yard under the hot sun.

We learned that Beano will jump over a low fence and that he is afraid of thunder. Considering this as well as his age, we’d like to find him a home where he can live indoors. He has a habit of lifting his leg up and peeing wherever, but a diaper will quickly take care of this problem! Marking can be a calming signal and will stop once he knows he is safe in his new home. When I was fostering 10-year-old Wreath, he stopped marking on his own in about a month.

Beano has a very sweet personality and is friendly with dogs and humans. He is an old guy at the age of 9, but it is too sad to think of him living out his life at ARK. We would really like to find him a new family.

Poor Beano has lived all his life out in the yard while his Labrador siblings got to live with their owners inside the house.
Doesn’t Beano deserve to have a loving family and home all of his own?

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