Momo’s Diary, Part II

I’ve taken charge of Momo, as I mentioned in Atomi’s article.

Momo was the most easily frightened of the four stray dog sisters, so we thought that she’d be difficult to rehome. I wasn’t in charge of her, so I saw her around ARK but didn’t know her well and I haven’t had much to do with her before. Although it’s only for four days, I’m going to have her try a homestay at my house.


Tonight, we come home together from ARK. Into the living room in the crate. The resident dogs’ interest fades, and after two hours the crate door is opened. Whenever my other dogs walk by or look in, she growls inside the crate. She doesn’t mind if I look in, so I clean up the poo she did, and she obediently cooperates.


I left the crate door open all night, but she didn’t come out. Sometimes she sticks just her head out to look around. I leave her as she is and take my other dogs for their walk. It seems she explored the room while she was left alone. She has peed in the toilet spot. But she noticed our return and went back inside the crate.

In the afternoon she finally says goodbye to the crate. She seems to be interested in the resident dogs, coming up to them from behind and smelling them, or following them around. She is afraid if they come to her, though, and she wrinkles her muzzle and shows her gums to say “Stay back!”.

At night, we have a visitor, but Momo doesn’t bark. She doesn’t seem particularly afraid and doesn’t hide. She sleeps at the guest’s feet. She doesn’t flee when spoken to or touched. She ate in the same place and had a good appetite.


First walk! We got in the car and went to the mountains to play. In the car, she was held by my husband in the passenger seat. I wanted to let her see lots of the outside world, so we didn’t put her in the crate. At first she was unsettled, but she grew more and more calm and drank in the view of the outside.

In the evening we went to the shopping district in front of the station. While walking and while observing from one spot, there were no incidents or excitement. We could walk with the leash slack, and she was calmer than I expected. I guess her tail was up about half the time and down half the time evenly. I gave her some cheese, but she only ate one bite. She was probably nervous, but I had fed her before we went out, so she wasn’t hungry (my mistake).

She put her head through the fence and watched the cars come and go with great interest. She didn’t show much reaction even when buses, trucks, or groups of bicycles went right by her, or car horns honked.

She sniffed and tried to go over to people who went by or stood nearby.

The station concourse. At times she pulled a little, but we walked around and saw the area at a leisurely pace. We tried going on overpasses and underpasses. She understandably pulled to get through the underpasses more quickly.


A walk in the area near my house. Normal houses and quiet tree-lined roads. At a busy intersection, we stopped to observe the traffic. The cars were going pretty fast and sometimes stopped very close, and there were also bicycles, but she was calm.

She can now wander around the house as she pleases. At some point she started using the dog bed too. She takes an interest in humans when they cause a commotion and follows them around. When I am in the kitchen, she is there by my feet, and if I move to the living room, she follows me. She does the same with my husband.

When I’m on the computer, she wanders around nearby. Like at ARK, she runs away if you try to touch her, so I hadn’t insisted on touching her, but somehow I felt it would be okay this time, so I petted her, and she held still, seeming to decide it was okay. When I stopped, she said, “Pet me.” What? You got used to that suddenly.

It was only four days, so I feel I only know Momo a little, but she doesn’t bark, she eats well, she can do her toilet business on pet sheets, she is obedient to humans and not aggressive. It was a new house and new people for her, but her attitude didn’t change toward guests, and the impression she gave me was more of a quiet and obedient dog than a scared or cowardly dog. She is not strong-spirited, but I found her easy to live with and care for.

She’s not accustomed to being held, so if you try to pick her up she will struggle, but she doesn’t panic or bite. Once you have hold of her she clings onto you, but doesn’t struggle or try to get down, so I think anyone could hold her. She is heavy though… If you can hold her, it should help when you go to the vet, or an unfamiliar environment, or another situation when you can’t let her walk. I think owners of dogs that don’t like being held will understand the advantage to this.

Momo’s Diary (1)
Momo-chan sure has grown up! I want to find her an adoptive family as soon as possible. She is inherently very cautious and easily scared, so she needs a family that will be patient while she gets used to them.

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