Mon, Currently In Time-Out

Mon loves people. She loves them so much that, surprisingly for a cat, she loves to be held! She also loves to play, and is not a picky eater. She would probably be a very low-maintenance cat. She’s not moody like many cats, who become grumpy for no apparent reason and protest at being held when the mood doesn’t strike. She’s quite the opposite; she welcomes love and attention any time! She is perfect for the cat-lover that loves to cuddle with their feline friend!

Obviously, this all makes Mon super-awesome, but there is one problem that we have been worrying about. And that is, Mon doesn’t get along with her roommates.

Mon is probably not the only one to blame for this. But she’ll charge a cat that is carelessly looking in a different direction, and keep at it. It’s like she’s trying to pick a fight. Looks like you found a comfy spot, Mon, but you dominate it so that the others don’t get a turn to lie in the sun! Look, they can’t even come down! I can’t help but take the side of the other cats who have to tread lightly because of Mon. Plus, these other guys have been living in this room longer than you, Mon!

But we don’t have the space to give Mon her own room just because she can’t get along with the other cats. We get through each day by trying to keep the tension to a minimum, breaking up the fights when they do happen, and calming them down. We’ve resorted to a special time-out space for Mon to minimize everyone’s stress-level. Here, Mon takes a moment to cool down and think long and hard about her actions.

But you end up in time-out every day because you haven’t thought about it enough, Mon.

Soon, you’ll be able to share your sweetness with the other kitties, too.

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