Thank you on behalf of Look at Me!

Atomi? Where you going by car?

Hey, everybody! Atomi has found a new home, and we’re taking her there now!

Atomi spent over two years at ARK. It wasn’t easy to maintain her quality of life. After she licked the fence and got zinc poisoning, we had to cover her enclosure with plywood and acrylic sheets. Many days went by with her not being able to see outside her enclosure, so she would throw herself at the plywood and make so much noise. We didn’t think she could be easily rehomed, and thought that she probably wouldn’t find a new owner. That’s why we were so happy to see her in the car heading for her new home! We are so thankful to the family that will relieve Atomi of all the stresses she faced at ARK, although I was sad too, to be alone in the car after dropping her off.

Animals come to ARK for several reasons, but we always hope that ARK won’t be their “final home” but rather a “passing through point.” Not a place where they come to live out their lives, but a place that will offer them the chance to move on to find happiness once again.

For those animals that are taken to the “hokensho” and sent to the gas chambers, we want to do what we can to take care of the animals that come to us until we can find them good new homes.

People may feel relieved that their problems are solved when animals are rescued by ARK or taken in by ARK. But for the animals, it’s just the beginning of a very rough ride. When dogs or cats lose the ones they love, it’s very hard for them to adjust to a new environment. Listening to the different cries of all the other animals and being looked at by visitors is very stressful, both physically and mentally. It is not unusual for an animal to die from such stress.

Therefore, we want pet owners to take responsibility from the start to the end of their pet’s life. Before taking in an animal, we hope that prospective pet owners will think long and hard about the present and future responsibilities they must take on when owning a pet.

When things don’t go well or when tough things seem to happen every day, we can work hard knowing that there are many animals that we would like to make happy by finding them new homes. Once again, a sincere thank you to every single person who has adopted an animal.

Sunday, June 29
Kiku has been rehomed!
She is the first of the scaredy-cat family of 4 sisters to be rehomed.
Somebody has requested Ume, and Sakura and Momo are to follow!
Momo is currently on a short homestay. I’ll let you know more about her later.

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