The thing Jiro lost...

It has been seven years since Jiro was rescued as a puppy and brought to ARK. Jiro is obedient and loves people, but hasn’t been adopted. Why? Because he’s a chicken! It’s only inside the dog house that Jiro can cuddle up to strangers, and he can only go for a walk with staff he knows. When he meets strangers such as hikers during a walk, he gets so scared that he can’t move forward anymore. Sometimes, he suddenly becomes motionless even though there is nothing to be fearful about.

One evening, one of Jiro’s eyes showed abnormal symptoms all of a sudden. His left eye was swollen and blocked with pus. There had been nothing wrong just a few hours before. At first, we thought something had gotten into his eye, or he had gotten a scratch, and it had caused conjunctivitis.

What he actually had, however, was glaucoma.

Glaucoma, when it’s serious, is accompanied by pain. It was so sad to see poor, spiritless Jiro. The Elizabeth collar had to be worn all the time to prevent him from scratching the eye, and he had to stay in a small cage. We didn’t know how tough or how painful it was for him, and all we could do was watch over him.

Because his eye pressure didn’t go down at all in spite of oral medicine and eye drops, completely removing the eye was considered. Taking out the glaucomatous eye removes the cause of the problem, and it means that Jiro won’t need to take medicine or go to hospital.

We knew the advantages of the surgery, but it was still shocking to see Jiro after the surgery. The fur around his left eye was shaved, and the swollen eyelid was sewn shut. Although everything was as we expected, we were concerned about whether Jiro would recover and be able to live well again. However, we soon learned that there was nothing to worry about!

Dogs are marvelous. It’s not a big deal for them to lose vision in one eye. Jiro runs and rushes through the forest in just the same manner as when he had two eyes. He doesn’t look like he’s having any difficulty at all.

His remaining right eye gets eye drops to prevent glaucoma. He used to resist them by closing his eye and twisting his body, but now he comes to us when we call his name, and calmly lets us put the eye drops in. Maybe he has learned that he’ll be praised and get a treat!

Staff members were discouraged when Jiro had glaucoma and his left eye had to be removed, because we were worried about him and his unpredictable future. However, even having lost one eye, Jiro is still Jiro who likes to cuddle up to people, who is a big eater, who doesn’t always read the situation right, who makes Noah mad, and who is still afraid of the world outside ARK….

We want our wonderful Jiro find an owner and be happy. One staff member often takes him home to give him social training. He’s now used to cars and he doesn’t do his business indoors. He’s such a baby who likes to get on the bed and he plays with toys. If you understand that he’s a bit of a chicken, he’ll become a great indoor dog partner!

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