Field Note Adoption Fair☆Report


Here’s a report on the adoption fair held at Field Note on Sunday, May 25.
It was a very productive day, and we have lots of pictures to show you!


First, let’s take a look at Chibika, who’s still a little scared of people. Chibika has only ever known ARK, and the place she was born and raised, so she was pretty taken aback at being surrounded by so many people in an environment she didn’t know. But soon enough she relaxed and was sitting begging for treats from complete strangers! Chibika loves to be cuddled and she got lots of cuddles today.


Here’s Ume eating a piece of cheese from a girl’s hand. When we first got Ume, she wouldn’t eat anything and didn’t pee much. But little by little she began to eat regular dog food, and being surrounded by lots of people has helped her feel more at ease. It must be all the social training that allowed her to be so relaxed today!


Ume used to be so afraid of being touched by people that she would panic. Today she lapped up all the attention given to her by the children. Ume-chan, you’ve sure made a lot of progress!


After he was first rescued, Not Non didn’t liked being touched or cuddled. But these days, he’s turned into such a loving dog who likes people so much. By the way, his nickname is Notty. On this day, it seemed as though Notty was just a neighborhood dog who had come to play. At ARK he is always so sad that he howls for people to come and be with him. Today he didn’t howl at all and had a great time!


Hey, check it out! Notty even took a walk with a child!


As soon as Ruru entered the room she wanted to eat! She was glued to this spot, transfixed by the smell of hamburgers! (Yes, the hamburgers were delicious!) When she realized that other dogs were getting treats she couldn’t keep quiet. “Me too! Give me some, too” she kept saying. Ruru doesn’t understand the words “shy” and “nervous” because she is neither of them! Wherever she goes, Ruru has a great time. Ruru would make whoever adopts her so happy. There’s no question about that! (Am I bragging a little too much?)


Elizabeth Oliver gave a talk which was attended by many people. People listened very attentively about such things as shelters overseas. We also had a quiz competition for which Field Note provided the prizes. Thanks so much to Field Note!


One of the things we look forward to at adoption events is being reunited with animals who have been adopted. During Ms. Oliver’s talk, Puffin (right) and Bigley (left) sat calmly at the feet of their adoptive mother and father. Puffin is a shy dog but being together with Bigley, who is very outgoing, has allowed him to become less scared.


And here is Whiskas, who stayed at my place temporarily. He is much loved by his family, and really loves to be with the youngest child of the family. I could also see how much he’s loved by the mother and older daughter.


This is Binky. She’s the sister of Blake and Kanga. She was the first of the rescued siblings to be rehomed. She used to be really skinny with patchy fur but she’s now become strong with a shiny coat of black fur. I was told that she has good relationship with the two dogs that were already living with her adoptive family. The couple that adopted her seemed so happy to have her and told me lots of stories about how she behaves daily. I realized that my job is not only to make the animals happy but to make people as happy as well.

Listening to the families of rehomed animals, or receiving letters or e-mails from them makes me forget about the worries and hardships of my job and gives me energy. I have to be responsible for giving as many of the animals who come to ARK as possible the chance to be happy!


The biggest achievement today was the rehoming of Wakame-chan!
Her adoptive family had checked out Tara-chan and Katsuo-chan on our website, so they came to the adoption fair to meet Wakame-chan. The family lives close by so we were able to have an interview with them and a home check right there and then. We decided that day to rehome Wakame-chan!
It is very rare for us to rehome an animal on the day of an adoption fair. Due to the special atmosphere at such events, we usually only take appointments from people because adopting an animal is something that requires full dedication.
So, Wakame-chan, you were really lucky today! Congratulations! I remember how you just sat still so nicely between the legs of your new father.


Unfortunately we were unable to find homes for Ume, Notty, Chibika and Ruru, but it was a good opportunity for them to see another side of the world outside of ARK, as well as a chance for more socialization. Hopefully this will allow them to get one step closer to being rehomed!


All of us at ARK would like to thank Field Note for their wonderful support. We appreciate it so much!

The atmosphere of the store is really relaxing. The clothes, shoes and miscellaneous goods are of such quality that you would use them for a long time. (They have a lot of men’s and children’s goods too.) You can enjoy delicious bread in the café space while you gaze out at the wonderful garden.

To tell the truth, I (KK), enjoy participating in such events at Field Note because I like shopping there. Last time, I bought some herb seedlings and this time I bought a pair of shoes and a hat. (Smile) I hope you’ll all come and take a look sometime! ♪

Tel: 0742-36-7227
Shijo-oji 2-2-77
Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Hours: 11:00-18:00
Closed: Mondays

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