Zeros’ Woes


Zeros’ problem is that he’s constipated. After a few days, he can relieve himself, but for a cat, the size of his poop is just hard to believe! It’s sometimes as big as what you’d expect from a large dog. (Those who are eating while looking at this page, we apologize.) When Zeros finally does relieve himself, he poses like a triumphant athlete!

Zeros has all the vigor of a young cat, so we really would like to recommend him to prospective owners, but when he suffers from constipation, it’s pretty difficult to do so.


Hey, don’t make that constipation face at me, just go to the toilet!


The remedy for constipation is a medicine called “alosenn”, also known as “senna leaf”. That’s right — humans also treat constipation with this medicine. We mix the medicine with water, and then squirt the solution into his mouth with a syringe. Zeros doesn’t mind taking this oral medicine as is, in its powdered form, even though most cats wouldn’t. But actually it’s easier for us to administer the medicine if we use the syringe and solution, plus the water in the solution helps to relieve constipation anyway. So that’s the way we’ve been doing it.

Also, we are trying out using a prescription food called “w/d”, which can sometimes be effective. Zeros doesn’t have dislikes when it comes to food, so he gobbles this prescription food down happily.


Recently, thanks to the medicine and prescription food, his bowels and intestines seem to be improving.

When we touched his stomach, it felt a bit hard, as if something was stuck in there, so we took him to the vet, who told us that this was only the beginning. But apparently, it’s not very unusual for a cat to have constipation. That’s a relief!

Zeros’ constipation is still at quite a low level. Because hospital visits and enemas are not necessary, we can recommend Zeros to even first-time animal owners.


Actually, Zeros has another friend. If someone can adopt them together, we would be really grateful! When cats are placed in a new home, it’s a totally new environment, so if they have a friend around, it makes it much easier for them to adjust. And when you’re out of the house, you won’t have to worry about Zeros being lonely, so it’ll be easier for you, too. Right, who’s this new friend?


It’s Oto! If you’d like to adopt Zeros, Oto is also part of the package! You get double the happiness!

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