Too bad, Ga-ko.


Ga-ko was being raised by a homeless person, but when that person was admitted into a facility, Ga-ko had to be taken in by ARK. Tetta, Neita (who participated in the Green Dog adoption fair), and Nana-chan all came from the same place.

The other day, the overseer of a certain park contacted us to say they’d be able to let Ga-ko live there, so two of our staff took Ga-ko on over. At this park, there is a pond where three domestic ducks and one wild duck live.


The moment we let Ga-ko loose in the pond, the other ducks began a concentrated attack against her. Some people taking care of the ducks told us that when a new duck enters the pond, there’s a sort of compulsory baptism ritual that must occur. (Looking closely, we could see that the ducks that were already friends had bald spots on the back of their heads.) We were told that in the meantime, we might as well leave Ga-ko and let her get used to things. It seems that even the world of ducks can be pretty complicated.

But Ga-ko, who has sort of gotten used to people, rather than swimming around in the pond, would try to get around the fence and head out of the pond towards the area where pedestrians and bicyclists were passing by. So we were really worried that before getting accustomed to her new life with the other ducks, she would get into an accident, or leave the park completely. She might be attacked by a dog being taken for a walk, get hit by a passing car or bicycle, or run into some cruel person who thinks it’s fun to tease helpless animals.

So the staff who had gone to the park debated and debated what to do with Ga-ko. In the end, they decided to bring her back to ARK. It’s a real shame, despite the best intentions of the managers of the park. They told us that they’d be happy to have us come again in the future with another animal that might be able to live in the park.


We hope to find a place for Ga-ko to live where she’s the only animal around, or if there are other ducks, somewhere that she can’t escape from. All of us are complete beginners when it comes to raising a duck. Ideally, we’ll find a duck lover with lots of experience to take in Ga-ko!

Totoro was rehomed!
The adopter is someone who came to the Green Dog adoption fair.
Totoro, good thing you came to adoption fair, wasn’t it!? Good luck with your new life!

Friday, April 25

Ga-ko died.
When one of our staff went over to the stream where Ga-ko always plays, they found her huddling in a cluster of bushes, covered in blood. She was on the verge of death. And after the staff member took Ga-ko into her arms, Ga-ko took her last breath.
We’re not sure, but we think perhaps there was an encounter with a fox or a weasel, or a stray animal of some sort. Since the days have been getting longer and we wanted Ga-ko to get time to play outside as much as possible, we had been letting her stay in the stream until evening. And since we didn’t hear anything unusual, or notice any of the dogs barking at anything, nobody realized what had happened.
It’s a sad, sad thing. Not seeing her swimming in the stream any more, not hearing her voice from the terrace she liked to sit at...everyone is feeling really blue.

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