Sakura’s Diary


This is Kiku-chan’s sister, Sakura-chan.
This time I’m going to post the information I got from the staff member taking care of her.

The person temporarily taking care of Sakura is actually a former staff member. So now Sakura is living with her, her husband, and their old Shih Tzu, Kana-chan.

Rate of pet sheet usage: 100%!
During Sakura’s walks, her demeanor is still a bit suspicious, and she only goes to the bathroom outside about once every 2 days. Clearly, she is suffering from stress due to a lack of exercise. At the moment, her favorite pastimes are chasing after Kana, pouncing on stuffed animals, and jumping about.

Sakura spends more or less the whole day with me, so I can confidently say that her hesitation and caution around me has almost completely disappeared. When I call her name, she comes. If I’m going to give her chicken or jerky as a snack, she does “Sit” and “Down” and even makes eye contact like a pro. She’s gotten so comfortable with me that she is almost too dependent.

Because of this, when we go outside, she’ll pant nervously for a while. Or at bedtime, when she’s left on the first floor to sleep, she’ll cry out when she realizes she’s alone. It’s not much fun for us in the early morning. It wouldn’t really matter to us if she slept on the second floor beside us, but the lonely barking might become a problem for her new family when she’s adopted, so we’re not sure what’s best exactly.


“Look at you, all snug in your bed! It’s not so bad, is it?”

As for my husband, she shows pretty clear signs of nervousness when he comes home from work in the evening. She doesn’t panic and run around scared, but she does hide behind me to avoid getting in my husband’s way. I guess we can leave this issue alone for now, despite the frustration it causes my husband. When dinner is over, Sakura goes to the spot right at the foot of the bed close to where I sleep, and conks out. And when I go for a bath, she’s started to relax even though she is alone with my husband.


On the fifth day of Sakura’s stay at our house, she found a new hiding place: our kotatsu table. We only have one kotatsu, but she really seems to feel safe in there, and even when we go out, she falls asleep under it. And when we come home...no reaction. Usually when we come home, Sakura yelps out a hello and wags her tail happily. But today, she was just quiet. Looks like she’s really grown fond of that kotatsu.


On the sixth day of her stay, during our afternoon walk, Sakura was much more able to enjoy the surroundings than she had been the day before, and by the end of our walk, I actually still had some chicken treats left over that I hadn’t needed to coax her along! I also tried taking her for a longer walk than usual. By the end of the day, I was convinced that she no longer disliked being walked, but had actually become deeply interested.

It’s just a matter of time, I think, before Sakura gets used to being around people.

Come on over and adopt Sakura; she’s getting better by the day!

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