Kiku, Ume, Momo, Moving on Up!

The three sisters Kiku, Momo, and Ume have gathered together at ARK once again because it’s time to assess the results of their homestays. Sakura will have to wait until a later date because the person taking care of her couldn’t come today...

Tsuda-sensei was able to join us and lend her helpful words, deciphering the meaning of the dogs’ current behavior, giving us pointers, and helping us decide what to do next.

Each of the three dogs showed clear improvement. They acted so well compared to the worrisome behavior they were displaying two weeks ago. When we called their names, they came bounding up to us, and they all responded well to being touched. In only two weeks’ spent at each of the temporary homes, the dogs had improved more than we could have foreseen. I was totally surprised.

We decided to continue training the dogs away from ARK, but to change the staff member each would homestay with. This will hopefully get the dogs used to different homes and different people. If we brought them back to ARK at this point, they would very likely regress to their original wild state. At times like this, I think about how much better we could rehabilitate the dogs if we had more volunteer foster families...

But none of this will solve anything in the end! Above all else, we need to find these dogs their forever homes.


We were so busy observing the dogs and listening to Tsuda-sensei that I completely forgot to take any pictures. So here’s the only one I got, of Kiku fast asleep.

She’s dreaming about her new mom and dad. “I hope they’ll come and take me to my new home soon...”

Sakura just came back from her homestay.
Just as had happened before, she showed clear improvement, rolling on the floor happily, approaching us, and even licking us! I couldn’t believe it. The last time I’d seen her, she just barked and barked.

I want to rehome her soon!!

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