Ume’s Diary


This is the diary of Ume-chan, the sister of Kiku.

Ume is much better about going outside than she was a week ago. When the dog of the staff member taking care of Ume heads outside to the garden, Ume follows right after. And once she’s been outside, she goes back and forth and inside and out as she pleases. But she still gets scared when she sees people like the mail carrier passing by, so she can’t go on walks (even though she loved walks at ARK). If Ume is snatched up and held, then she can be taken out, but that wouldn’t exactly be rehabilitation, would it? We’re going to wait until she’ll go out for walks of her own accord. In training dogs that are scared and overly cautious, the most important thing is patience. Like a snail, we go slowly, slowly. If we get impatient and demand results, we might only cause a regression.


Over time, Ume-chan has gotten completely used to the staff member taking care of her, so it will only be a matter of time with the person that ends up adopting her, too.

Ume is also, day-by-day, getting used the staff trainee living at the house.

The first day, Ume would only peep enough out of her doghouse to show her eyes. She was afraid and she barked. The following day, she put her whole head out, and she didn’t bark. The following day, her entire body came out...and so on. In less than two weeks, she has become happy and carefree, and of course, she’s getting as many treats as she can solicit. It’s been a step-by-step process, but without a doubt, every day, she’s heading in the right direction.


She sure does get lured in by those treats.

Oh, I almost forgot! She’s been perfect with her use of pet sheets. So even if you have to be out of the house for a while, no worries!!

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