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Hey there, my name is Matey.
On Sunday, March 31st, I participated in the Craft Market at Kobe Sunshine Wharf with K.K.!
After old Wreath was adopted and moved to Hokkaido, I’ve been staying over at K.K.’s house, but that’s a whole other story…

That bridge that you can see behind me, that’s the Hanshin Highway that runs across the ocean.


Unfortunately there were only a third of the vendors because of the rain, and it was cold being by the ocean, but still many people came out to enjoy the shopping mall! There were all kinds of vendors at the Craft Market: people selling candy, accessories made out of driftwood, bags and clothes, leather goods, ceramics, products from Hokkaido, and a refreshment corner...it was really fun.


There was even a live performance. I unintentionally started listening in. One of the performers played my favorite, Eric Clapton. Man, he was cool! I made sure to find out about his next gig.


Hold on there, I didn’t go just to have a good time. I had a very important job, which was to promote ARK. I was selling ARK merchandise and displaying our posters. It wouldn’t’ve hurt to look for my foster parents at the same time, either!

There were lots of visitors of all ages so I think the promotion went well. People who didn’t have any particular interest in animal welfare, people who love dogs and cats but weren’t aware of the existence of shelters… just having them find out about ARK was a great success! To all the people who made donations and bought our merchandise thank you!


Billy and Honey participated too.
That’s Billy.


She’s Honey.
Honey is a very cautious kind of girl, and when she was found in the mountains of Nose and brought to the exotic city of Kobe, she was completely frozen up.


But with warmth and encouragement from the staff, she’s slowly adjusted. See, she’s eating all her food now. I’ve heard she is usually a picky eater and won’t eat dry food by itself, but on that day she ate it all up! Feeling better now, eh?


Hey, wait a minute; aren’t you relaxing a little too much there? Is this really the same girl that was frightened by everything on her walks at ARK, K.K.?


I have to tell you about Billy, too.

He is odd-eyed, which means he has different colored eyes, and is very popular! Does he look a little intimidating? Don’t worry; he’s such a laid-back, happy kind of guy. I hear he loves getting affection from people. He was working the crowd on this day, too!


Look at yourself Billy, just like Honey! Now you both are TOO relaxed!
Stop making me do all the work, I’m just a puppy!


Honey: “Why you little rascal, I’ve been working very hard! Who’s the one that’s slacking off?”

Um, I’m just a puppy, I don’t understand…


Candy, who was adopted from ARK, came out to support us.
K.K. didn’t recognize Candy right away because when she first came to ARK she was so skinny and her coat was in bad shape. She looked like a completely different dog! Wow, the love from foster parents can do amazing things. I hope I am adopted soon too…

What K.K., did you just say it’s a long shot?
I’ll have you know I am so handsome, I’ll find a home in no time!

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