Momo’s Diary


This is Momo, Kiku’s sister.
In this post, I’m going to tell you about Momo’s stay at the home of one of our staff members.

Temporarily taking care of an animal at home while working at ARK is actually really tricky business. It’s worrisome because the working hours of the ARK staff are really long as it is, so that means the time the animal is left alone at home can be quite long, too. Plus, after arriving home after a long, hard day of work, there is more care and training to be done. I must really hand it to the young staff members who are working hard and doing great things for the animals. And despite all these difficulties, Momo waited at home patiently like a good girl. Let’s hope an adopter shows up soon.


(↑A cell phone photo I got of Momo living at the staff member’s house. She’s playing with a toy!)

The first day Momo was left home alone, she barked all day, and went a bit bonkers inside her cage. But the following day, she was allowed to move about freely and she didn’t bark at all. She completely behaved herself while the staff member was out. It might have just been a matter of “I have to go to the bathroom + my cage is too small = unhappy puppy”.


(↑Another cell phone snapshot. Just make yourself comfortable on that bed where other people are sleeping, Momo!)

Of Momo and her three sisters, Momo was the one that had the most trouble getting comfortable with people. Still she remains quite distant even from the staff member who took her in, but little by little we’ve seen her changing. When the staff member gets home, Momo doesn’t run away, but sometimes comes near and wags her tail a little. It seems now she’s even started to wait anxiously for people to come home to see her. It looks like separating her from the other dogs and leaving her home alone for a while is really doing some good!

Some words from the staff member who has been taking care of Momo:
“I think that, day by day, Momo has been getting used to being touched and is less afraid of coming up to people. She has started approaching me of her own free will, and if I pet her, starting near her collar and then moving to the rest of her body, she doesn’t try to get away and lets me stroke her. Maybe it’s nothing, but this morning while I was still in bed sleeping, Momo climbed in and lay down by my feet! Well, I guess it’s nothing, but it made me so happy. I really feel that Momo’s warming up to people by the minute!”

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