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ARK Reunion 2014☆.

Again, the season for the ARK Reunion Party came!
We held our annual reunion on May 25th this year.
When it comes to reunions, it somewhat reminds me of bad weather.
However this year, we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day although the weather forecast had said it would rain.
This year, we had 155 two-footed and 90 four-footed guests.
There is a space for dogs to run in Sasayama which is so huge that you may think it is still spacious enough, even though such a large number of dogs and people are in it.

As always, we had games.
The first one was a “spoon race”, which we have had for many years.

Dogs ran on the leash so your dog can participate even if they can’t behave off the leash yet.

A funny thing about this game is that dogs who love balls too much may drop out, since they often try to take the ball. Consequently, calm dogs tend to have a bigger chance to win than active ones.

The next game was a true/false quiz.
Among many questions, most of which were about small tips about living with dogs, there is one question that is regularly included; is Ms. Oliver’s birthday December 12th, the “dogs-and-cats day” in Japan?
Do you think it is true? Or false?
We may ask this question again next year.

The next one was one of the highlights, “Come here!” race, in which the bond between the owner and the dog is clearly shown.
“Listen. You should go straight to dad for sure!”

Please look at the serious faces at the finish line.

I’m gonna come to you right away!

We really appreciated their enthusiasm during the race, although we didn’t prepare any gorgeous gift for the winner.
I wonder if some of the families quarreled about calling for their dog more loudly.

It is always nice to see dogs running straight to their owners.

Not all the dogs enjoyed running. A dog felt at a loss because he/she couldn’t find his/her owner and, there you are! We found a Chihuahua without any enthusiasm for competing against others; “Hi there, It’s Kuromame again!”
Each dog showed their own personality. Seeing them, we couldn’t help smiling.

One of the happiest moments, especially for humans, during a reunion is when dogs coming from the same place, siblings or families, can see each other again.
Father (Zara), and his daughters (Zelinda and Zelda).

Gucci and Teia; they used to be white puppies.

Five out of ten Beagle-mix dogs born on May 25th gathered together! They celebrated their 3rd birthday!

This year, we had more babies than in the past few years.
Some couples had babies after adopting a dog, so their babies are growing confidently with dogs. Of course, the babies love their dogs, and the dogs seem to accept the babies.
Given the fact that people often want us to take their dog because they are having a baby, we were very happy to see those families having both a baby and a dog.
“See, it is really great to be with a dog!”

On that day, we also had a party showing our new kennels to the each of the sponsors.

Part of our kennel, which was built based on shelters in the U.K., was completed, and 24 dogs were moved from Nose on May 20th.
Most of the dogs were very timid so they were nervous when having a lot of visitors.
They were so exhausted that they were absent in the evening…

Please see the page shown below for updates of the situations in Sasayama.

The most exhilarating thing for us staff is to see animals living happily with their own families.
We will be happy if we can see you and your dog next year, even if you couldn’t make it this year.
Also, thank you very much to all the participants as well as volunteers who helped us on such a sunny and hot day.
See you next year!


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