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Toy Poodles are everywhere at ARK (sadly, though).

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Sadly, we’ve been taking Poodles in one after another recently.
Sadly, this is the exact situation we once expected.
Since the early days when Poodles became popular, we expected that we would receive a number of requests to take them in.
The reason why we expected that is because we’ve experienced the “everywhere” situation with Siberian Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Dachshunds, and Chihuahuas as well.
The more a breed becomes popular, the more the requests come in for sure.

We expected there would be a lot of issues, especially with Poodles since they are smart.
Since they are smart, we need to raise them properly. If not, they will become dominant over humans and do whatever they want to. Such a situation is one of the reasons why people abandon their dogs.
They are really adorable, like stuffed toys, when they are puppies and sold at pet shops, so we can understand in some way why people sometimes impulsively want Poodles (no, I can’t understand it at all actually). However, we want people to think deeply about the situation before getting a dog, such as how the family would be 15 years later, or what they will do when unexpected events (such as an accident or divorce) happens.

At ARK, we got 6 Poodle dogs for the entirety of last year.
In this year, during a bit more than 3 months, we’ve already gotten 7 Poodles.
One of these dogs was abandoned when he was just 4 months old.
The ex-owner contacted us shortly after they got the dog, since they didn’t feel sure whether they could keep him forever.
In a way, it was good that they made up their mind early.
The dog was adopted very soon by a wonderful family after he got a lot of experience with a good foster family.

So we have 6 more now, and among these:
Two couldn’t stay with their former owners anymore because of their allergy to dogs.
Two were caught by the police as stray dogs.
One was left at home by a kid who bought the dog for practicing grooming skills.
One was abandoned because he/she suffered from severe separation anxiety.

Now the authority allegedly doesn’t accept animals easily and tries to convince owners to seek another way. That may lead to an increasing number of people who leave their animals on streets, hoping that a “good person” will take their animals.
In the past, stray dogs were mixed breed dogs. Now, pure-breed dogs are found as stray dogs so often that I am almost not surprised by such a situation anymore.
We can’t help but think that the number of people who easily buy and abandon their dog is increasing.

For Dachshunds and Chihuahuas, it wasn’t hard to find a new home for them in the early days, but they had to stay longer at ARK as time went by.
The same applies to Poodles. It takes a longer time than before to find homes for them recently, maybe because Poodles “are everywhere” not only at ARK but also in Japan, too.
Of course, we had many candidates for the 4-month puppy but they didn’t choose older ones instead, and just left once they couldn’t get the puppy.

Of course, I know that most dog owners are responsible and take very good care of their animals till the very last day, and just a tiny percentage of people ask us to take their dogs.
I know, and I DO know that, but…
Still, I can’t help myself writing this article to share the reality we are facing today, that trends of dog breeds are certainly reflected in the composition of the dog population at shelters.


Excerpts from “Inu to Inochi (dogs and lives)” written by Mako Watanabe
Eleven ways to save dogs that everyone can do

Tell what happens today
Tell others issues around pets, that it is a misunderstanding that animals are killed “without pain” at the centers, and many dogs and cats wait for their own home at foster families out of the centers.

Stop acts of abandonment
Once you meet such a person, convince the owner who is about to abandon their pet to find a new home on their own, and help them by using the internet or informational magazines, or other tools.

Keep an eye on malpractices
Check the registration number of the license of animal handling businesses, if you find a pet shop which is considered heinous. Observe hygiene and other conditions of dogs and cats at the shop, and consult the local authorities.

Report to the police
Abandonment and abuse of animals are criminal acts. Report to the police when you find such a case.

Think before you get an animal
Hold a family meeting, and think deeply if you can keep an animal for their average lifetime, and choose an animal which fits your lifestyle before you get one.

Give no support to bad businesses
Don’t buy not only an animal, but also a treat at a pet shop engaging in malpractices.

Don’t let your animal stray
Register your dog with the municipal government and put an official/unofficial tag on your animal.
A microchip would be a good idea, too.

No reproduction
Spay or neuter your animal. If you are not a professional, there will be possibilities of spreading genetic disorders, and it will not be easy to find homes for two or more animal, if you casually breed your own animals.

Keep your animals forever
Keep your animals to their last breath once you get them, as member of the family.

Engaged in activities as volunteers
You can make a difference, not only by getting involved in rescue activities directly, but also by making donations or supporting educational activities.

Be a family
Make an application for an animal at a shelter, or volunteer to adopt a rescued animal.


Now, please let me introduce you dogs for adoption at ARK.

Gran, a cheerful and behaved Standard Poodle, although he was just chained for almost 2 years.

He was so skinny that we thought he was a mixed-breed of Italian Greyhound or Miniature Pinscher. But then we realized that he was a Poodle once he started gaining weight. Currently he has no potential adopters, although he is a really good, adorable dog.

The former owner didn’t teach him how to behave at all. They believed he was a human baby so he might act in that way. He is now becoming a dog. As you may guess, he is smart.

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