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Mother of white puppies, Kara.

Spring has finally come…
It was quite a long winter this year…
I am getting used to live outside but it was pretty tough this time.

Oops, sorry, I didn’t introduce myself sooner; I am Kara.
Almost a year has passed since I moved in here with my 5 beautiful puppies in last May.
I went through a lot last year; I was caught by people of Hokenjo (a governmental animal control center), had to say good-bye to some of my babies, and flew to Osaka…
I sometimes wonder how my puppies which were adopted directly from Hokenjo are doing.
They were really young even as puppies when they were adopted.
I hope they are loved and taken care of by people as family members.

This is a picture taken soon after we joined ARK.
I heard that thanks to kind foster families and your support, true families welcomed my babies – except for one.

This is Hara, the one who looks like me the most among my babies, and she is still for adoption.
She’s now with a foster family having other dogs so Hara must be happy; she loves to stay in other dogs company.
But as a mother, I want her to find her so-called “forever home”.

She isn’t adopted yet, maybe because she looks like me…?
I sometimes think that way for a moment, since the other babies looked like their dad…

When Hara finds her own home, I am planning to find mine next.
I had lived on my own without people for a long time so I need to bring back to memory how to allow myself to be coddled by people.
Good news is that I recently got a roommate, Yukimi, and she may help me with it.

I have no idea how she can be THAT friendly and cheerful (please don’t tell her that), but I think I can learn from her.
I didn’t feel comfortable with being with her at first, since she seemed to be too easygoing to me.
However, I am changing my mind now and I sometimes invite her to play.

I heard she was to be a mom in the past.
Some people who wanted to make some money by selling puppies bought Yukimi but she’d never gotten pregnant.
I wonder how they could be sure that they could have puppies from Yukimi; babies must be brought by a stork, so it isn’t up to people, but the bird!
Anyway, so they thought she was useless. Thanks to kind people’s support, she was brought in here as we all were.
She is always cheerful, so much that nobody can believe or imagine that she has such a past. Looking at her, I started feeling easy these days…

By the way, we got another roommate recently.
This is Josie.
She was adopted when she was puppy. However, she came back here because of her owners’ personal reasons.
She used to be with another dog, but she was adopted earlier so she missed her very much.
However, I think she’s gravitating towards me recently.
She invites me to play quite often so I will play with her in good time.

Spring winds bring a happy feeling and I can smell it.
Everyone has their own pasts but I made up my mind to look forward to my own and forever home with a happy feeling☺

When it comes to spring… it brings sleepiness, too!

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Salmon and its roe.

Hi, my name is Ikura (means “salmon roe” in Japanese).
As you may guess, my mom’s name is Shake (means “salmon”). We are from Hokkaido, which is a region famous for the production of salmon.
Now my mom and I, who had been together even before I was born, live separately at ARK.
Let me explain the reason why.

My mom is on the left.

Frankly, I do LOVE people so much that I absolutely hate seeing other dogs being petted by people.
When I see such a scene, I can’t stop myself from barking at them just because I want people to love the two of us.
As I told you, I love people so I won’t go against you. I won’t bite you, either.
I am a big eater but I can sit and wait. Also, you will not be annoyed by me when it comes to toilet time.
I can do “gimme that”, too!

My mom told me time to time that I must listen to people and must not go against them.
She taught me a lot!
Since we are dachshund, it is our work to bark together at once. So, my mom told me that I should bark when she barks! Even when we were walking outside together, I always barked when my mom started barking!
After joining ARK, there was a lot of stranger-dogs here so we were pretty busy barking! I needed to bark when my mom said “Now!”!!
We behave as long as no other dogs are with us.

Looking at us barking together, the staff decided to separate us.
I thought I would miss my mom but surprisingly I can stay alone without any problem. I can sleep quietly and I don’t have to share people’s attentions when they come to pet me.

At ARK, people won’t come to me all the time, so I always try to get their affection as hard as possible!
I get so happy and try very hard to welcome them that they sometimes cannot clean my room smoothly.
However, I can stop making a fuss when they tell me not to do it.
If you sit down on the floor, I will come up on your lap; If you cuddle me, I will be enchanted with the warmth of your arms.
I wish this would last forever…

Now a week or so has passed since we started living separately.
I heard that my mom is doing well with other small-sized dogs.
Also, they say that she can walk quietly (without barking!) without me.
She is now 10 years old but a beautiful dog like her definitely will find her new and forever home, won’t she?
Of course, my mom loves people, too!

As you may have guessed, my barking behavior during walks has improved quite a lot now because I’m not with my mom telling me to bark “now!”.
I want to listen to people who take me for a walk because I love them.
It would be a bit difficult for me to live with another dog(s), but I do listen to people.
Would you give me a home please?

I really want my own home…

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