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Adoption event report ☆ at DOGSIGN (Tokyo ARK) on Jan. 26th (Sun).

We had the first adoption event this year on Jan. 26th at DOGSIGN in Tokyo.
Five dogs and four cats participated in the event.
Please let Jade, the cat, report about the event:

Hi everybody, I’m Jade!
People often say that I’m “gorgeous” since I am a Siamese-mix.
Actually, I am a JAPANESE cat! Do you get it? Ha, ha….
Ok, let’s start with dogs:

This is Sazak. She’s been waiting for his forever home for a long time.

She is definitely a beautiful dog but she is still waiting for her own home simply because she is not a “look at me!” type of dog.
Also, she is a mommy’s girl. People don’t realize she is up for adoption because she is in a foster home.
She underwent major surgery at the beginning of the year. She has been doing well after the surgery. She causes no problems at all and will be a great dog for you!

The next one is Tuba.

He came to Tokyo from Nose last fall. He was under stress all the time in Nose, so he barked frequently and lost weight. The Osaka ARK staff thought that life might be better for him in Tokyo than in Nose. That’s why he moved to Tokyo.
Surprise! He came to Tokyo and became absolutely calm. Everybody must understand how important environmental factors are to animals. Of course, the staff is happy because he can be calm and relaxed now.

(He is a bit unsure because his foster family left him for a while)

I still don’t understand why no one has adopted him. Yes, he is big-- big body and big face. But he is also VERY big in heart. Once you live with him you will see how sweet he is. He doesn’t bark and is never aggressive toward people or other dogs. He makes everyone happy with his cheerful character. Oh, there is one thing about him – he is TOO curious about us cats.
I can understand why he always tries to come close to us; we have small faces and can move lithely.

Ok, let’s move on to the next dog, Hara.

She is also the type of dog that needs time to get to know you.
She is very active at her foster home, but she’s so shy that she becomes almost “invisible” once she goes out, especially to new places.


She gives the impression that she is very shy. But once she gets to know people she is so sweet and cheerful. The ARK staff is always happy to see the smile of a shy timid dog.

This restless Golden Retriever is Snoopycrest.

I heard that he had to endure many things before. So, he is totally happy with the situation he is in now. He joined ARK just recently but thanks to his foster family, he is getting better and better every day.


So he is very smart and behaves now. However, they say that at a new home all human members should take the leadership role. He will be happy if he is the only dog at the new home. With cats? –Oh, no, he will play with our toys till they are broken and chase us!

This puppy with the cute “I-don’t-know-what-to-do” face is Shiitake.

He tried to hide under chairs and tables all the time but his attempts failed. People came to him, petted him, and cuddled him. His face was as if he shouted out “I don’t know what to doooo!” I think he will be adopted very soon because he is a gentle and cute puppy.
I know that because I am a CUTE LITTLE kitten, too! So, you should come and adopt him NOW!


OK, now it’s time for us, cats.
They are Shen and Xing-fu, brothers.
(This picture was taken at the foster’s home when the were relaxed. They were totally tense during the event)

They lived with another brother, Piao, who was adopted soon after they were rescued. Since then, those two kittens have lived together and they found their own home TODAY!
They chase each other very often like other kittens usually do and their new family said that they looked forward to seeing that!

So, how did things go for me and Tsubuan?
Actually, we found our own home, too!
Like Shen and Xing-fu, Tsubuan and I will be adopted together so we don’t have to feel lonely at our new home!


We had many visitors today, like a “Hokkaido Fair” at a department store or something. I was asked to introduce the dogs and the cats at the venue today in this article because I am one of the new members at ARK. But I found my own home sooner than the other dogs. I’m sure that all the others will find their own home in the future. S you guys should look forward the day your new and forever family come and fall in love with you!

Good bye, all!

At this event all the potential adopters wanted cats!
We’ll have potential adopters for dogs next time, won’t we?


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Kenshin: who used to be a nomad…

A belated Happy New Year!
I’m Memphis and this is Matsue.
You may see us like two peas in a pod but we are not brother and sister.
I feel like the new year started just few days ago but now it’s the middle of January. Time flies…
With the first sunrise of 2014, I made our New Year resolution with Matsue that we definitely will find our own home THIS YEAR. White dogs are gorgeous, aren’t they? We have another white dog, Astro, too. Don’t you think our pink noses are cute?

A few days into the new year a new black dog joined us in our kennel. He is so awesome that I instantly liked him! Please let me introduce him.


So, That is Kenshin.
He used to be a nomad, so he was named after a famous Japanese comic series.

He looks cool with his big face, doesn’t he?
Also, he looks reflective because of the wrinkles on his face. That’s cool, too!
Being with him like this, I think you can see the difference between us; he looks deep in thought, while I am just perfectly handsome!

Look at his tail! He can wag his tail although it is that short.
He said that he was severely injured while he was out on the streets and had to have his tail cut.
Wow. That’s unbelievable. It seems he has had many hardships.

He is very good at balancing on two feet.
He can do such things easily! I envy you, Kenshin!
He said that I could do it, too. Can I really…?
CIMG5255.jpg CIMG5252.jpg

Wow, look! I did it! And I can stretch like this!
CIMG5254.jpg CIMG52552.jpg

Two dogs balancing on two feet!
Kenshin: Yes, you did it!

Matsue: What are you doing? This is a piece of cake!
Kenshin & Memphis: “Oh…show off….”

Now you know how cool Kenshin is! Oh, wait, does that mean he will find his new home before we do…?
OK, we 3 white dogs will work hard to find our own home very soon, too! Best wishes for the New Year to all of you and please wish us luck in finding our forever homes!

On 9th Feb (Sun), Tokyo ARK Adoption event at Thistle Dog School in Setagaya☆

On 23rd Feb (Sun), Osaka ARK Adoption event at Kobe GREENDOG☆

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