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Siamese-mix kittens everywhere at ARK this year ☆

There always seems to be a trend with coat color and patterns of kittens rescued every year.
Black, tabby, orange tabby … we have been finding trends every year and this year, we have many Siamese-mix kittens. Siamese or Siamese-mix cats are so popular that they usually are adopted right away. But just a few of them have been adopted this year… why does this happen?

We would like to introduce the Siamese-mix kittens we now have at ARK!

The first kitten is Ginnosuke.
He came to ARK at the beginning of the kitten season this year.
We thought he would be adopted very soon, but time flies and he’s already been here for 3.5 months.
Ginnosuke is a super-friendly kitten.
Today, yes TODAY, we had someone who came to see Ginnosuke specifically!
However, he failed to display his attractiveness to her since he was quite busy playing with Tombo under a table when the visitor was there. He is so innocent that he was totally unaware of the fact that he had a guest exclusively for him.
In the end, Ginnosuke lost his chance to be re-homed; instead, one of his roommates, another Siamese-mix kitten, Sheba won his own home.
Good for you, Sheba!

Canin and Sanabelle, sisters of the lucky boy, Sheba, are now living with Ginnosuke.

The next one is Sanabelle; she narrows her eyes so often that we almost ask her the question, “Is that your current trick to act like a blind kitten?”
Oh no, you must open your eyes fully since you are a gorgeous Siamese!
Please come to see her killer “narrowed-eyes” ★

Ginnosuke has other roommates: a brother and a sister, Oshibe and Meshibe, and also Misae, although she is not in the picture below.
(From left to right: Sheba, Meshibe, Tonbo, Ginnosuke, Canin and Meshibe)

This is Emoda.
Look at her face! Looking cute is not an exclusive feature only for dogs!
Her balanced nature shines out when she is among tiny kittens.
She must be very easy to get along with!

Lastly, let us introduce to you three tiny girls who were named after Japanese traditional festival-related things.
Mikoshi, a girl with a ladylike attitude.

Happi, a girl who loves to get on people’s shoulders.

And Yukata, a girl in the iron mask.

This year is indeed an unusual year because we have so many Siamese-mix kittens.
We are looking forward to Siamese lovers looking to adopt a cat!!!

Btw. 9th & 15th Oct., ARK will have a booth at the British Fair in Umeda☆


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2013年08月 | ARCHIVE-SELECT | 2013年10月