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Adoption event report from ADELANTE Osaka on Aug 25th. (Sun)

We had an adoption event in Osaka on the 25th of Aug (Sun).
The place, Adelante , is usually for senior daycare service. This time they kindly let us use the place for our event.
But… on that day, the weather was not nice at all. A heavy rain warning was issued and the radio said JR trains were temporarily stopped…. We basically gave up expecting many guests that day.

The entrance was in an arcade and was dry.

Thanks to the rep of Adelante acting as a doorman, many local people stopped by. Our worries turned out to be groundless.
Many elderly people came. They held our animals and many said, “We love animals but cannot have a pet. It is a big responsibility.” The adoption event that day was calmer and more relaxed than usual.

Our Chinese Crested, Reborn, loved sitting on a grandmother’s lap. He slept deeply on her lap even though he’d just met her for the first time.
Reborn seems happy as long as he is being held. Even if the position is not particularly comfortable for him, he is happy. He is good for a big family. He was a really good boy.

Moulin looks like a Schnauzer-mix, but is a Chinese Crested Puff.
She likes people and approaches by herself. But once someone reaches out a hand, she gets timid. She was popular at the event and many guests enjoyed holding her.
CIMG3004.jpg CIMG3069.jpg
One of the guests put some money into the donation box and said, “Thanks for letting me hold her”. We called Moulin a good PR rep and appreciated her work which led to a donation!
Thanks to all the people who held Moulin. It was good socialization for her.

Good looking Kuromame joined again!
Today’s guests did not hesitate to hold him. Kuromame didn’t seem to mind and didn’t get mad.
He was a little bit pouty when a child held him. But he had never been this popular at an event before! We asked if we should leave Kuromame as a therapy dog for Adelante, but we were politely turned down..;)
CIMG3092.jpg CIMG3032.jpg
Posing with an ARK’s post card..a kitten version. “Do I look like this kitty?”

Thanks to her foster family, Hara is gradually becoming more sociable.
Even though she spent time sleeping under the table, she did not seem nervous.
She was relaxed when a stranger held her. She also ate snacks in the center of the room and showed her handshake trick.
She now can relax in a new place. She was like a different dog!
CIMG3101.jpg CIMG3129.jpg
The night before the event Hara did a sleepover with one of the staff. She did her toilet business on the puppy pad and she collected all her toys and put them in her crate. She wasn’t car sick on the way to the event either. She is ready to be rehomed! We are waiting for you, future adopter!

Harp seemed so in love with Hara.
Harp slipped into the place next to Hara under the table and started looking for milk from Hara(!). And Hara kindly accepted Harp..
No, you are an older girl, Harp! But Harp did not care about us at all and stuck close to Hara…
CIMG3063.jpg CIMG3084.jpg
But she never forgot about getting attention from the guests too.

From the team cats, Misae behaved well and Ginnosuke played like a wild cat as usual.
CIMG3140.jpg CIMG3020.jpg
Cats tend to get timid in a new environment. But for these two, there was no problem. When they were out of the cage, they looked calm as if they were being held by their owner in the livingroom.
In the end, their batteries seemed to wear out and they slept together peacefully.
We are sure they will adapt to a new home when they are adopted, just like today.
GinMisa1.jpg GinMisa2.jpg

Some ARK alumni came to see us too. It was like a mini reunion!
“Please come visit ARK to look for your new siblings, Cool-chan!
Ohagi-chan, please do not play too wildly for your human parents.
Wizard-kun, sorry Moulin was being mean.
Akubi-chan, sorry we don’t have your photo, but please come visit us again. I will be looking forward to seeing you all again!” (by Kuromame)

There were no adoptions that day but some people said they would come visit the shelter in Nose in the near future. We are looking forward to seeing them again!
Thanks to all the people who stopped by that day. Also thank you so much to the supporters who brought us donation items, to the volunteers and to Adelante!


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I am “Piano”

Hello Everyone! My name is Piano and I came to ARK in May this year.


I lived at a waste oil factory for 11 years with a different name. I showed my smiling face to the factory workers and regular visitors. But I was too shy when strangers came and I always hid myself. Some said, “You cannot be a security dog.” But everybody adored me and I was happy living there. I thought I could continue living there into my senior years.

But things at the office seemed to change at the beginning of the year. The workers seemed restless. Their working days were decreased and sometimes I could not get food…
I was hungry and felt lonely… I was not sure what was happening and became mentally and physically exhausted… Just when I was about to give up hope, the remaining employee found ARK for me.

The ARK staff told me later that when they saw my picture they thought I was an “old dog around 15 years old or so.” Also, I “look almost blind”…
Excuse me!?! But yes, I understand why you thought so. In this picture, I was 4kgs lighter than I am now.

The best thing I found at ARK was that I could get enough food and the staff took me on a walk everyday! I love walking! I instantly fell I love with the people at ARK!
I showed my “Give me some!☆” pose soon after! I was like a puppy again!


I once joined the “senior dogs club” at ARK. I could not get along with the other senior dogs and I completely stopped socializing. But since I got a single room, I can sleep well and I have no toilet problems at all☆
I have put on some weight. I’m now mentally and physically getting back to what I was.
People say that I have become younger than before.

The staff members say, “Piano is such an easy to take care of dog. He isn’t overly outgoing or overly shy.” They took me to an adoption event the other day. But it seems it’s not easy to find a new family because I’m not small or young.
Well, I am a senior but I can walk well like the young dogs. I believe I can enjoy life more from now on!

“At the adoption event, I was a bit nervous because it was my first ‘inside a house’ experience!”

I like life in ARK but I’ve heard a “house-dog life” is happier.
Do you think I can become a house-dog in the last chapter of my dog life? I sure hope someone will think so and will adopt me!


On 31st Aug, Tokyo ARK Adoption event in DOGSIGN Jingumae☆

Looking for foster families☆

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The beauty, Nefertiti


Hello all, I’m Nefertiti.
Nefertiti is a unique name isn’t it?
It comes from an Egyptian princess and means “beauty has come.” It fits me so well♪

You may know about us from the ARK News; we 34 dogs used to live in the mountains. Due to so many issues, we all came to ARK in Nose at the same time.
ARK gave names to each of us. It was the first time for us to be called by a name. I got this lovely name, Nefertiti.

Last Sunday, I was relaxing after breakfast when a staff member invited me into the car. That’s because I was chosen as a participant for the adoption event instead of Soraya. It seems Soraya was complaining and refused to join the event.
Usually, the participants all gather in advance to see they get along well. But this time, I just joined at the last minute.
But I am a smart girl and I could get along well with the others♪

CIMG2642.jpg CIMG2630_20130803170353520.jpg
CIMG2612_201308031703244c4.jpg CIMG2675.jpg

At the shelter the ARK the staff is always busy and I was afraid to ask them to spoil me. But the adoption event is completely different!! I can get spoiled as much as I want! I can get treats and I can play with toys! I showed everyone that I can do “sit” on command. I also was nice to little children. I proved that a dog rescued from the mountains can also be a house dog! I am just wondering if anybody found me attractive and wants to adopt me..?

I will introduce my buddies who also participated in the event.

This is Chip.
After 7 years at ARK, it was his first time to join an adoption event.
I heard that he used to live inside a house before he came to ARK. That’s why he knew how to use the toilet sheet. He seemed worried when his favorite staff member was out of sight. He tried following her. When the children yelled, “Chip!” he smiled back. Chip, you should be more confident!

This is Heon, a Tibetan spaniel.
Heon is a big eater and went straight to the right place whenever someone had a treat. She is such a sociable dog. I am sure she will find a new family soon♪

Chanja is a Chinese Crested.
She arrived at ARK recently and had to wear an E-collar because she was recovering from her spay surgery. She didn’t care about the collar at all and had no hesitation around people. She really enjoyed the event.

Hara and Jiyon are sisters. They are staying with separate foster families for socialization and training.

Basically, they seemed uneasy and stuck to each other under the table. But Hara came out in the end to get some treats from strangers. She also could sleep deeply even though the event place was new to her. I cannot believe she is the most timid one of the 5 siblings! Probably she learned a lot from her foster family!

CIMG2669.jpg CIMG2571.jpg

Jiyon, with her lovely pink nose, could not sleep during the event. But she looked back gently to the guest who said, “your pink nose is lovely.” I am sure her foster family always says to her, “Jiyon, you are so adorable...”☆
I’ve heard Jiyon is active at home. I hope she can find a great family who finds her real wonderful character!

CIMG2564.jpg CIMG2686.jpg

And from the cats team, the kittens YasushiKiyoshi joined.

Yasushi had no hesitation but Kiyoshi was a little bit nervous at first.
Yasushi was not surprised at all when a dog (me) looked into their cage! He spent a lot of time playing with a toy and finally got tired. He slept so well. Kittens are so adorable♪

CIMG2536.jpg CIMG2587.jpg

Meanwhile, Kiyoshi was saving his energy in the beginning and jumped around in the cage during the latter half. He seemed happy when he was held by a beautiful woman☆ These two are not siblings but they are good friends. I hope they will be adopted together!

CIMG2645.jpg CIMG2619.jpg

My first adoption event was so fun♪
I will ask staff members to take me to the event again!
What? Of course if I am rehomed soon then I won’t become an event regular.
Okay then, I look forward to meeting the family who makes me happy♪
               by Nefe☆

On the 25th Aug, Osaka ARK Adoption event in Osaka city☆

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