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Red light, Green light

Green light…. Red light♪
Wow, you guys stop so well.
Pete (left, front), you are such a handsome boy. Frostini (right, back), keep up the good work!

Green light…

Red light!
Yeah, you should come closer, Dunbar! (right, front)
Ah, the other three… you did not move at all..

Green light….

Red light!
Harrison (black, in the center), you are too close!

“I can do it! I will win the game and get the prize (toy)!”

Oops… the head of the toy is gone…
We (4 cats and one human) did not understand what was going on (yes, the toy broke) for about 5 seconds…

Only one, princess Emery, did not join us, but she watched the entire time.
“Boys are silly…”

And Action Chugger was practicing winking by himself.
“why does my neck tilt when I wink?..”

You too would start wondering what is going on in the minds of these kittens if you met them. They are a little shy but really have fun when there are toys around. It is wonderful to see a timid cat opening up and having fun

ARK is open during the summer vacation season too and we look forward to welcoming you.
People from the city always say, “It is cool here in the mountains”.
Please call us in advance and come to Nose the summer resort♪

On the 10th Aug, Tokyo ARK Adoption event at DOG LIFE DESIGN in Komazawa☆

Please support us for 34 rescued dogs from the mountain.


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Kittens everywhere at ARK (this year again)☆

Line up everybody!
We will introduce your cute faces and find new homes for you all. Put on a cute face, okay?
We call the 7th of July “Tanabata” in Japan, and people make a wish to the stars. We will make wishes for all of you too!☆

Musae (left) & Misae (right) : “We are wearing cute collars so we can attract attention.”

Musae:”Oh oh… it’s getting crowded…”

Masae:”Oh no, am I still in the picture frame?”

Shinnosuke: “Hey Misae, it is not fair, you are wearing a cool collar!”
Misae: ”You are jealous, right?”

Shinnosuke(center):”Hey Ginnosuke, you should not come front of me!” (Ginnosuke is leaning forward)

Masae: “Am I… still in the picture?”

Masae: “How about this? Can you see me better if I climb up here?”

Tonbo (right):”Take a picture now! We are posing!”
Oshibe( behind) & Meshibe (center):”We are looking into the camera!”

Okay, Okay, Smile!
Top: Masae
First row: from the left, Shinnosuke, Ginnosuke, Musae, Meshibe, Tonbo, Oshibe, Misae

Kitten season comes every year.
I believe we wrote a similar story around the same time last year…
We currently have about 40 kittens in ARK. More are waiting to come in. But first we need to find homes for the kittens currently in ARK so we can take in the ones on the rescue waiting list.
Once one kitten is adopted, we can make a space for the next one to take in. We are really hoping to find new families for the kittens with us now as soon as possible.

Now is the best and cutest period for kittens, but we do not have many future adopters for cats during the hot summer season…
Our shelter is in the mountains and it is much cooler than the city!
Please come visit us all you cat lovers---!!!

On the 28th Jul (Sun), Adoption event at Kobe GREENDOG☆ We will bring kittens too!!

Marcle the Corgie is looking for a foster family.

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The movie “Dogs, Cats and Humans 2”(Inu to Neko to Ningen to, 2)”

I went to see the premier of the movie, 『Dogs, Cats and Humans 2』. The director of the movie, 『Dogs, Cats and Humans』, and the producer, Motoharu Iida, joined the event.

Here’s the link for previous movie report>>

The producer, Mr.Iida (Left) and the director, Mr. Shishido (Right)

The movie is about people whose lives changed abruptly after the great Tohoku earthquake in 2011 and the animals who have been struggling with the disaster. It also looks at the future ahead for the animals.

The agenda was quite different from the previous one, but the message was delivered directly to the audience just like in the first. In the previous movie, Mr. Iida, who never thought about animals in Japan, started questioning things related to animals here. He was asked by a woman who looked after cats to make a movie. This time, Mr.Shishido flew to Miyagi, which is his hometown, just after the earthquake. But the city changed completely and he had no words. Through his own confusion and conversations with people in the affected area, he began to see how the lives of animals and people all changed.


It has been more than 2 years since the earthquake and the topic is no longer in the news everyday. However, the movie reminded me that the earthquake disaster is not over yet.
Sometime it is “tough” to face the reality, but I think it is also important to share it.

“Knowing” is the first step.
It doesn’t matter if you love animals or not, please go to the movie with your friends.
It was not a sad, crying movie.

And Mr. Iida said, this movie is even better when you watch it the second time.
Is that true? I will go to see it again sometime.

Theater information>>

We rescued 600 animals back in 1995 after the Hanshin earthquake. The longest one spent 12 years at ARK.
Among 200 dogs rescued after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, still 13 dogs are living at ARK.
Some of them plan to go back to their original owners this year. But for the rest of them, they may have to spend more time in ARK. Our first priority is to consider their QOL (quality of life).

This is the oldest dog rescued from the Tohoku earthquake, Kuri. Look at the gorgeous fur blowing in the wind!

Marcle the Corgie is looking for a foster family.

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