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Foster’s Diary [Ice-beauty Luna]

There is no shelter for Tokyo ARK. Rescued animals stay with foster families.
Today’s report is from the foster family of a calico cat named, Luna. Her previous owner died and she was taken to Tokyo ARK in June this year.

★June 12th “Luna”

A new lady joined our office yesterday. A cute girl named Luna. So far her special skill is hiding herself. I am not sure if I can get a whole body shot or not.

Her head is hidden, but the butt remains…

★June 14th “Name”

Luna must be named after the moon because she comes out when the moon comes up.
I prepared her bedding under the bed where she hid herself yesterday. But she did not choose that place today and went under the blanket.

Probably she will spend most of the day under the blanket.
She does like using the litter box and having a midnight snack at night. Do you really like this life, Luna?

★June 14th “The moon rose up!”

Fiinally! Luna came out!

I was told she comes out to get attention at night, but I was not sure if that day would come. She even let me pet her.

A bit relaxed

She let me brush her fur…

This is the whole body of Luna the princess.

In the middle of the night, I went into her room to see if she got up. She had already started her activities. When she came up to the desk where she usually is, I poked her with a toy. (I was timid as she stared at me with her big eyes…). I started rubbing her and she asked me for more by sticking her back up into the air. Ok, then, I will start to brush your fur. Once that started she wanted more. She seemed to enjoy it.
Finally, the princess got down from the desk and went to a cat bed under the desk. Could you rest there?

But once the sun comes up, she may turn back to an un-friendly princess…. I am still nervous…

★June 20th “Agenda of the day”

In the morning she hid herself before anyone woke up. In the afternoon she continued to hide.

Luna spends daytime under the bed. Around 5 pm, I came to check on her… but she had gone somewhere!
Oh no, I should have closed the door. I am not sure where she is… I have to wait until night…

At night, around 8 pm, she mewed and came out. She came into the room and looked relaxed. She started sharpening her claws and played with a toy. She got a lot of rubs as well.

Sharpened her claws.…

Seems a bit more relaxed?

Getting sleepy….

★June 20th “Luna x 2”


★July 5th “These days”

Luna is not a moon cat anymore. When I lay down on the bed, she comes to lie beside me.
When I am sitting, she comes to sit next to me. Sometimes she hides herself, but she is basically a spoiled type.

Luna probably hides herself because she wants to sleep at ease. She still has anxiety and isn’t comfortable sleeping anywhere in the house. But when I was with her she finally relaxed and was able to sleep on the bed. She is starting to lay down next to the window but gets nervous and moves away before I can get a picture. Soon it will be a month since she arrived.

★July 13th “It’s been a month”

It’s been a month since she came. She was rescued from a tough situation. I have seen her change a lot in this short time. The first 2 weeks she was frightened, hid herself and looked cautious. I felt sad seeing her like that. But gradually, she started getting used to life here. Now she sleeps like this.

My desk is like a cat tower for her.

She still hides herself under the bed sometimes, but she also lies down in the hallways and explores the rooms. And she comes out from wherever she is when I call her. She jumps high to play with toys and purrs during grooming.
Once I lay down on the bed, she comes up and relaxes.... She always pushes her body next to mine.
Now she likes to look outside.

She climbs into things.

She usually runs away from my husband. She never approaches him outside of her room. But in her room she plays with him. They are often caught talking to each other:
Husband : Let’s play together.
Luna: No!
Hus: Come one.
Lu: No, meow meow!
Hus: you are mean…
Lu: meow meow, meow! (don’t touch me, go away!)
I see love in their conversation.

Luna, you are beautiful, smart and funny

★Sep 16th “Luna’s mind changes as often as autumn weather”

Last night, specifically in the early morning of today, Princess Luna slept near my husband for the first time.
What happened? Some feeling or sense of smell changed?
You always come to sleep next to me and get spoiled in the morning.

Now I can relax and sleep on a sofa

★Nov 20th “No special changes”

Luna is doing fine these days. No specific thing to mention.

I was a little bit worried about her constipation. I talked to the ARK office about it. But soon it resolved itself.
She likes sleeping on laps. And she likes sunbathing these days as it is getting colder.
If I try to touch her when she relaxes in the sunlight, she says, “go away!” with a cat punch.

It is now official that she loves bags.

Open up for sunbathing

Thank you, Luna’s foster family!
It is wonderful and so easy to see how Luna will change if she gets adopted.
Most calico cats are smart and Luna is also.
She is not good at environmental changes and so we don’t put her on the participant’s list for adoption events.
If you are interested in Luna, please call ARK Tokyo.

Would you like to start “Fostering"?

ARK photo exhibit in Shiga : Open on Sat, Sun & national holidays☆

Jan. 6th, 2013 Adoption event at GREENDOG☆

Jan. 12th (Sat), 2013 Adoption event in Komazawa☆


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Merry Christmas☆

Merry Christmas everyone!
Are you enjoying your holidays?


It was a cold icy day here.
But volunteers came, people stopped by to bring presents, former ARK dogs visited us and future adopters came to visit the animals… These were all wonderful Christmas gifts for us♪
Thanks so much to everyone who supports ARK!


Snow started falling and it may be a white-Christmas? No, no, we have no time to be in a romantic mood.
At the end of every year we get many requests to take in more animals. We will be full of cats and dogs at the end of this year too.

18 dachshunds (JP only) are being vaccinated and spayed/neutered. They are ready for adoption!

Dixon and Nutkin live in an outdoor kennel because the indoor kennels are full. They were fixed already. We are hoping that they will find their new homes by the time their Elizabeth collars are taken off.

CIMG3960.jpg CIMG3963.jpg
Sorrel looks so innocent and Mary Jane is a beautiful girl. Both are also ready for adoption♪
(They were both adopted on December 29th)

And the 6 siblings are growing fast☆
So far, only Frankel (male) has found his new family. The 5 sisters are eagerly awaiting theirs.

Gallorette is being trained to “Sit” with snacks.

Black Bess says, ”Don’t check a lady’s weight! “

Moonlight (Rehomed on December 30th♪) has never been timid and came to greet to a bigger dog.
(Senior dog Han-chan is the one who was timid..)

We have many adorable dogs here in ARK.
We are looking forward to your visit during this holiday season♪

ARK photo exhibit in Shiga : Open on Sat, Sun & national holidays☆

ARK photo exhibit in Nagoya : Only for 4days☆
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/4653 (JP only)

Jan. 6th, 2013 Adoption event at GREENDOG☆

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Adoption event report☆at George OSAKA on the 16th of Dec. (Sun)

We had this year’s last adoption event at George (JP only) OSAKA on the 16th of Dec.
The dogs dressed up for Christmas.
And how was the event?


Why are you there? I thought you were going to be rehomed..?
Yes, he got the adoption offer, but the adopter cannot prepare everything at the moment. So, we are again looking for his forever home. Kojak didn’t know about any of that so he just enjoyed the event.
He was calm as usual (not like other puppies) and was spoiled by a lot of visitors.


Matsue is also becoming a regular at adoption events.
People said “you must have put on some weight♪” as they pinched her or held her. She was poked by many people, but she never got upset and was a good girl as always. She is calm but she has amazing climbing abilities and can climb high fences at the shelter. We hope she will find her own family soon and will live inside of the house.


Grouca joined the event for the first time. He welcomed visitors, saw them off and rolled over on a blanket. He pretty much enjoyed the event. He stuck close to the staff member and chased her around and asked to be held. He wanted attention all the time. He will probably be spoiled by a new owner soon after he gets adopted!


Uruchi loves people. She really loved all the attention at the event. She moved around and took a rest in the arms of anyone willing to hold her. This worked and she was really able to show off how charming she is. (Her cute feature “sticking out tongue” also attracted guests. Some tried to put her tongue back in the right place


He was able to hide himself in the cat house. He also enjoyed eating at the event. He will probably adapt easily to a new environment after he is adopted. Dyna is a beautiful odd-eyed cat, but hasn’t had an adoption offer yet.

Unfortunately, we did not have any concrete adoption offers in this year’s last adoption event. But we are hoping to see some of today’s visitors again at ARK.

Thank you to the staff at George OSAKA and to the volunteers!
We look forward to seeing you all next year too!

Our official events are over for the year. However, ARK has no holidays. The shelter is open everyday except Wednesdays. Please stop by during the winter holidays!
We hope we will not have any heavy snow…

ARK photo exhibit in Shiga : Open on Sat, Sun & national holidays☆

ARK photo exhibit in Nagoya : Only for 4days☆
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/4653 (JP only)

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ARK’s Eleven PART II

The story continues……☆


These four adorable siblings, YenRomanMalloyWell, are the grandchildren of Basher Tarr.
They do everything together.


We sometimes hope that they will all be adopted together…. But that is wishful thinking so we hope at least that they are adopted in pairs♪

You can enjoy cat-fishing too

Linus is the most popular one
She is the mother of the 4 cats above.

Calico cats tend to be a bit aggressive, but Linus is sweet and gentle.
She is still young and she is calm probably because she is the mother of these cats. She is also like a nursery school teacher in the kitten cage.

She always lets the kittens get spoiled by people. She only does this to get a little attention for herself too.
Here she is between the caretaker’s legs. So cute!

Catton’s mother left him and Linus has become like a nanny to Catton and takes care of him.
He is too small to get spayed. But he will be up for adoption once it is done!
CIMG3366.jpg CIMG3422.jpg
He was so small like a mouse when rescued… Now he looks like this!

Like these eleven kittens, we have so many adorable kittens in ARK!

Col and Beith are sisters who look like Abyssinians.

Sexy photo of Lyla.

Winter in Nose is very cold. But usually driving is fine with normal tires during the daytime.
Please come visit the ARK shelter♪

Dec 16th (Sun) Adoption event at GEORGE OSAKA☆

ARK photo exhibit in Shiga : Open on Sat, Sun & national holidays☆

ARK photo exhibit in Nagoya : Only for 4days☆
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/4653 (JP only)

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ARK’s Eleven

People call ARK and ask us to take animals for various reasons. One of the most common reasons we hear is, “owner living in an apt. which doesn’t allow pets.” In this case, the owner is told to leave or to send the animals to the animal control center where they will be gassed to death.

The second reason is, “I found a stray cat that gave birth.” Spaying is not so expensive when it is only for one cat. However, many people don’t spay/neuter and only call us for help when they have ten or more animals.

The cats featured today came to ARK for these reasons. Some are from an apt. which didn’t allow pets and others are from a rescued cat that gave birth. Despite the irresponsibility of the owners, the cats are innocent. Cat rooms at ARK are usually full so we want to find forever homes for them as soon as possible.

※The names are from the movie “Ocean’s Eleven” because they came as a family of 11 cats

"Basher Tarr" with a round face.

He is just two years old but already he is the father and grandfather to 10 cats! He’s the big daddy! He likes to be rubbed but has been known to give a big cat punch when he is not in the mood.

Once he sees a toy, he will go crazy!!! His neighbor is surprised to see his sudden change…

"Turk" is Basher Tarr’s first daughter.

People say Turk is the most beautiful one.
She is shy in the beginning but loves to be rubbed. Once she knows you, Turk will purr and purr for you♪
She does not punch (like her dad does!). She will be fine after she adapts herself to a new environment.

And Basher Tarr’s first 3 grand kids.

He looks cute and angelic but he can be super naughty when it comes to toys.
He cannot resist toys!

“I cannot stop playing with this toy…”

Whenever Tishkoff sees somebody from his cage, he waits in front of the door. What a cutie!
He will definitely wait for you at the entrance if he is adopted by you.

The sisters of Tishkoff, are “Reuben (left)” and “Virgil (right)” who is always with Tishkoff.

They are already 6 months old but still behave like adorable kittens.
They are friendly and have beautiful blue eyes… We expected them to be rehomed quickly. But no adoption offer has come so far…
Sorry it may be our fault.. We should advertise you more…

“I am often called beautiful just like my aunt, Turk” by Reuben

”Someone told me to grab this toy.” by Virgil

We will feature Tishkoff’s cousins next time.

Fewer visitors have been coming to Nose since Dec. started. We are here waiting for future adopters throughout the winter too! Would you like to come play with some cute kittens?

Dec 16th (Sun) Adoption event at GEORGE OSAKA☆

ARK photo exhibit in Shiga : Open on Sat, Sun & national holidays☆

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