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Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on November 25th (Sun)

We had an adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe (JP only) on November 25th (Sun).
4 dogs and 2 cats joined this time.
We were worried about one dog as it’s a kind of challenge for him to join the adoption event.
Actually, what happened at the event….?

First, there was the puppy, Titan.

Thanks to your support, 5 of the 7 white puppies have been adopted. But Kojak, who joined the adoption event at FIELD NOTE, and Titan have not found their new homes yet. We hoped Titan would find his new family at this event.
It was the first time for him to be out of ARK. He seemed a bit nervous during his walk in the city. But he could have fun inside of the shop. He does Sit and Wait perfectly for treats!
When we took off his manner belt, which was worn just in case, he went to a pet sheet by himself. After his toilet business, he went to sleep…Zzzzzzzzzz

While Titan was at the event, we got word that Kojak got an adoption offer in Nose! Yeah!
One family was interested in Titan at the event. We hope they will come to Nose and adopt him!

And hyper boy, Pazu, was also at the event.

Pazu wants to get involved in everything.
Whenever new visitors came in, he went to welcome them and showed off his belly. If some visitor played with other dogs, he also joined in to get spoiled… He was smiling all day.

This happy dog, Pazu, had not been rehomed due to his play-bite (also he does not like brushing). BUT, he found his new family at the event!
Exactly one year ago to the day, their previous dog (also from ARK) passed away. It was fate!
Be good to your new family, Pazu! And congratulations!

Probably the third time for him here at Greendog, an almost regular participant, Omiso, also joined.

Now Greendog’s staff members remember him.
But, he was different today!
When there weren’t many visitors, he played with other dogs and sometimes came to the center of the room with his tail up. We think he relaxed a bit this time.
We believe there is hope for his adoption because we can see he can adapt to a new environment. He is very charming and many people gather around him at the events. We hope he will get an adoption offer soon!

The first time participant was Piko.

She always barks when other dogs pass by her kennel. Because of her timid character, she has not gained weight. We were worried that she might be aggressive towards visiting dogs. But she was fine! When a visitor’s dog barked, she barked too. If a tiny dog ran around, she chased it. She gets excited easily but is ok if someone controls her.
She was calm in the car and did her business on a pet sheet without being taught.
She never dominated toys and could get along with children (she did jump on the child in the beginning though!). We are happy to know that she is a good girl

She became friends with 5year old boy who was afraid of a dog♪

And the cats were dressed up with bows for the event. Bunting and Cymbal joined this time.

Cats tend to be sensitive to a change in environment. But they could eat their food and could play with toys. They were not too sensitive.
They stared at the dogs as they ate. So I gave them one piece, and they ate it
Both played with many visitors and finally fell into a deep sleep in the litter box!
No family applied for their adoption, but some promised us to visit the ARK shelter to see other cats. They were good PR reps. Good work both of you!

And Andromeda found her forever home here at the previous event.
She was adopted by a Greendog staff member. We were looking forward to see her again here.
At the previous event, she barked a lot. But thanks for the adopter’s training, she became a good girl. She never barked and was calm when surrounded by bigger dogs.
We want to spoil our dogs especially in the beginning, but the first period is important. Once the rules are set, the dog’s life will be a lot easier.

It was a great and successful adoption event this time too.
Thanks to all the visitors and GREENDOG!

Dec 2nd(Sun) Tokyo ARK Adoption event at Komazawa Dog Life Design

Dec 2nd, ARK photo exhibit in Shiga will start!

Dec 16th (Sun) Adoption event at GEORGE OSAKA☆

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I’m Ushio.


Hello, I’m “Ushio”.
It’s been 2 years since I came to ARK with my mom, Mucchi, and my sister, Mimi. That was when I was 12 years old.


When we came to ARK for the first time my mom looked nervous. But Mimi and I were happy because we thought we were just visiting here for a walk. I didn’t mind smelling other dogs around me either. I put my beagle blood to work!

But I was wondering why our previous owner cried and said sorry many times to us. Suddenly he got in his car and was gone. I heard later that our original owner died young and her husband could not care for us all by himself. He had to give us up. My mom was 13 years old at the time and my sister and I were 12 years old. It seems the ARK staff asked him not to give us up, but he just could not do it anymore.

But you know, life in ARK is not that bad.
We get enough food and we go for walks everyday. We also can get rubbed occasionally. Sometimes people play with us with toys! My family and I have been happy here.

We were the January dogs in this year’s calendar.

Soon, Mimi found her new family!
I was worried about her because she had been with us all the time. But I’ve heard she is living happily with a family that gives her lots of love.

We have been together since birth and talk about many things…

Since Mimi left ARK a year and a half ago, my mom and I have been living together just the two of us.
We love people and are good at walking (we never pull on the leash). We are quite popular among volunteers.
But, we do bark dogs when they pass by our kennel….Hee..Hee…

But my mom, Mucchi, suddenly passed away last month.
She had cancer and I had no idea. She was always calm and she died peacefully.
I guess she gets to eat a lot of good food in doggy heaven now!

Like my mom, I am a big eater!

Now I am all alone in my kennel. I don’t like other dogs and I bark at them. This is because I have never been alone since I was born. I feel very lonely.
I always had my mom beside me. I don’t know how to manage this cold winter without her...
I always lose weight during winter anyway. The staff members say, “You should find your forever home as soon as possible!!!”
I’m pretty old but someone will welcome me as a new family member, won’t they…?

Even wearing clothes, winter here in Nose is tough!

On 25th Nov. Osaka ARK adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe ☆
Ushio will not join, but other dogs will be there!

On 25th Nov. Tokyo ARK adoption event at DOGSIGN Jingumae☆

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Event report☆ARK Support Fair at FIELDNOTE on 11th Nov.(Sun)


We had an Adoption event at FIELDNOTE in Nara on the 11th of Nov. FIELDNOTE kindly holds an ARK Support Fair twice a year (in spring and fall).
We often have rain on the event days at Field Note and this time we did too…
But the rain could not stop our 5 lovely dogs from showing off their personalities!

First, Temaki.
She is quite big. We thought it was great for her to join this time because FIELDNOTE has a garden!
She never got tired and enjoyed the whole event.
It seems she loved being surrounded by people and other dogs. When someone left the room, she seemed sad about it.
She especially likes small children and was busy licking their faces.
She even greeted a visitor’s Chihuahua. She never got mad even when her toy was almost stolen by Cholent. People praised her and said, “You look like a boy, but actually you are a sweet girl”
Unfortunately she could not find her new family that day. But it was worth it for her to join because we could see her sweet personality.

Meadow was pretending to be quiet even though he is so energetic in ARK.
He was already well known among the blog readers, “oh, you are the Meadow from Meadow from Fukushima”.
He is not good at being around other dogs and lives alone at ARK. But he was good and did not fight with any dogs during the event. (Only once, Temaki got mad as Meadow tried to mount her…). We worried about him having an accident in the building but he was a good boy and did his business outside.

Temaki and Meadow look alike (color and body-size). Visitors asked us, “which one is the parent?” and, “Are they siblings?”
We never had them side by side before. Yes, the do look similar! Both are adorable!

The youngest participant that day was Kojak.
He is a puppy and was very quiet.
Maybe he was over whelmed by Temaki or Meadow?
He was very well behaved. He had no accidents, no arguments and didn’t get carsick either. He wasn’t nervous at the event at all. It must be time for him to be rehomed!

Hechako is the one who enjoyed the event most.
She is always afraid of people passing by her kennel. But this day she walked happily around even though it was a new place for her. She showed her tummy to everyone so she could get a tummy rub. That was the highlight of her day!
Showing her tummy here and there…
Look at her relaxed face
Some people described her as a dog that loves food and has no interest in toys. But actually, we found that she loves tennis balls! We found that the ball interests her more than food.
We are sure Hechako can adapt to a new environment quickly if she is rehomed.
She was popular at the event, so it may lead a great future?
Keeping our fingers crossed!

And from the small doggies,Cholent was chosen for the event.
Cholent is still young and everything is new to him.
It seems he learns everything by watching others like kids do. In the car his eyes were chasing other cars. He enjoyed watching Meadow sleep. He also watched other dogs being held by visitors. He is quite a unique one!

He is good at stretching!
He likes children and started learning how to play with other dogs at ARK. We hope he will find his forever home soon!

Many visitors came for Ms. Oliver’s speech.
She was just back from the MBE ceremony at Buckingham Palace and the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference.
Everybody listened to Ms. Oliver so seriously.
And the dogs were quiet and listened too♪
Hetchako made sure someone was there to pet her even during the speech.

This time, no one found a forever home. But some visitors brought a questionnaire for adoption, some took notes seriously during the speech and some promised to visit the shelter in Nose to see their favorite dog. We are sure some good news will come because of these visitors! Thank you to FIELDNOTE, bakery Pain de cuisson (JP only) and patisseries morico (JP only). Also thanks to the volunteers!

Petit ARK photo exhibit is still ongoing in FIELDNOTE.
Only 10 photos are there but please stop by if you are in the area!
Until 20th Nov.

The next Osaka ARK adoption event will be at Kobe GREENDOG on 25th Nov (Sun).
Please come join us!

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ARK-rabbits rehomed!

Great news!
Rabbit siblings, Nova and Peter, were finally rehomed! They spent 6 years in ARK!

Just after their mother was rescued 6 years ago, Nova and Peter were born in ARK. So for these two, we know exactly how old they are.
Two of the four siblings are currently living with their mother, Pyonko.

Here’s a picture from when they were baby rabbits♪
This is Peter(female) and Nova(male) is in the back.
Look, how adorable they were!!!

Both were born and grew up in Nose. They are used to our cold winters and hot summers. Compared to other rescued rabbits, they are quite tough and wild
They have never lived inside a house. This means they are not good at using a litter box and are not that friendly. We almost gave up finding them a family.


But we could not completely give up and uploaded their profile on our website. It has been 6 years already.
But the time has come!
They both were adopted together!
The adopter just lost their rabbit who was also adopted from ARK several years ago.
Although they are still mourning the loss of their rabbit, they deiced to adopt other one.

These two rely on each other so much. If we separate them when one of them is sick, the condition will get worse. We really wanted them to be adopted together.
The adopter considered it and decided to adopt both Peter and Nova.

Almost perfect, but we were worried about one thing: the flight.
We did not worry about the flight for rabbits such as Kanta, who just flew to Tokyo without any problems. But these two have never left Nose. We were worried whether they could bear the stress from being transported.
Their father, Chip, panicked and injured himself when he was put in a car before.

We carefully put pasture grass in a cardboard box as a buffer and put the box into a carry case.
They are together for their comfort.
Both of them were so quiet on the way to the airport. We were relieved to see that they didn’t panic in the car.
Several hours later, it was confirmed they arrived their forever home safely. We finally could celebrate this adoption.

The adopter kindly sent us their photos!
It is hard to believe they never lived inside of a house! They look so settled!
Nova’s new name is “Ryu” and Peter became “Ayame”. I am sure Peter is so happy to finally have a feminine name♪

Peter looked worried in the box and put her face under Nova’s body. But she got used to her new life soon and now she is good and eats well.

Look how relaxed she is. She shows her belly when she sleeps besides Nova!

We were worried in the beginning, but now we are so happy. It is amazing to see how well animals can adapt. We are sure they are going to be spoiled from now on!
Thank you so much for adopting them and also thanks to all the supporters of Nova & Peter!
All ARK rabbits have now been adopted!!

On 10th Nov [Tokyo ARK] Adoption event at Dog Life Design ☆

On 11th Nov [Tokyo ARK] Adoption event at Dog salon Kugenuma in Fujisawa☆

On 11th Nov [Osaka ARK] Adoption event at Field Note in Nara☆
Ms.Oliver will have a small presentation from 11am. Please come join us!

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Foster’s diary [Is Athena shy?]

There is no shelter for Tokyo ARK. Rescued animals stay with foster families.
Today’s report is from the foster family of Athena. She is a stray dog who moved from Osaka to Tokyo on Oct. 26th.

★29th of Oct★
When I came to the adoption event yesterday to pick up Athena, one of the volunteer pointed to where she was: in a crate! She didn’t come out of the crate the entire event because she was too timid.
Okay, I will take care of this super shy girl…

But there was no need to worry about her. She walked in the rain, had her paws cleaned, explored the house, ate, and played. A really good start. She loves being on carpet. Our first night she didn’t cry at all.

Day 2
The first morning she missed the toilet sheet by a few inches. It was a good attempt! It was a sunny day so we went for a walk. People told me she is shy and timid...
What kind of place is good for her? Ah! The cemetery! It isn’t crowded, has no cars or dogs, and has lots of greenery. I could visit my ancestors as well! She was fine in the car. She seemed to enjoy the greenery at the cemetery. Maybe it reminded her of Nose.

When she got back home, she played with our dogs, (also from ARK) Meu and Rob.

Then, she waited for food in front of her bedroom☆

★30th of Oct★
Early in the morning we went for a walk around the neighborhood. She cannot walk in the cemetery everyday! Then we heard the sound of footsteps… loud, fast, high-heeled footsteps!
Athena turned around and tried to run back to our house… Treats did not work for her then!
(Lady, please walk quietly…)

In an attempt to get her used to “sounds from daily life”, we introduced the vacuum cleaner!
What? What is this…?? She was afraid of the vacuum as we expected. But she found our dogs calm, and it seemed she understood this machine was harmless. She started playing with a toy.

★31st of Oct★
We went to a park for the first time. She tried to dig but stopped when told “NO.” She was fine around small children. However, she hated the scooter. I may be called a doting parent, but I can say that she is smart! Now she can follow the commands, Sit, Down and do eye-contact.

Can you believe how much she has changed?
Our animals do not have a chance to see many cars or bikes at the shelter in the mountains. They never get to experience the sounds from human daily life either. It is such a great opportunity for them to live with a foster family.
Former stray dogs tend to rely on other dogs. Being with other dogs in the house is a great experience for Athena. The dachshunds (also from ARK♪) helped Athena get used to life with the foster family.

Thank you so much to all the foster families! Your help means a lot!
Why don’t you start “Fostering”?

On 10th Nov [Tokyo ARK] Adoption event at Dog Life Design ☆
Please visit the event to see how Athena has changed!

On 11th Nov [Tokyo ARK] Adoption event at Dog salon Kugenuma in Fujisawa☆

On 11th Nov [Osaka ARK] Adoption event at Field Note in Nara☆
Ms.Oliver will have a small presentation from 11am. Please come join us!

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