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White puppies


These 7 white puppies came to ARK when they were one month old. They were rescued from the same area where the sponsor-dog Wireless came from.
※ You can find the details of Wireless on the 2013 ARK Calendar!

When rescuing puppies it is important to take the mother dog as well so she can be spayed to stop the cycle of stray puppies being born. We also took the mother of these 7.


This is their mom, Olympia.
Probably they were her second litter of puppies.
She is still young and has adjusted to life at ARK faster than Wireless. She is now being trained so we can rehome her soon.

All these dogs came from an area where the animal control center (Hokenjyo) intensively tries to catch stray dogs. Even though they are strays, it is apparent the older ones were once pet dogs. Puppies and friendly dogs are fairly easy for the Hokenjyo people to catch. Olympia and her puppies were lucky. Olympia is very friendly and took snacks from stranger’s hands. Her puppies were only one month old at that time and easy to capture.

It was not easy to see which one was which… because they all are white!!! So, we colored their ears.
Stray dogs, even puppies, tend to be cautious toward people. But these puppies were fine with people from the beginning.


As they started to get older they started to show their individual personalities. They also started fighting! We heard puppy screams everyday! The weakest one, Cronos, began to be afraid of his siblings. We decided it would be best for him to go to a foster family in Tokyo.


It was good timing for Cronos to leave to live with a foster family. He could be socialized there. AND, he was adopted the other day! He is the first among his siblings to get rehomed.
And now Vegas is waiting for a chance to find his forever home with a foster family in Tokyo.

The other five white puppies were separated and put in different kennels to be “trained” by older dogs. They are healthy and happy at 4 months old!

First, the only female in the group is Gucci.
She is active because she grew up with all male siblings.
She likes big dogs and always asks her roommate Guiness to: “Play! Play with me♪”.
And if Guiness is not in the mood and growls at her, she screams… such a girly girl…
She has been growing and her face now looks a bit like her mom.
(Looking up at the picture her left ear stands up but really it is a floppy ear like the right!)

And Orbit has become very sociable. He now weighs 6.5 kg.
He is lives with some older dogs, Astro, Memphis, and Athena (who was also rescued from the same area but is not a sibling). He is great with these strong older dogs and loves to play with them!
“I’m so smart that I can do ‘Down’!”

Titan is getting along with a Sheppard mix, Nano.
He is the most ‘peaceful’ boy among the siblings♪
Titan is just 2 months younger than Nano, but still tiny..
Nano’s weight is already 15 kg and is now 6 months old!
How big is he going be?? Oh no, before that, we have to find him a good family!

And Kojak and Teia are being trained by Omiso.
Kojak is on the left (5.8kg) and Teia is on right (6.2kg).
Kojak is strong minded but loves to play. Omiso is always joking around with him. He screams easily which seems to entertain Omiso….
Teia is the most handsome boy among the siblings. He is competitive and sociable in a good way.

They have all learned “sit”, “down”, and “wait.” Now they are being trained to make eye contact. Everyone is up to date on all vaccines, had flea/tick preventative, have been microchipped and, of course, spayed/neutered. All that’s left now is to be adopted! They are all anxiously awaiting their forever family.

Now is a great season to come visit us in Nose. Why don’t you come up to ARK and see these lovely puppies?!

★Bonus shot★
Where was Omiso then…?
He was afraid of the camera and watched us from afar…

Nov. 11th: Adoption event at Field Note in Nara♪
The white puppies will join!
(Of course we will be happier if they find their home before the event!)


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Being shy is her character


Her name is “Pui Pui” and she is a 9 year old female.
She was abandoned in a cardboard box with her sibling, Curvy. They were one month old back then.

This is a precious picture of when she was a puppy!
Left: Pui Pui , Right: Curvy
Fluffy Curvy was adopted when she was 4 months old.


Pui Pui has been living in ARK since she was rescued.
She loves strolling along the mountain roads and often picks up a long tree branch to carry as she walks.


Several families have been interested in her. They liked her cute black nose which is classic in mix breeds.
But Pui Pui is super shy… Her shyness has prevented her from being chosen.
Everybody prefers friendly dogs… we understand that..,

So, nine years have passed since she was found.
We see some gray hairs around her black nose.

She lives with her long time roommate, Tintin.

It might be difficult for Pui, who only knows ARK, to start living in a city.
She panicked once on the street on the way to the vet despite being with her trusted ARK staff member. We do not plan to push for her adoption.

Although she is shy, she remembers people that she met before. Once she knows a person they can have a great time together on her walk. She is very spoiled by the staff and always sticks to us when we are in her kennel.


We have so many shy dogs like Pui Pui.
Friendly dogs are adorable, but when you can get the trust of a shy dog like Pui it is such a wonderful feeling.

If you would like to feel that joy, please come to ARK and volunteer.
The more you visit them, the more the dogs will welcome you.
We recommend future adopters to come here several times as well. You can see how the dogs change and how they want to be with you.
And it would be grateful if you see shyness, fear, negative points are also the dog’s characters.

We received news that Pui Pui’s sibling Curvy passed away due to heart disease this spring.
Pui, you should live long for Curvy too!

"All righty"

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Cassandra, looking for his new family

Always around 150 cats are living in ARK.
Usually, several cats who get along well each other are together in one cage. But some cat gets stressed if he lives with other cats.
In that case, the cat lives in a single cage. But we do not have so many single cages. We struggle to find okay matching for sensitive cats to live with other cats.

If future adopter plans to have one cat only, we introduce a cat who likes being alone. But this doesn’t mean the future adopter would love that cat.

So, this time, we will feature such kind of cat “Cassandra”!

“Ah? Is that me??”

Cassandra was rescued on a street of Osaka-shi. He was super skinny and fell on a street.
If it were a couple of days later, he would not be able to survive.
He was not cautious to people at all. It was obvious that he used to be living with people. He seemed being abandoned and was starved as he did not know how to get his food.

“That’s why I am so serious about food” “Woooo, I am full☆”

Cassandra is probably 2 or 3years old.
After he gained his physical strength back and got spayed, he moved to house of generous Tokugawa family.
Tokugawa family were kind enough to have Cassandra playing with a toy innocently.

“I’m Cassandra” “I’m Oshin. Nice to meet you♪”

We thought he would be okay to live in this room. But he loves to get spoiled and stressed out not to get attention although many people were passing by. He started attaching other cats.

“These laps are all mine!”

If he attacks others, it becomes other cat’s stress. Situation became not good for all…
Therefore, we made a special space for him in this room.

“Isn’t it a bit dark here..?”

This is not a complete solution. His stress continues and we cannot keep him like this forever.
The best solution is finding a new home for his own.

“Coz…. I LOVE people..”

Cassandra loves people and purrs to get more attention once he is held.
He is so calm that he lets us do nail-cut or medical treatment.
He also loves playing with toys.
He really loves people and not sensitive to environment change. We can recommend him to the first time cat owner.

“Would you please welcome me to your family??”

If you are thinking having a cat in your family, please consider Cassandra as well.
We are so sure that he would be the best add to your family!

If you are interested in meeting him, please contact ARK in advance (ark@arkbark.net). He sometimes stays at staff member’s place.

Not only Cassandra, so many cats and dogs are waiting for you to meet♪

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Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on Sept. 30th (Sun)

We had an adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe (JP only) on September 30th.
We were worried whether or not anyone would come due to the typhoon… But, on the contrary, so many visitors gathered that day.
Thanks so much for coming!

This time the participants were…

Libra (JP only)

She is one of the 14 Chi-Yorkies (Chihuahua x Yorkshire terrier) recently rescued.
Lebra is a bit shy at ARK. But she tried to approach visitors at the event.

She often barks over the fence at ARK. But this day she was quieter. She has a bit of a tough attitude toward other dogs. She barks at larger dogs like Opel and even to puppies like Orbit.
Lebra did not find her new family at the event. But later, one family came to ARK and adopted her! She left ARK for her own family today!


Hydra is from the same rescue.
She has never been shy and she enjoyed the event.
Ah, but Hydra, don’t climb up on the table okay? You “look” so dainty. Let’s learn how to behave like a real lady.

Andromeda (JP only)

She is also from the Chi-Yokie rescue.
When the shop was really crowded she hid in the corner. Aside from that, she enjoyed playing with Hydra.
She was adopted by a staff member of GREENDOG!
The staff member already had an adoption interview at ARK and was just waiting for the perfect match. Today was a lucky day!
We are looking forward to seeing Andromeda at future events here♪


It was Orbit’s first experience in “the big city.” Being from a stray mother we expected some hesitation on his part but he had a good time. He never terrorized the cats and he used the toilet sheets correctly. Great job!
Only one problem…. He managed to find an expensive bag of dog food and gnawed the bag! You must have good tastes!



Opel lives in a private kennel in ARK because he tends to have problems with other dogs. However, there were no problems today. He did not get upset when the Chi-Yokies barked at him. But, he didn’t like the puppy Orbit so much. He was ok with small dogs (or females).
He loves people. So he was happy to play with visitors and get stroked.


Parade has never been shy to people or afraid of a new place. He could play with toys, ask visitors to scratch him through the fence, and he greeted Orbit. He could relax and be himself.
Of course he ate his meal perfectly. He would be a super easy cat to take care of at home!



Pavo, was grumpy and hid in his blanket bed.
He was pouty, but he was also a big eater. He could finish all his food.
“You should be friendly, Pavo!”
BUT! A family visited ARK today fell in love with him. He is rehomed!
Considering his slow movements, his new family will name him “Matayoshi” (after the Japanese ‘slow’ comedian)
Pioggia was adopted together with him. Will he also be named after a comedian??

The adoption event closed earlier than planned due to the typhoon.
But we were happy to have so many visitors. We made some good matches for our animals.
Thank you so much to all the visitors and to GREENDOG!
We will be back on November 25th!!

★Autumn Event schedule★

ARK Calender2013, On sale!

Kyoko Harada’s photo exhibit is held at MAGATAMA in Tamatsukuri OSAKA. You can get the Calendar there too.
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/4492 (JP only)

Oct 8th: Adaption event at DLD in Komazawa☆

Oct 21st: Adaption event at George OSAKA☆

On 11th Nov: ARK Support Fair at FIELD NOTE in Nara♪

On 18th Nov: BBQ Party in Sasayama

ARK Japanese Facebook Page started☆

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