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Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on July 22nd

We had an adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe (JP only) on July 22nd. (Sun).
Four dogs and 1 cat joined this time.
It was good to see each animal’s character.

First, "Matsue".

Matsue has been living in a back area kennel since her puppies were adopted.
She barked at people passing by when she was in the front. It was as if she was becoming more timid.
But she was moved to a kennel close to the entrance of ARK about a month ago. Why was she moved? Recently she has become a friendly smiling dog!
She relaxed and had a good time at this adoption event too.
When she smelled snacks, she came to get some. When she found someone free, she came to be stroked. When she was tired, she slept deeply behind the table.
It must have been Matsue’s first experience to take a nap in an air-conditioned room.
Her face was saying, “aaaahhh, this is heaven” while she was sleeping.
You can see how she has changed, compared to the picture of her at the adoption event in Apr.
Her tail was up during the walk. Well, she froze for a second when a bike came at us, but she didn’t panic. Of course, she had no toilet accidents. Will she soon have a relaxing life in someone’s home?

We thought a Corgi named “Kanna (JP only)” would be the most popular dog this time.
She probably had a bad experience with her previous owner. She doesn’t like to be held. If someone holds her, she screams. We were worried about this.
She screamed when she was held by a volunteer she’d just met for the first time. But after getting to know her, she herself approached the volunteer in order to be held.
We are sure it won’t take long until she can get used to a new family.
Whenever visitors came, she went to welcome them. She was always moving around busily. But in the end, she could finally lie down and relax.
Kanna seems to love kids. We did not expect this as she is a little bit timid.
We were wondered if it was because she was adored only by the child in the previous family? We felt sorry for her.
She goes to the toilet often these days. Because of stress? But she did it only on the pet sheets during the event, Good-girl!
She loves to be praised. We hope you can find your own family soon!

Next dog is “Asin”.
Asin is a Boston Terrier. He came to ARK with a female dog and their 3 offspring.
He and his family of dogs often bark at the dogs passing in front of their kennel. We thought Asin did not like other dogs. But actually he is such a nice guy.
He never showed aggression toward the visitor’s dogs. He just concentrated on playing with a snuggle Coon.
He played the “throw it! But don’t take it away!” game intensely...
Kanna got the snuggle Coon from him. He tried to get it back, but gave it up after Kanna barked at him only once.
“What a nice guy!” All the girls admired him. You are becoming popular from this event, Asin!
After he played with many visitors he was tired and he slept deeply with a smile on his face on the way back to the shelter.
His manner-belt never stayed on his waist (actually we cannot figure out where is his waist!). But it was found that he didn’t need it♪

And here is the regular, “a href="http://www.arkbark.net/?q=en/node/4182" target="_blank" title="Omiso">Omiso” with a manly hairstyle.
He was in the spot where shy dogs usually sit.
Sometimes we pulled him to the center of the room, but he came back to this place as soon as he could.
Since he didn’t move from there, the visitors came to him.
It seems like many visitors were curious about Omiso. His fur color blended into the color of the floor. He became the most popular dog that day!
He was afraid but ate the food without problems because he is a big eater.
He was too scared to walk in the city and we needed to hold him. It would be wonderful if he could be adopted by a family that lives in the countryside like ARK or has a big garden for him.
He doesn’t show it yet at the events, but he loves playing with other dogs. He usually follows his kennel mate dogs. It would probably be great if a family with a bright dog can adopt Omiso.

Mashiro” was the only cat this time.
He ate all his meal just after he arrived at the event place. It is rare for adult cats!
That’s our boy, Mashiro! We thought he could show his great personality to the visitors.
But he pouted like this when Asin tried to get his toy.
After the visitors left, a staff member took off his roofed bed. Then he was relaxed.
He could enjoy looking outside only the last 15 minutes.
It is still rare that an adult cat can adjust quickly in a new environment. We can recommend him to people who never had a cat♪

No one found their new family that day, but some of the visitors would consider adoption.
We hope we can meet you at ARK with your children on summer holidays♪
The shelter is in Nose where it is cooler than the city (temperature is around 5 degrees lower!). Please come visit ARK as a summer retreat.
(Please call us in advance!)

Thank you very much to the adopters for coming to the event on that hot day.
Seeing ARK’s alumni having a lot of love encourages us to keep doing this!
(Sorry to the ones I didn’t get a photo of!)

Thanks also to the people who stopped by and to the great volunteers and GREENDOG staff members who always care for ARK’s dogs.
See you at the next event!


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We try to keep smiling!

We have 2 types of affected dogs from the Great East Japan earthquake.
One is the dog who is looking for his/her new family, like Meadow featured before.

The other type is the one who stays at ARK as the owner cannot have him/her at the moment.

Some were asked directly by their owners and some were rescued by ARK and the owner was found later.

All the dogs are wonderful.
They must have gone through the tough phase and miss their own families, but they are so bright. Their smile make us smile.

Today, we introduce you our vitamin, all-star dogs from the affected area!

House of Chibi’s owner is in Iitate-village, Fukushima.
He always runs to the people saying ”Come and play with me!”.
We know you LOVE people, but sorry we cannot play with you enough..

Ray was the only dog who wore a name tag among rescued dogs.
His owner believed that Ray would be rescued when the owner let him go with his name tag.
He is so cute when he walks with his short legs.
Ray often shows his belly to get spoiled.

He was rescued in Namie-cho, Fukushima and his owner was found 2months later. His owner named him Beach as he was found at the beach by their children.
When we come in to his kennel, he pushes his big body to us to get attention.
Many volunteers fell in love with this cutie!

Chichimaru is a girl but super energetic.
She is such a self-centered during the walk. But once she is held she becomes a calm girl☆
Your family Busuke died (at his age 16), but you should live longer for him!

Pit is such a calm and lovely dog.
He loves running in the water. He enjoys getting wet all over the body everyday.

Tsukasa is so “Labrador retriever”
Super friendly that everybody will be happy to be with her.
She of course loves water and dives into the river everyday!

DSCF9049.jpg Having fun together in the river☆

Shiro was rescued in Namie-cho, Fukushima.
She was so skinny when rescued. But now she is on a diet…!
Because of her age? She is mostly sleeping. Even dogs around her make a lot of noise, she does not care and sleeps so well.
We know you love snacks, but please do not eat our hands☆

Kuri escaped with her owner on that day. If it were 5 minutes late, they would be caught in Tsunami
We cannot imagine it as she is so energetic even in her 15 years old.
It was wonderful that your human daddy came to see you the other day♪

Peru was rescued in Futaba-cho, Fukushima and her owner was found soon.
It is funny that her eyes are sagging from all sides.
She got sick a couple of times, but recovered everytime.
Hanging there until the day you can live with your human mom again!

Polo was rescued in Namie-cho, Fukushima. 2weeks later her owner gave us a call.
Polo has been living in an air conditioned “room for seniors” .
You should walk a lot to keep your strength as your human sister waits the day to live with you again.

Angie’s owner gave up their old house and bought a new house to have Angie back. He can see his family again soon!
Your human mom was worried if you remember your original family. We are sure you remember because you seem so happy when we call your original name “Angie”.

Not only these dogs, we also have the dogs living with foster volunteers.
We really appreciate volunteers to have these dogs like your children.

It has been more than a year since they were rescued. Kuri chan’s human daddy came to see her the other day. And some other families will come to see their dogs this summer.
We cannot easily imagine how hard to live in an evacuation center this long.
We hope these people will feel happy when they meet their dogs in ARK even temporarily. Your dogs are doing great here.

Our help is limited but we promise you to keep your dogs until you are ready to re-start the life with your dogs.

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Black kittens festival is ongoing at ARK!

Annual kitten season has come.
Currently, we have more than 40 kittens in ARK.

Strangely, we have so many black kittens this year!
Black cats are not popular in Japan, but we recommend them because of their wonderful personality.
(It is interesting that fur color sometimes shows a different character among the cats)

So, Let me introduce our black kitties☆

Guess who?

The answer is..
"Mozuku"! She is growing into a beautiful girl♪

Hurry up to find me a good family, pleeeease! CIMG0442.jpg

And in this room…
One, Two, Three…

IMG_7923.jpg 4 kittens!

We cannot see who is who when they are playing like this.

This is a good boy, "Tawawa".
He is one of a few precious boys. Most of the kittens are female this year.

And this is Tawawa’s little sister, "Suzunari".
She is too energetic and never stops moving! We had to catch her for a photo☺
When we sit down, she climbs on our lap or shoulders. She’s a super friendly girl!

"Shizuku" has lovely big eyes, like an owl.
People say that she may be the most beautiful girl this year.

"Kabuto" is curious and still misses his mother’s milk.

Once he finishes playing, he sucks his paw like this.
Boys are always a bit spoiled.

These kittens are always meowing to get attention when somebody is around.
If you adopt one of them, the kitten will be a great family member for you!
Neutering/Spaying and vaccination were all done and we are waiting for your call!

Oh, we also have a black cat here…
We will introduce this mysterious one next time!

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