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Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on 27th May (Sun)

IMG_8826_1.jpg IMG_8916_1.jpg
IMG_8714.jpg IMG_8835_1.jpg
We had an adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe on 27th May (Sun).

Today’s lead-off girl is Koi!
Look at her tense eyes and the sharp face.
We could not see her big shining eyes and round face that day…
She could relax after she got used to ARK and usually she comes to visitors first to get attention. But she complained a lot in the car on our way to GREENDOG and kept trying to escape from the crate. She was in a bad mood all day.
After we put a blanket on her crate for privacy, she could eat well. Way to go, big-eater Koi!
Unfortunately, Koi did not find her new family that day…

IMG_8692.jpg IMG_8716_1.jpg
IMG_8824_1.jpg IMG_8797_1.jpg
Here we go, 3 reps from Team Shih Tzu!
We found some of them tend to be afraid of new experiences, such as going to the vet. We were worried they might not be able to show their good character at the new place. But they relaxed from the beginning and seemed to be having fun.
Manner belts were put on just in case, but there was no need. They never had an accident and didn’t bark. They were good boys/girls.
It was great to have them as participants!

Enjoyed playing ball with the visitors.

It was so cute that he was a bit too relaxed thanks to a massage by a visitor.

As the older sister, she was calm and watched over everyone.

IMG_8810_1.jpg IMG_8767_1.jpg
IMG_8802_1.jpg IMG_8893_1.jpg
Dorrit is gentle and outgoing. He is always smiling to every visitor.
He is also good at getting along with other dogs. And he was nice to visitor dogs.
He too wore a manner-belt just in case. But he did not need it as he lived inside of the house before coming to ARK.
We found that he knew “Gimme, gimme” trick!
You can try his “Gimme” play♪

IMG_8914_1.jpg 201205271.jpg
IMG_8757.jpg IMG_8783_1.jpg
He jumped around in a puppyish mood! But his energy level became low so quickly…
We often found him taking a nap under the table or in the corner.
When he got his energy back he was hyper again! Then suddenly he became drowsy once more.
Obviously such a clown..
Team Shih Tzu was more energetic!
Well, to his credit, he could do the toilet on a pet sheet though nobody taught him how to☆

He could walk well just after got to GREENDOG. Even along the busy road, he did not panic (still a bit timid though☺).
He was in the corner of the room throughout the event. But sometimes he came to the center for a toy. He did not escape nor bark when visitors came to him, and ate treats quietly from visitors.
You’d think a scared dog wouldn’t want food.

We took him once to the center of the room when the shop was full of visitors, but he came to another corner of the room in the end. But, he was okay when he was surrounded by visitors without the staff’s support.
He could eat all the treats visitors gave him. And when a visitor stopped giving the treat, he expressed his feelings “some more? Please?” to the visitors.

Once we found him “talking” with a child. He still has a bit of a stray character, but not as timid as we thought.

We thought 6 dogs were a bit too much to take care of, but every one of them was good and never caused us any trouble.

No real match was made, but 4 or 5 families might adopt in the future. Most of the future adopters that day visited ARK before.

Thanks to the supporters and volunteers for helping us again this time!!

We hope this adoption event will bring our animals happiness in the near future☆


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ARK’s reunion☆2012

ARK Reunion Party 2012 with dogs was held on May 20th (Sun).
We had 160 people and 94 four-legged participants (and a couple of tripawds!).

It was cloudy and this is the best weather for dogs.
It was a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. The adopters got to know each other and we had such a great time.

20120520_2.jpg 20120520_21.jpg
20120520_3.jpg 20120520_4.jpg
Every year, the reunion helps us reflect on many things.
ARK dogs were once betrayed by people. However, with the love of their new families they have been given new chances. We were really grateful to see their happy faces.
Some of the dogs who ran with us last year watched over us from heaven this year.

We staff members were so encouraged by the adopters who told us stories about their dogs. They told us even tough stories with smiles and it showed us how much they love their dogs. These dogs are their family.
We truly appreciated the love and caring they give their dogs and our hearts were filled with thankfulness.

20120520_6.jpg 20120520_5.jpg
20120520_8.jpg 20120520_9.jpg
We also had photographer Kyoko Harada from Tokyo. After the group picture, the games began!

During the “spoon race” some chased a ball too far and were foul. Some never dropped the ball and won even though they were slow.

At the “Come! Come! race” a lot of dogs ran to the outside of the course!
Some went straight to their mom and dad at the goal, but others sprinted through the goal… Some just stood at the starting point wondering what to do!… Each dog has their own characteristic. We had such a lovely time watching them.

20120520_13.jpg 20120520_10.jpg
20120520_11.jpg 20120520_12.jpg
This year, we had a new game: a “fashion race”.
In this game, an adopter puts on clothes at the first point, and the dog puts the clothes on at the 2nd point.
Some ran away while their mom was changing. Some did not want to wear the clothes. Many unpredictable things happened and we laughed so hard.

Even if you did not come in first, you could be a winner in the fashion contest.
The winner was a bulldog, PESO, and his human sister. Both wore Karate uniforms with black belts which is the highest rank in karate.☆

Actually, their mom seemed the happiest, as she was awarded a special Shyochu-liquor called “Hyakunen no Kodoku”!

20120520_14.jpg 20120520_0.jpg
20120520_15.jpg 20120520_16.jpg
Then we had our traditional event, “Look what my dog can do!”.
The lead-off batter was Laska.
His mom used the command “White!” but he chose “Slippers”…
The therapy dog, Hikaru, joined with her mom who studies animal therapy. Hikaru calmly showed her opinion, “yeah, but I do not want to do this today.” ☆
One of the regular participants of the event Karin, kissed her dad in front of so many people this year♡

20120520_17.jpg 20120520_18.jpg
20120520_19.jpg 20120520_20.jpg
Tack showed us his wonderful ball play and also showed how much he loves his dad.
Lune could not make his high five today, but his attempt was cute.
Zelda&Zara&Haru, did their “inherited skill” perfectly last year. But this year…their imperfect one also made us laugh a lot.
Yuki’s dad told us “ Yuki can do anything for treats”. And yes, she danced, waited and ate treats… She showed us the great result of her training.

Thank you so much to all the participants, volunteers and staff members.
We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments.
If you mentioned this event on your own blog site, please link it here☆

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Omiso and Edge

Last year, a puppy was found on a road in the mountains.
It seems that he was hit by a car.
His injury was not that severe and gradually he recovered. But he probably was a stray and he was wary of humans.

But, a puppy is a puppy.
With his puppyish curiosity and playfulness, Omiso gradually got used to life with people.
Well, sometimes he panicked during his walk and he can still be a bit timid about approaching people.

Many staff members spent a lot of time socializing him. He got to sleep over at a staff member’s house where there was a cat. He became more confident through these various experiences.

Edge, the mother of five puppies was chosen as his roommate.
Omiso, you can learn from Edge. She really loves people.

Edge is a bit stressed out these days to take care of Omiso, who is young and too playful…
We hope both of you will soon find your forever home and leave ARK for the next phase of your life!

Edge is so friendly that we recommend her to future adopters. She has heartworm so maybe that worries people.

Heartworm is a bad disease. However, most dogs take medication for it and they are fine. You don’t need to worry about limiting exercise or giving any special treatment.

Many dogs like Edge are asymptomatic. Often dogs at ARK arrive with heartworm. They are fine and sometimes they test negative on follow up tests.

Edge does have some news. She is no longer at the Osaka shelter.
Now her new life starts at a Foster family volunteer’s home. While staying with the foster family of Tokyo ARK, she is looking for her new family.

If you would like to see Edge, please come to Tokyo ARK's adoption event!!

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Martial arts ARK style☆

Some puppies visited the cats as a part of socialization training♪

Loop is good at hanging out with cats using dog language!

Po-chan showed his love using cat language!

Salchow was overwhelmed by Po-chan’s passionate approach!

The puppies gradually got along with the cats. They all relaxed with the help of some staff members.

Were they adopted due to this socialization training?!

Axel was timid in the beginning, but tried to play with the cats using play-bow!
We thought he was the most timid one but he wasn’t!

Hikaru fought him from a defensive position!!

We were really impressed with the behavior of Hikaru and Po-chan. You guys are wonderful!

(No picture of Luts, but she also joined the match♪)

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Would you like a Cappuccino?

Cappuccino came to ARK because his owner returned to their home country. It is sad, but ARK often gets animals for this reason.

It is not easy to find a new home for an 8 year old cat. But we can recommend Cappuccino to future adopters. He is innocent and doesn’t care about little things. Also, he has no health problems.
And look at the unique pattern on his fur!

At first he was okay living with other cats. He seemed to adjust to life here, but now he has some problems. He started to go to the bathroom in places other than the box, and he has some scratch scars around his neck.

This is Cappuccino’s photo taken in February.
Compared to the photo taken yesterday, he now looks skinnier and seems to have less hair around his neck.
Looks like a different cat…☹

We think he was bullied by a newcomer in the cat house. We have now separated Cappuccino from the others but the new room is not good for him. It was kind of an emergency choice.

The staff members try to play with him to help him reduce his stress. He likes to reach his arm out to let us know he is lonely. He really needs some one on one attention.

He is not a hyper kitty but he does love to be spoiled. He loves to eat and isn’t picky. Cappuccino would be a great cat for someone who has never had a cat before. If you have been considering adopting a cat, why not adopt Cappuccino?

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Kitten fever 2012

Kitten fever is here once again.
So many kittens come to ARK this time of year.
The season just began but the kitten room is already overflowing. There isn’t enough space or manpower.
We don’t know what to do…
(We are talking to ourselves. Everyone only has 24 hours in a day. Other shelters, private rescuers, and other people only have so much time to care for their own pets and families too.)

This kitten is probably 4-5 days old. The eyes are not open yet. He is still topo small to use a bottle so we tried to feed with a syringe. It didn’t go so well. Please drink up or you will die! We need you to help us help you to stay alive!

Spaying and neutering is the responsibility of the pet owner.
Can you promise that your pet will never accidentally breed?
Can you promise to take care of the animals if multiple puppies or kittens are accidentally born?
Can you promise to keep an eye on others who are taking care of these animals?
If you find abandoned kittens please try and take care of them until you can find a new family for them.

If you see stray cats and feel sorry for them, please have them spayed or neutered. It is more beneficial to them than just feeding them.

Spaying and neutering can prevent diseases and reduce bad behavior. Some cancers can be avoided as well. Please spay and neuter your pets and talk to a vet about having strays in the neighborhood done as well.

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