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Event report☆ARK Support Fair at FIELDNOTE on 22nd Apr.(Sun)

Here is the report for ARK Support Fair on 22nd Apr (Sun).
We had so many visitors despite a limited agenda and the rain this time.

201204224.jpg 201204222.jpg
201204221.jpg 201204223.jpg
The plants which were grown by Ms.Oliver in ARK’s garden were so popular.

Many people came to see Ms.Oliver. So, we set up a talk session.
People were so interested in the stories of animal shelters in the UK and the US.

We had special supporter booths such as woodcraft artist Ms. Miyauchi (JP only), leather goods artist Sakata-san and the flower/plant shop Fuusouboku (JP only).
Also we received donations from the bakery Pain de cuisson and the flower shop Hanaroji (JP only).
We truly appreciate all of you having booths at this support fair and FIELD NOTE(JP only).
Thank you for all your support on that rainy day.

He is one of the Shih Tzu Dogs rescued in March which was in the ARK news.
He is becoming friendlier and healthier thanks to therapy. Now he can play with his favorite toys and try to get attention. Well, he was a bit nervous in the special atmosphere this time, though.
Probably, it was the first time for him to go out like this and to get spoiled by many people.

He could not run around with his favorite elephant toy, but he was held by a little boy calmly. And he even snored on someone’s lap.

Frum is playful but not young anymore. He might get tired a little bit.

20120422sabrina1.jpg 20120422sabrina3.jpg
20120422sabrina2.jpg 20120422sabrina4.jpg
We did not know you are good at jumping catch, Sabrina!
We were joking if we could lie and say her age is 4? She is too energetic for an 8 year old! She has wonderful jumping power and stamina!
Just for your info, the elephant toy Sabrina is so into is Frum’s;-)
She barked even to go outside several times. She was in a such a good mood she could not stop herself!
And she could wait calmly during Ms.Oliver’s speech. Good girl!

20120422Dichondra1.jpg 20120422Dichondra2.jpg
20120422mocca2.jpg 20120422mocca1.jpg
Dico sometimes barks too much or makes toilet mistakes, but he was calm and never had an accident during the event.
He is not good at hanging out with other dogs and was mean to a visitor’s dog. But he was so popular and someone said “cute---!!!” He seemed in a good mood.

Mocca is friendly to everyone. She asked everybody to hold her and she climbed up to visitor’s laps with her short legs. She never hesitated☺
She is beautiful, small and good at hanging out with other dogs. Also she never bites (not like other selfish small dogs), she is bright and outgoing. Why hasn’t she been adopted yet..?
Only problem is she has separation anxiety. It is probably because of special environment before the rescue and we believe it can be changed.
She did not have any toilet accidents on that day, it might be because she was mentally stable.


We are always surprised at how different our animals are at the adoption events. They are more attractive.
We love them more when we see their new character, especially the ones who try really hard.

Unfortunately, we did not find new families for these four dogs. But many people came to the event and many ARK good or plants were sold.

We thank all dog lovers there for giving us support.
We also appreciate all the people who came to the event. People who dropped off donations, bought ARK goods and gave us donations.

We hope you had a great time as well.
Any feedback is so welcomed!

(We will pray for sunshine next time!!!)

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ARK support Fair, agenda changed

Because of the bad weather expected, agenda will partially be changed.
We only have an event inside of the shop.
Original plan including Date/Place is follows:

ARK Support Fair at FIELD NOTE in Nara:

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ARK support Fair soon!

We will have bi-annual event at FIELD NOTE in Nara, “ARK Support Fair”.

We visited FIELD NOTE to prepare the panel exhibition.
The panel exhibit displays pictures of ARK animals with their stories.
You can see it until 22nd of April inside the shop during their store hours.

The store features interior goods, food and clothes. All of them are fantastic. There is also a tea corner where you can enjoy a drink while looking at the beautiful garden. The sweets are homemade and the bread is from Pain de Cuisson. These are also wonderful.

I visited there on assignment for ARK but I came back with lovely plants I bought at Field Note!

Ms. Oliver will join the adoption event & handmade goods market on 22nd.
Her new book “Doubutsu to wakachiau Jinsei (Days shared with animals) JP only” will be sold with Ms. Oliver’s autograph.

Please come join us♪

ARK support Fair
■■Panel exhibit “Animals living in ARK”
Date: 12Apr2012 (Thu) to 22Apr2012 (Sun) (Closed on Mon)
   Store hours 10:00~18:00
Agenda: Pictures of ARK animals with their stories with.

■■Market & Adoption event
Date: 22Apr2012 11:30~16:00
Agenda: -Adoption event
-Market for Foods and handmade goods
-Seedling from ARK Garden (managed by Ms. Oliver)
-ARK goods

Here’s the participants for the event↓

Story from the previous support fair↓↓↓
http://tokyoark.blog110.fc2.com/blog-date-201110.html - no349

630-8014  2-2-77 Shijyo Oji, Nara-shi
TEL: 0742-36-7227

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Kleta got a new family☆

The day has come!

Kleta left ARK yesterday!

She had an offer before, but she has a little “problem” and it did not go well.

When she was rescued, she sometimes panicked during the walk. We could not ask volunteers to take her on a walk.
She was afraid of strangers, and could jump over the 130cm fence.
Later, even though she still pulled hard on the leash, she came to be okay with the regular volunteers taking her for a walk. And then, she started having epilepsy attacks.

Even taking preventive medicine everyday, we were afraid to have her leave ARK for fear of another attack.

But we staff members wanted to see Kleta’s have a chance. We had her at the adoption event in Kobe.
We saw Kleta relaxed just like she is at ARK. Seems that she enjoyed the event.
Of course, no epilepsy attack.

It did not take long until she met her future family..

Already 9 years have passed since Kleta came to ARK.

We are so happy to see her happy and leaving ARK.
It was the right decision to take her to the adoption event.

Unfortunately, there are many animals who could not get their own family and live at ARK until the end of their life.
That is one of the saddest and most frustrating things we experience during our activities.
We truly hope the animals who left ARK can be live happy ever after for those who cannot get theirs.

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Report for Affiliate Program

Please let us inform you about the Affiliate program we have been using since Oct. 2010. This is a way for ARK to earn revenue for the shelter.

The Affiliate program is where we earn money when people click on advertisements on the website/blog. If ARK supporters purchase something after clicking the ads on ARK Tails, some part of the purchase price of the item will come to ARK. That becomes a donation from the supporter in the end! There is no extra charge.

Here is a chart showing funds from ARK’s Tail’s Affiliate program.
[From the left, Year/Month, Result-Reward, Charge for service, Earning for ARK (unit: yen)]


-Result-Reward is calculated monthly (from the 1st to the end of the month) and carried forward if it is less than 5000yen.

Thanks to you all, we received a151,882 yen donation in the last 15 months.
We truly appreciate your support.
Thank you for your continuing to support ARK and help us to help the animals in need.


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Adoption event report☆at George OSAKA on 08Apr(Sun)

We had an adoption event at George (JP only) OSAKA on 8th of Apr. (Sun).

At the nearest park, Utsubo Park, so many people were doing Hanami (picnic under cherry blossoms)!
It was a great chance for socializing our dogs. We made the participant dogs walk in the crowded park.

Puppies were supposed to join the event this time but could not make it due to the vet finding intestinal worms at the health check up.
What a pity!

20120408matsue1.jpg 20120408matsue3.jpg
20120408s1.jpg 20120408matsue2.jpg
Matsue is afraid of strangers. She was so nervous in the beginning, but gradually she got used to the new environment.
In the end, she could show her belly to get rubbed even to the person she met for the first time.
Well, basically, she sat under the desk, looking like “I don’t care”.
At least Matsue did some begging for food. Yes, she is a big eater!

20120408gift2_1.jpg 20120408gift1_1.jpg
20120408bunnnosuke1_1.jpg 20120408bunnosuke3_1.jpg
It was the second event for Gift. The first was the latest one at George OSAKA.
He was curious and kind of outgoing during the Hanami picnic walk with others at the park. But he was so timid when he was out for a break without any other dogs.
Probably he prefers the family with a dog already?
In the middle of the event, he fell sound asleep due to tiredness! It was so adorable and everyone liked that.
Ah Gift, you know, that is a pet sheet that you are sleeping on…

Bunnosuke was super hyper all the time.
That's because he was so happy!
He ran around the room and knocked some things over. In the end, he needed a leash and a bodyguard as well, like a V.I.P!
He was still excited even after he got back to ARK.
Bunnosuke, you really had a great time.

20120408mokka2.jpg 20120408mokka3.jpg
20120408mokka1.jpg 20120408dunky1_1.jpg
Mocca was just returned to ARK the day before the event. We want to keep actively looking for her permanent new family. She dressed up well and joined the event!
She was running around and joking with Bunnosuke. She seemed to be having so much fun.
She was held by several people. She also relaxed and even took a nap on their laps.

Dunky joined as well.
He had been depressed since the low pressure a few days ago. He had his ears down and didn’t show any interest in toys. We hope he will be okay after this event as he seemed to be having fun.

20120408ieyasu2.jpg 20120408ieyasu1.jpg
20120408ieyasu3.jpg 20120408s2.jpg
Ieyasu is outgoing and never shy. But on this day… he seemed a bit nervous.
But his story doesn’t stop here.
He found his way and started “moving”.
He started eating!
Ieyasu usually finishes his food quickly and perfectly. He could not leave the food there.

They did not find their new family at the event. But we could see different characters from them that we cannot see in ARK. The experience means a lot for them and we believe they went one step forward toward rehoming.
A lot of adopters will visit ARK after they come to the event. We hope this will lead to good news!

We truly thank the people who donated goods, made donations, came to the event, and to GEORGE, Osaka (JP Only) who gave us the place for the event.

Many passersby came in to the shop this time. We hope they found our activity interesting!

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Edge and her five puppies

We got a call about a stray dog. A few days later, the caller was able to catch the dog and puppies were born that night. We didn’t expect that the stray was pregnant. …

She had 7 puppies, but 2 of them died. We had them all within a day at ARK.

The mother dog gave good care to her puppies. The have grown up and are all healthy. Thanks to socialization training, all of them are very friendly and calm. All of them are good boys/girls.

(Ah? One puppy is missing. Must be Chary! Wonder if he is playing tricks again?!)

Now they are 9 weeks old. Four of them got fixed and are looking for their new family
(The last one will get the spay operation soon.)
We should find these good puppies new wonderful homes.

But, what about their mother, Edge? We must also recommend her!

We are positive that the mother dog, Edge, is the best.
She was not aggressive at all when we touched her puppies for health checks on their first day at ARK. She is not that sensitive and comes to us and says, “let’s go for a walk together!” “Give some attention to me, not my puppies!” The puppies are often taken for socialization and she doesn’t mind. She always wags her tail and is happy.

She is still feeding the puppies. She will be spayed after they are weaned. Once she is ready, we hope she will be the first one adopted!

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