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Dunky, waiting for his happiness.

Today’s feature is a Shih Tzu, Dunky.

When he was first rescued, Dunky did not show his emotions.
His hair was almost all gone and his skin was red and swollen from inflammation.
A health check revealed that he had hypothyroidism.

Once he started taking medicine, his emotions also started coming back.
His hair grew back thanks to regular medical shampooing. Can you believe he had dermatitis from the picture?

He also had infected ears. He was very upset to have his ears cleaned because they hurt so much. Now that the pain is gone, he is a good boy when his ears are checked.

Basically he is calm and does his own thing just like other Shih-Tzus. But once he sees a toy, he turns into a hyper dog!
He always gets really excited if he plays with a squeaky toy. He loves to play tug with you and the toy. Also, if you throw it, he will bring it back to you.

He never gets mad when the toy is taken away. He plays just like a puppy. He is very innocent and adorable. We always want to play with him more.

He used to bark because he was lonely, but not anymore.

He was basically ignored in his previous home. The owners had dementia and couldn’t care for him. Now after 4 months at ARK, his skin and ear problems have been resolved. He is ready to find a loving home.

He is a good looking boy and is fun to be with. It is hard to find a home for a 9 year old dog. He always sees others getting adopted before him. Is it finally Dunky’s turn? We hope so.


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Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on 18th Mar.(Sun)

20120318s2.jpg 20120318s4.jpg
20120318s3.jpg 20120318s1.jpg
Here is the report from the adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe on 18th Mar (Sun).
We only had 3 dogs and one cat this time. Though we were slightly worried about how many visitors would come to the event, a lot of people visited us. We appreciate the future adopters, supporters and the people who became interested in ARK.

Actually, the best host on the day was a dachshund Kotaro. He belongs to the shop GREENDOG SQUARE (JP only) owner.
We were lucky to have him because we only had 3 dogs. Kotaro is 10 years old and blind, but he is so friendly and got along with everybody.

Astro has been living in ARK for 3 years. But this was his first adoption event. He stood in the car all the way from ARK to the event place. (were you afraid of my driving?)
But he was so calm at the event. It was completely different from usual.
He never got too exited when he saw other dogs, and he could communicate with little children calmly. We found him relaxed and we had no worries. However, he was always watching and was concerned about everything that was going on at the event.
This shows why he easily gets exited at ARK. He cares about many things and so, he is sensitive to sound or the other dogs at ARK.
In the end, he was almost asleep. He must be tired from caring about everything…
He wore a manner belt, but he never tried to go to the bathroom inside. We can surely recommend to have him inside the house.

Memphis joined the adoption event for the 3rd time. But hid himself under the desk again.

Even so, when we pulled him out from there, he seemed okay. We saw him asking for treats in the middle of the room.
In the end, he found a place for himself and did not move from there. But he didn’t panic and did not escape when little children touched him.
He is still cautious and afraid of strangers, but it is a great experience for him to join this kind of event.
We have to actively keep looking for a new family for Memphis. He is a big eater and loves to be with his favorite people!

Today’s most popular dog was Gift, of course.
He once tried to escape from the children. He kept some distance from the visitors but he was interested in the treats! He came out to see a beautiful lady at the event and to enjoy getting spoiled by her!
(Oh, it is not only him. Astro too!)
Gift tends to get panicked about things he has never experienced before. On that day, he could walk down the street without problem and seemed to be having a good time at the event in a busy shop.
Gift also could wait for his toilet until his walk.

It was the first event for Ku-ri, too.
On the way to George, he was meowing non-stop. At the event, he hid himself in the cushion house the whole time.
He came out from the house to use the litter box but then looked for another place to hide.
But he allowed a visitor to pet him. It seemed he liked it and probably he needed it as he felt uneasy.

No one could find their future family on that day. We hope the experience will lead to new chances in the future.

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Who’s going to the adoption event??

It was like a spring day today at ARK.
Dogs and cats all found good warm places and relaxed under the sun.

These are the participants for Adoption Event in Kobe @ Green Dog Square on 18th of Mar., Astro, Menphis and Gift.

Gift is a bit shy to strangers but loves to play with other dogs.
We are wondering if he can show you this relaxed face at the adoption event… maybe you should upload this picture first!☺

Ah, excuse me, don’t you think you are a bit too close? I know you are not familiar with a camera…
No no! don’t lick the lens!!

When he came to ARK, having a leash put on caused him to panic a bit. These days, even if a stranger comes into his kennel, he can come to him/her by himself. Still it takes a little time, though.

Astro is such a timid, over reacting but super hyper boy.
We have so many tales about him. Once he tore a volunteer’s shirt, and once left his bite marks…yes…that’s all from his love for them…

Ah, I didn’t know that you are sometimes calm like this…
Don’t worry, I will not tell anybody that you were sleeping with your 4 legs all open!

It is important to bear in mind not to excite the dogs when you play with them. Being hyper together is good, but also it is important to stop before they get super excited. They need time to calm down.

Astro shows us this funny face, but he is responsible for one important task.
He is a trainer for “rehabilitation and socialization”.
He is a little bit strict, but we know how much he helped our dogs become socialized. A lot of dogs were trained by him and became friendly to people. Thanks to Astro’s training, those dogs were able to be adopted.

Menphis a.k.a. Men-chan used to be a stray dog. Because of that, he is good at Dog-language. He can get along with any dog so well.

However, he is still shy to strangers. He has not had a chance yet, even when someone became interested in him.
He got lost once when he was a puppy. We are a little bit more sensitive to find a good match for him.
Look, he can make a good & gentle smile like this!

For the upcoming adoption event, we wanted to take 2 or 3 more animals with us. But some are not good at being with other animals, some are on treatments or some are waiting for neutering operation. And some get so exited if they see cats….
In the end, we decided to have these 3 dogs and a cat, Ku-ri.

It is a great opportunity for the people who do not plan to adopt animals but are interested in ARK or in volunteering.
ARK’s shelter is not easy to reach but the adoption event is held in a convenient place.
ARK goods and a newly published book, Doubutsu to wakachiau jinsei (JP only: Days shared with animals) with Ms.Oliver’s autograph will be for sale.
If you don’t find anything interesting, you also can donate a little#9825;

Adoption Event in Kobe @ Green Dog Square
Date/Time: 18. Mar. 2012(Sun) 12-16:00
Place: Southern Mall Rokko Green Dog Square

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Honestly, I too…

Long time no see, buddies! It’s Loaf.
It’s been a year and 4 months since I was introduced in “Cats that came from Izumi City”. I’m still at ARK, unfortunately.
Too bad--, right?

I’m in a single cage next to the office. Ah, embarrassing to tell ya, but I sometimes get some bald spots due to stress. I do some exercise to release the stress whenever I get a chance.

There are dogs in the office too. But you know, I can get along with dogs. Kinda special, right? (yes, I am bragging!)
But you know, the staff members seem busy when I wanna get some attention. So I’m trying to be patient and not be selfish.

No, you cannot eat any treats. You have a kidney problem, Ippo.
Okay okay, I’ll take it for ya. Give it to me.

Ippo, you are always so “cool”, but I know your blood test went well because of special food for your kidneys. You don’t have any trouble with your legs lately because of special supplements, right?
You should appreciate the people sending food or supplements--!

Anyway, why didn’t “adopters” choose a special kind, like Ippo or me? Don’t they know how wonderful we are?
I guess, it is important for adopters that animals be young or without disease or food restrictions. Well, they don’t know what they are missing when they pass by animals like us!


Yeah, we are great!……

We are waiting here for someone to come see how wonderful we are! No pressure or anything!!!

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