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Adoption event report☆at George OSAKA on 26th Feb. (Sun)

We had an adoption event at George (JP only) OSAKA on 26th of Feb (Sun).
We had many visitors including future adopters!

It was freezing and not easy to sell goods or do the panel exhibit outside of the shop. But people stopped by and were interested or kindly gave donations.
Our regular volunteer brought little snacks for ‘girls festival’ and passed them around to the visitors.

201202265.jpg 201202264.jpg
201202261.jpg 20120226.jpg
Miko (JP only) ♀ 10years old
Miko, who hasn’t been out from ARK for 9 years, finally joined the adoption event!
She used to be super cautious and moody. Her cat punch was impressively fast!
We had thought that it is not possible to recommend her to adopters. But she has become friendly and gentle these days.
Still we worried about her joining the adoption event if she might be scared… But she could eat well and got spoiled by strangers. She seemed completely relaxed!
We did not have a future adopter for her on the day, but we are hoping she will have great chance sometime soon.

2012022613.jpg 201202269.jpg 2012022614.jpg 201202267.jpg
Claire ♀ 5 months old
Of course, today’s most popular one is Claire, a Dalmatian puppy.
She is an innocent, slow and adorable puppy. She got everybody’s attention.
She fell asleep while being held. She successfully hid her ‘biting’ habits when she was being spoiled. Yes, she is actually a calculating girl…!
We had a candidate to adopt her. But we have to be careful if the future family has enough patience to give her decent trainings so she is a well mannered dog. The family needs to learn about a Dalmatian’s character.

2012022617.jpg 2012022620_1.jpg
2012022616.jpg 201202268.jpg
Xyris ♂ 1 year old
Xyris was rescued from Fukushima.
He panicked when a child tried to touch him during the walk before the event. But he could greet the visitors at the event whenever a new visitor came in. Slowly he approached them… Still a little bit timid, though.

He got along with little children at the event. So it seems he is highly flexible.
Watching him at ARK we thought he is not calm. But he never barked at the event and was relaxed when he was held. We now know that he is a calm and gentle boy.
We put on a manner belt just in case, but he did not pee until he was outside. We can recommend the future family to have him inside of the house without problems.

2012022618.jpg 2012022611.jpg
2012022610.jpg 2012022619_1.jpg
Dunky ♂ 9 years old
He gets lonely easily and cannot be alone. He seemed so happy the whole day, getting a lot of attention and playing together with everyone.

He always sees the young Shih Tzu, who came to ARK after him and was adopted before him. We hope we can find him a good family who understands his health problem.

Joya ♂ Under 1 year old
He gets lonely easily and cannot be alone. He seemed so happy the whole day, getting a lot of attention and playing together with everyone.

He always sees the young Shih Tzu, who came to ARK after him and was adopted before him. We hope we can find him a good family who understands his health problem.

One of the great things about adoption events is that we get to see a different side to the animals. We will keep trying to find future adopters for all the event animals and for all the animals at ARK. We want the to be loving members of your family.

We also have many future adopters at the ARK shelter on that day.
Spring will bring more adopters? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!

As of 4th of Mar. 2012

Joya and Clair were rehomed!
Each of them will have a new brother/sister. Both seem to get along well with the dog already living with the adopters. These families are full of love for dogs and ideal for both.

Joya has a behavior problem because he is still young. Clair has weak eyesight and other problems common in Dalmatians.
These families understood, considered their weak points and decided to have them as their family member.

Having an animal in your life is the same as marriage.
There are so many great things but also many difficulties to get over.
Once you overcome it, you can build a bond with your animal. There are many joys of being together.

Let’s keep looking for new families for our ARK animals! They have great characters!!

We truly appreciate your strong support for us.
Thanks to your support, we can keep our activities for our animals.
Thanks once again for your continuing support!!


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Where are you, Chiikun?

Hey, Koi.
Chiikun joined in our club. Have you seen him?

And, Kishimaru you grew up!

Kon and Go, you are not bullying Chiikunare you? You two siblings are curious about a new comer.

Joker, you checked the first floor?
Where’s Chiikun?

Porare, did you notice the tunnel behind you just moved?

Found you, Chiikun!
You’ve been hiding here!?

I know you are getting used to the life here, but you still hide when strangers come by.
He shows up for the meals because he is a big eater. And it seems he likes physical contacts though he is not that spoiled type.

You should show your face to find your future family, Chiikun!

ARK Photo Exhibition “Dog Life, Cat Life and Human Life” at Harmonic House in Hirakata
Date: from 15 Feb 2012 (Wed) to 11 Mar (Sun)
Place: Harmonic house (JP only)

GEORGE Osaka Adoption Fair
Date: 26 Feb 2012 (Sun) 12:00 – 16:00
Place: George OSAKA

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The beauty sisters left ARK☆

Today, ARK's beauty queens left for their new life!!!

They were adopted by the same peope who adopted Atlas.
They divided the garden, made a house and are ready to welcome Mitille and Prarine.
They had interest from before and the blog article hit them.
Mitille and Prarine came to their new dad and mom just after they met.

It was a cold day, but no snow and sunny. The best rehoming day♡

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Puzzle taking a long view

I’m a mix of dachshund & poodle, Chapel(left) ♡
This brown one by my right is Joya.

We have been fighting with each other from the time we met. That’s because Joya is rough and insensitive. But the truth is that he is honest and lovely. He is just lacking socialization.

Hey, don’t be bossy. You are older than me, but just a little bit.
Who says I’m rough??

One staff member praised me the other day♪
“You are too young to be calm. You can be a perfect one in the future.”
Yes, I pull tricks because I’m bored and don’t get enough exercise.
If you can walk with me long enough and give some training, I will become a super dog!

Joya is so simple minded..

I’m famous for good-reflexes and I am smart.
So I know what is good and what is bad.

You want to get some attention? Just bark!
Your wanna climb up somewhere you should’t? Just do it when no one is around!

You know, that is why you don’t find your future adopters yet…

You both are young, good looking and friendly. Why don’t you lay back a little bit?
If you keep playing tricks because you are bored, you will lose many good chances.

I think all we have to do now is wait calmly our future family to come find us. Until then, we should behave and not bother the staff!

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Unique character: Korokke

We have a lot of animals who are extremely shy of strangers. It takes a while before they can communicate with people. These animals are unable to show off their good character to future adopters and they miss many good chances.

But if you have a shy dog, you probably know it. If you can open your heart, you can build a strong relationship with the dog.

For Korokke, it is not that bad.
He needs time to get to know you. Once he realizes, “oh, this person is okay” he opens his heart instantly.

A good way to get to know him is to take him for a walk. He doesn’t pull on the leash and is easy to walk with. More than that, you will be so happy to see how much he enjoys his walk. He takes very short strides as if he is trying to walk fast but he doesn’t.

He might look cool, but he is warm and spoiled. He has no health problems. He does all his toilet business on a walk, never in his kennel.

His face lights up when he is praised. He loves to show what he can do. Only people who meet him and spend time with him can understand Korokke’s unique character.

He is a bit big for a “medium” sized dog. However, he is only 7 years old which is considered young given that he can live 15-20 years.

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