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Introducing Queens of ARK!

Hello, I'm Prarine.

This is my sister, Mitille .

Recently, we are into “adventure”.
We try to escape when the staff members are not watching us and we visit our neighbor.
It’s because we are bored!

They are our neighbors.
There is one chicken who is mean because he is senior. I know he is shy to humans.
So we sneak in to joke around with him!

And this is our house.
ARK’s staff made this for us. We were found abandoned in a park.
Surely, we like it.

Hey, what have you been doing??
Why you are watching us through this small black box? What is this?
I’ve been waiting for you to come play with me..!

Okay, if you photograph me, please make it beautiful.
I was a baby when I came to ARK. But I am a woman now.

Living with dogs/cats may be fun, but I am sure you can enjoy life with chickens too!


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Senior Lano & Timid Chira

At ARK, some animals are adopted within a week after being rescued. But some are not ready for adoption because of timidness, severe disease or bad behavior.
We also have some animals who are on the adoption list, but just have not been adopted.

Lano has charming plump cheeks and a little beard. He could not completely relax when he came to ARK. It took several months for him to get used to shelter life.

Now he is used to life at ARK and is friendly to everybody.
But in reality, it is so difficult to find a 12 year old cat a new home.
Already 6 months have passed since he was rescued, and we put him on the adoption list (see contact info). He is not young, but has no health problems.

Chira has been living with Lano and gets along with him so well.
However, she is so cautious that regular staff members cannot touch her.
After the staff member leaves their cage, Chira cames to Lano for some attention.
It is hard for us to see that some animals are frightened of people. We cannot say they are happy to be rescued and to live at ARK.

Lano and Chira have a strong relationship and they cannot become friends with other cats.
Especially Chira, who always relies on Lano.
We would be happy and relieved if someone can adopt them together. But we know that it is not easy to find a new family for 9 year old Chira and 12 year old Lano.

But there may a chance.
We will never give up to find your happiness.

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Adoption event report at GREENDOG on 3rd Jan. (Tue)

Here is the report from the first adoption event in the new year at Green Dog on the 3rd of Jan. 2012.
There was also an event at Southern Mall Rokko, “Mochitsuki-taikai” (making rice cake for new year)
It looked like so much fun especially for the kids helping to make it.
We too had some rice cakes from them♪
We prayed on these rice cakes for lots of happiness for ARK animals.

IMG_1736.jpg IMG_1785.jpg
IMG_1800.jpg IMG_1971.jpg
Well well, starting with the report about cats on that day.

Docomo was relaxed from the beginning.
Docomo is a well known big eater. He ate all his food and wanted more. He tried to reach the dog food outside of his cage.

Daniel hid himself under his cushion.
When he was rescued, he was a bit too cautious. But now he is becoming friendly and comes up to people who approach his cage.
But it was difficult for him to show his cute character at his first event.
He did not do it well at the event, but was he rehomed during the 3 day weekend just after the event!
Congrats, Daniel☆

Sedge is so energetic and barks at the dogs passing by in front of this kennel at ARK. But he is basically good at getting along with other dogs. He hung out well with the dogs visiting the event.
He is friendly to anybody and showed his belly.
He wore a manner belt, but did not pee inside it☺
He is calm for a one year old and was not timid despite new people and a new place. We recommend him to a family that is adopting a dog for the first time.

Everybody said “You are so adorable. Your new family will be found soon, Panna"
You are friendly to people and dogs. You were patient enough when a child held you, and had good toilet manner.
One thing we are worried about is that you may stick to your adopter too much.
She has been chasing people during the event and it happens at ARK too.
But Panna found her new family during the last 3 day weekend. As everybody said, she got her own family quickly!

“Are you still in ARK?” …. No, do not say it..!
Energetic puppy Sanbi is now 6 months old.
Her sibling Shinji was adopted at the end of the year. We hope Sanbi will find her own home soon.
She is bright, friendly and can get along well with other dogs.
Why can’t she find her future family?

Kleta can get along with anybody, isn’t shy and has become a regular member of the adoption events. Sadly, she still hasn’t found her new home.
One family is interested in her and their dog seems okay to be with her.
If no other family wants her before they can adopt her, she would be able to be adopted by them.

We met some future adopters and received donations (money and supplies) during the event. It was great to have the event during the New Year holidays. Thank you so much to all the people who visited the event!

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Looking forward to seeing you♪

The snow from the 4th completely melted!
You can come visit us with normal tires.
This weekend is a 3 day weekend.
Why don’t you come to see ARK’s animals and consider a new life with a dog, cat or a rabbit?

For adoption, please read following documents for adoption and Process for adoption and bring Questionnaire, pictures of house environment. If you live in a rental apartment, please bring a copy of the contract showing that a pet is allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact ARK.
ark@arkbark.net / 072-737-0712

When you visit ARK, please call us in advance.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Happy New Year!

Today at ARK, we had the heaviest snow of this season.
It suddenly started in the afternoon, then voila, it became a snowy world.
The dogs look like they are wearing powder sugar on their backs.

Yes, it was just like this on the new year's day last year.

We didn’t plan to take the old dog, Ippo, out for a walk. However, he became very active once outside. He enjoyed digging in the snow.

The dog in the office, Gatchan skipped in the snow happily.
You guys are too old for it, aren’t you!?
Gatchan, you are a young girl forever♡

This snow is fun for dogs, but humans are worried about the next morning…
We hope the staff members are ok because some are not used to driving in the snow!

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