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Noda-kun and Jaiko

Noda-kun was abandoned in a downtown area.Why was he named Noda kun? The person rescued him said, “he looks like Prime minister Noda”.

What do you think?
Does he look like the Prime minister?

Jaiko was also abandoned in a downtown area, separately from Noda-kun.
And both were rescued by the same person.

When they came to ARK, they lived in a single cage separately next to each other. But they got interested in each other through the fence.
As a trial, we put them in the same cage. Then they became good friends.

Jaiko showed her aggressiveness to staff members in the beginning.
But it was not biting or anything that bad.
When we go in her cage or put a food bowl there, she tried to punch our hands.
But she stopped doing that after she starting living with Noda-kun. She became a gentle and caring girl.
Love is really magic♡

But unfortunately, Noda-kun started distancing himself from people.
Probably because the time for communicating with people became really short.
Sorry, we cannot play with you enough.

He could do the toilet in a specific space, but now he does in different areas.
The bad habit is definitely caused by stress.
They live outside now, and spend most of the time together listening to dogs barking outside of the fence…

They really rely on each other now. Look, their nose kiss!
We hope you two will be adopted together, but having an individual family also would be great for you.

Rabbit year had gone now, but we will keep trying to find your future families!

(Noda-ku and Jaiko will not be there, but adoption event will be held!)
ARK Adoption Event in Kobe @ Green Dog Square
Date/Time :3. Jan. 2012 (Tue) from 12:00 to 16:00
Place: Kobe, Green Dog Square (JP only) 


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The reason I bark

I'm Koro.
When I came to ARK for the first time, I was fat and my tummy was almost reaching the ground!
But people here control the food for me and I could lose weight.

But now I have another problem.
I keep losing weight even if I eat a lot.
I cannot be settled because I feel so lonely.
I didn’t know that I lost weight because of loneliness.

Dachshund is Dachshund, but Dachshund days have gone and everyone has been adopted. They left ARK with their new families, but why didn’t anybody adopt me?
ARK has been looking for a foster family for me, but why haven’t any calls come in?

I like playing with a toy, but it is just temporary. I still feel lonely.

Stroke me please, just for now is fine!
Please, please!

It has been freezing even on sunny days and I also see snow.
I really don’t wanna sleep alone any more.

I know I cannot ask for somebody to be with me all the time as a lot of other dogs and cats are living here.
I try not to be selfish, but I feel I lonely everyday and don’t like other dogs near me. That’s why I bark.
But I will not bark if I can have my own family.
Because I will lose the reason for barking.

Koro’s profile

Looking for a foster family for Koro (JP only)

News about movie 「犬と猫と人間と」(Dogs, Cats and Humans)
Date:26th Dec 2011 (Mon)
Place: May Theater in Suita shi, Osaka
We will have talk-session by the movie director Iida and Ms.Oliver
Please find the details (in JP only)

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Turbo’s bad habit

There was a dog left in an abandoned car 3 years ago.
That was Turbo.

His pink under lip is charming, but he is not a so called “easy to live with” dog.
He is big, strong minded and did not let anyone get close to him. He was not used to being touched and we needed to be careful when vaccinating or doing any treatments.
But he gradually understood that he does not need to be afraid while walking or having daily care at the shelter. Now he allows us to do anything with him.
He is not a complicated type. If you know dog’s manners, you would be fine.

He doesn’t get mad even he is treated like this!

He likes playing with people. When you throw a toy, he will get it for you.

“Turbo, give it back to me!”



But Turbo has one bad habit.
He bites his forelegs.
We cannot find a cause through lab tests. His scars get better with medicine, but it will re-occur.
We feel sorry whenever we see Turbo wearing an Elizabeth collar.

There is no other cause aside from stress from shelter life.
The only solution is finding him a new home, not giving medicine.

I remember another dog.
One big dog who bit his forelegs due to stress and could not get along with other dogs. But those bad habits disappeared once he was rehomed. Now he is living with other dogs…

We wanted to give him a chance to join an adoption event. However, it didn’t work out because he couldn’t get along with other dogs. He is good with his roommate. We think that he was not socialized enough and has not had enough experience.

Oh, talking about a roommate, this girl is his roommate, Buruma.
She is a bit shy, but has a good character.
Of course, she too is looking for her new family.

“oh, no. You don’t need to worry about me. Just leave me alone please…”

News for four-walling movie 「犬と猫と人間と」(Dogs, Cats and Humans)
Date:26th Dec 2011 (Mon)
Place: May Theater in Suita shi, Osaka
We will have talk-session by the movie director Iida and Ms.Oliver
Please find the details (in JP only)

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Adoption event report☆at George OSAKA on 4th Dec. (Sun)

20111204s2.jpg 20111204s5.jpg
20111204s6.jpg 20111204s3.jpg
We had an adoption event at George (JP only) OSAKA near Utsubo park on 4th of Dec (Sun).
This time, we planed to have a charity bazaar (for ARK donations) and give Christmas post cards to visitors.

Thank you for all who shopped, made donations and visited the event with the cold weather. Also thanks to ARK’s OB/OG dogs that stopped by!
Did you like our Christmas cards with ARK dogs/cats?

shinji2.jpg shinji1.jpg
mash2.jpg mash.jpg
Shinji Male, 4 months old
Shinji is the brother of Sanbi who joined the Green dog event last time .
He looked sleepy during whole event. He might be tired due to car sickness.
We knew that Shinji is slow and timid. But we are sure today that his character is opposite to Sanbi who is more aggressive.

Mash Male, 5 years old
We thought he would be the most popular one and everybody would want him! But there was no offer for him…

He was friendly to visitors and must have given good impressions…
He is good at hanging out with other dogs, friendly, not too nervous (a bit timid though), never barks and is easy to be with!

potage1.jpg potaje2.jpg
monika1.jpg monika2.jpg
Potage Female, 7 years old
During the first half of the event, she was friendly and gave visitors good impressions. But once she noticed cats were also there when the number of visitors decreased, she kept barking at the cats. Ah, you know, these cats were already there before you came.
Don’t you think it was too late?

Monica Female, 6 years old
Monica is originally friendly but now sometimes becomes too aggressive due to stress.
We were worried but she was relaxed during the whole event and got spoiled by men and children too.
Children made a game called “Monica roll♪”. But she did not hate it at all. It was great to take her to the event.
We were relieved.

cat2.jpg cat3.jpg
20111204s1.jpg cat1.jpg
Charmie Female, 7 months old 
She is kind of shy at ARK and we thought she would be nervous in an unusual environment. However, she ate well from the beginning, was in a good mood the whole event and friendly to everybody.
She also checked showed interest about various things without fear.

Porare Female, 5 months old
She was too timid to ask for playing and hid herself under a cushion. Meanwhile, she reached her fore legs and licked visitor’s hand. Obviously she wanted to get spoiled and could finally get out from under a cushion in the last minutes of the event.
You should have done it when future adopters were here…

We had many families who wanted to adopt cats.
Some of them will come to ARK in Nose after they completed the preparation to have a cat at home.
We look forward to seeing them in ARK soon!

News for four-walling movie 「犬と猫と人間と」(Dogs, Cats and Humans)
Date:26th Dec 2011 (Mon)
Place: May Theater in Suita shi, Osaka
We will have talk-session by the movie director Iida and Ms.Oliver
Please find the details (in JP only)

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Chako on top of the shelf

Do you know who is the girl that looks frozen on the shelf? She is Chako.
She lives in a private room next to our office.
She can live with other cats, but is too shy with strangers. If she is in a big room, we cannot get her for health check up. To make her to get used to meeting strangers, she is living alone.

She is calico, beautiful, young and small (big cat is not that popular…). Even though she is a bit timid to strangers and overbearing princess type, we thought she would find her new family soon. But it has been more than 6 months since she moved in this room.

She is not that timid anymore.

… no, still hiding herself in that small space!

She was frightened of the camera.
She usually tries to bother us when we do something in front of her cage. She is a cheeky and active cat who can play with toys alone.

But she is also a big eater.
She came down for dinner from the shelf.
She sometimes was bothered by and checked out a black thing with the shutter clicking sound. But still.. she cannot stop eating.

Her single room is too small to have enough exercise.
Because of this, she got struvite crystals which cause stones.

We feed her pH control prescription food for prevention, but it would be okay to have her back to normal food if she can relax in with a family.
It seems like Chako who is young and active, cannot live in this private room anymore.

Is there anybody who can understand her?
We really hope that we can find her a great family who can be patient until she adjusts the new environment and finds herself.

News for four-walling movie 「犬と猫と人間と」(Dogs, Cats and Humans)
Date:26th Dec 2011 (Mon)
Place: May Theater in Suita shi, Osaka
We will have talk-session by the movie director Iida and Ms.Oliver
Please find the details (in JP only)
http://drupal.animalrefugekansai.org/?q=ja/node/3822 (JP Only)

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