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Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on 20th Nov. (Sun)

We had an adoption event at GREENDOG in Kobe Southern Mall on 20th of Nov. (Sun).
We did not know that it was a Kobe marathon day until we drove on the Hanshin Highway!
Maybe because of traffic control due to the marathon, we did not have many visitors and had a relaxing time with our dogs.
The mall itself seemed like quieter than usual.

Cicero Male 9 years old
He seemed a bit nervous being in a new environment.
But he was interested in the people he met for the first time. When visitors rubbed his cute butt, he stepped happily and shook his rear end.
He did not wear a manner belt, but never peed inside of the shop. You can live with him inside of the house without problem.

Promise Female 6 years old
Promise was good at walking in a housing area with busy traffic. But she froze once she was in the shop.
It seemed she got confused with the new experience. But once she got used to the atmosphere of the shop, she could relax and got her pace.
One family liked Promise and visited ARK later to have an interview for adoption.
Their garden fences are a bit low for Promise. The family will have her after the construction is over to make the fences higher.
Congrats, Promise!
Adoption event worked for you!

Riko Female 5 years old
She is famous as a super hyper girl at ARK. But she totally changed her behavior that day during the event.
She was calm at walking, never too excited during the event, she did not care when other dogs got her toys. She kept the distance from a small dog that was scared and barked at her, she played with dogs who wanted to play with her and was gentle with a human baby.
We can recommend her to any kind of family.
At ARK, she tends to get exited when she finds a cat. But she did not bark to a kitten, Andi, at the event. She seemed interested in the kitten, but took her eyes off it.
We see many dogs who react to the cats outside but not to the cats they live with.
We really thought “great to take her to the event”.

Guiness Male 2 years old
Guinness is so energetic that he is stressed out at ARK.
He bit his kennel and broke it, and he tore up his blanket due to stress.
We have to understand he is still a 2 year old boy and his bad behavior might be due to fear and stress.
Guinness is very popular among volunteers and staff members.
He has such a wonderful body with big ears, big eyes, and long legs. He is good-looking, expressive, uses body language a lot and loves people. He is also spoiled but a bit timid. He makes us feel like “I should be by his side” as he jokes around with other dogs and cannot let the ones he does not like go.
Too many compliments?
Because we all love Guinness!

He was perfect with toilet too♪

Sanbi Female 4months old
She was car sick and barely moved when we got to the shop. But she recovered quickly and played a lot, ran a lot and completely relaxed.
We thought she would be tired as she played so much from the beginning. But she never gotten tired much to everyone’s surprise.

IMG_6240_1.jpg IMG_6097_1.jpg
IMG_6010_1.jpg IMG_6250_1.jpg
It is really important that a puppy sees and copies what older dogs do. In order to develop social skills, a puppy needs to see other dogs and communicate with them.
She finally got tired 30 minutes before the adoption event ended.
You did great, Sanbi!

IMG_6188.jpg IMG_5974.jpg
IMG_6039_1.jpg IMG_6055_1.jpg
We were worried that Guinness might hide himself if a lot of visitors came. But he was relaxed until the end.
Riko, Guinness and Sanbi enjoyed playing together.
Ciselo was confused when someone asked to play with her, probably she was nervous.
Promise watched other dogs playing with visitors.

20111120andy1.jpg 20111120andy3_1.jpg
IMG_6156.jpg 20111120andy2.jpg
Andi Female 2months old
Andi is curious and friendly. Visitors played with her and she was in a good mood throughout the event.

She doesn’t like to be held, so she was a bit fussy when being held. But she has never been frozen or tried to escape as if she just wants to be free.
She is so spoiled that she tries to lick people like a dog. She likes sleeping with people.
She is strong minded and playful, but still a kitty. She got tired and fell asleep in the end.
Finally there is room for her in ARK’s kitten house. She will wait for her future family there.

Thanks to all the visitors who came to buy next year’s calendar, and who visited and donated after shopping or trimming.
It is important to have these events so more people can learn about ARK.

We will have fewer visitors during snow season. To compensate for it, we have to use the opportunity to have adoption events effectively!


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Come visit me!

People call me Tohoku boy these days.
Well, my real name is different, but I can’t tell them because I don’t speak human’s language.

I was separated from my family due to that earthquake.
Seems like my family could not find me.
So, I made up my mind. I will find my new family.

What’s in your hand? It looks so good.
But don’t expect me to sit down for that.

Hey, don’t joke around!
Gimmie some!

You know how high I can jump!
I’m such a great sprinter and can make a beautiful turn as well☆

Real dogs like me do not need to try Agility or such silly performances.
But, I like humans. If my future family wants me to do some sports, I will do it for them.

What? It’s just play-bitting.
I know it is not painful, coz I do not bite seriously.
You don’t understand I’m expressing my love?!

Don’t stare at me!
I wanna get spoiled!

I’ve heard rescued dogs from the earthquake are popular?
And I am such a good looking boy, don’t you think?
But why doesn’t anyone wa me?

Maybe people are scared to have a dog like me who is smart, good-lookin’, athletic and wonderful?

News for four-walling movie 「犬と猫と人間と」(Dogs, cats and humans)
Date:26th Dec 2011 (Mon)
Place: May theater in Suita shi, Osaka
We will have talk-session by the movie director Iida and Ms.Oliver
Please find the details (in JP only)
http://drupal.animalrefugekansai.org/?q=ja/node/3822 (JP only)

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Spiv’s happy day finally comes

Spiv was adopted! Yes, Spiv a.k.a. Butchan is the one who had been staying in KK’s house.
Can you believe Butchan wears the star shaped name tag that only rehomed animals can get!

Sometimes love and courage may not be good enough to take care of a dog like Spiv. Spiv’s new family started by becoming his foster family.
Now the family found their own way to live together with Butchan, and decided to take him as their family member!!!

I thought Spiv could not be rehomed before.
I, KK was ready to take care of him as one of ARK’s sponsor dogs, until his death at my own home.

Basically, when my family starts fostering a dog, we think about taking care of it forever if he/she cannot find a new home.
It’s because I don’t want to make them confused or feel sad because of human circumstances. They do not know human words nor conditions.

It was not easy to take care of his stool maintenance even after he quit medications like laxative, lubricant, and prescription food.
I tried not to describe his condition negatively, hoping to find him a forever family or a foster family. But it has not been that easy.
It was not easy on busy days to have a long walk with Butchan, who takes time for a bowel movement. Also, cold days or hot days, sometimes I had to cut my sleeping time to take time for him.
It was sad and heart breaking to see him whimpering due to constipation, or licking his watery diarrhea dropping from the anus as he felt uncomfortable. I had been depressed because I could not do anything more for him.

I though adoption would not happen even if he has an offer.
I also started thinking about the special care for him when he gets old.

We truly appreciate the people who sponsored him until now, cared about him and supported him. Thanks to all of you, Butchan could be rehomed.

We are looking forward to seeing him and his smiles again when he visits ARK or at the re-union!!!

★Spiv’s previous stories★
ARK news Spiv Needs Foster Family
2010.11.04 Butchan is a precious little boy
2010.11.07 The 2010 Animal Welfare Festa
2011.12.27 Spiv and Tsugumi
2011.01.25 Spiv's health maintenance
2011.08.15 Spiv’s Summer holidays

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New chapter for rescued dogs from the earthquake

We offer any animals without known owners up for adoption 6 months after they are rescued. Most of foster families (temporarily family) keep the dogs as their new family member.
Returning to ARK or moving to another family again, causes so much stress on the rescued animals. Foster families basically applied for fostering them and plan to adopt them if the real owner cannot be found.

The foster family of Ticket came to ARK last week to formally adopt him.

The staff member who rescued him in Fukushima seemed moved.
We are sure he still remembers clearly about each animals rescued there.
And, the ones we could not rescue.

Have a Go1_1
This is Have Ago who had a broken chinbone, injured eyes and poor nutrition when rescued.
He seemed around 16 years old then. The more he recovered, the younger he seems!
He now has so much energy and is very friendly. His fur and bone structure look much much better than before.

The story of Have Ago when rescued
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/2979(JP ONLY)

Have a Go2_1
For example, for how friendly he is now…
When I (KK) who usually does not take care of him comes into his kennel, he wakes up and then... showing his belly and rubs against my legs in a hyper mood. As if he says, “pat me, stroke me, please please please!!!”
I don’t think an old dog can wake up and move that quickly..!
And you should check who comes in your place first…

Have a Go3_1
Some animals find their owners but they are not able to live together. They are then put up for adoption once the owner gives permission.
Some were adopted by their foster families and some are still living in ARK.
Some have met their owner who came from Fukushima but they cannot live together yet, and some died before their reunion.

There are many stories for humans and animals. There still are many animals left wandering in affected area.

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