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au and Smart got settled

The Tokugawa family is living in the so called, “New cat house” (well, not New anymore…)
They have no stress, living their days peacefully.
But why don’t you guys start trying to get your new homes?

Hidetada can appeal himself, coming up to visitors and sometimes trying to touch them with his outstretched paw.
Oshin is young and small. Having chic colorful fur, friendly, good at playing with other cats and joined adopting events before… what else is needed?

Chiyohime became more beautiful these days with her gorgeous fur.

au joined this Tokugawa family.

au is still a little bit nervous around people and does not come over to get spoiled yet. But she purrs when being stroked and is curious about communicating with people. It seems like she is in a,“I wanna get spoiled, but still a bit worried…” phase.

With au, her sister Smart started living at New cat house too.
They have 3 other siblings, but all the cat houses in ARK are full and they could not move in all together.

There is no vacancy in the cat houses, some kittens live in a small cage which is usually used for injured animals.
We truly want to give them a spacious room with a lot of sun to make them relaxed, but..

Okay, get back to the story…

When you go to “New cat house” and cannot tell which is au or Smart, then reach your hand.
If one tries to bite you with joy, that’s Smart.
She plays with biting and punching, but if it becomes too much…. Then sorry..

And, we keep having the calls everyday about cats abandoned or from the person losing control with too many cats.
We seriously have to make strays and house cats spayed/neutered.
If the cost were cheaper and the risks were lower, more keepers would do it.
The government and animal hospitals can contribute more by re-considering the cost and making people more aware.

Even when animal welfare groups or private volunteers try harder, the capacity or budget have limitations.

(oh, it is a bit off from “ARK Tailsy” topic today…)

GEORGE Osaka Adoption Fair
Date/Time: 12-16:00 on 02 Oct 2011 (Sun)
Place: George OSAKA


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Is Rai Popular?

There are a lot of handsome dogs in ARK. But we all admit that the most handsome dog is a saluki, Rai.

He’s like a super model, having a great figure, small head and cool face with a big beautiful nose. His almond color eyes are shining and his fur is smooth like silk.
He is such a beautiful dog, but not cocky at all, friendly, gentle, and well-behaved.
We all had no doubt that Rai would find his new home right away.

Many people such as visitors and volunteers asked us about Rai.
“We wanna see Rai” “Is Rai here today?” ”Beautiful!” ”Handsome!” ”We hope he will find his new family!” and more…

But Rai has not yet found his new family.

rai5_1.jpg rai8s.jpg
rai4s.jpg rai3s.jpg
Rai cannot get along with other dogs in ARK.
He barks at the dogs passing in front of his kennel and gets exited at the people he meets during his walk. He is living alone now.
He kills time with throwing his toy and getting it all by himself.
He does play-bow (let’s play♪sign) but to a bee…

He used to play with puppies. He probably can get along with other dogs if he is free from the stress in shelter.

He is a cool looking guy, but a super spoiled type.
He often glances up and gives his paw secretly, buries his face to my chest, or rolls over and shows his belly.
But sometimes he notices something over a wall, and gets nervous.
He finds himself living in a shelter.

If he finds his new home, starts living with his new family inside of the house and gets brushing or daily care, he would probably sleep exposing his belly. His stomach problem would have gone then and he would gain weight.

We would see more shining, bright and real smile of him.

We could rescue him from the dark and isolated environment, and the next step is to find his real home soon.

On September 29th

Good news!
Today, Rai rehomed!!


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Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on 11th Sep. (Sun)

Report from bi-monthly adoption event atGREEN DOG (JP only)in Kobe on Sun, 11th of Sep.
It was a great day! Cinnamon, Penne and Gnnochi found their new families, and many future adopters visited the event!

Though he is a big boy, he kept hiding under a table.
He came out for treats as he is a big eater. But he always tried to hide, so we put him on a leash during the event.
Pumba is picky with dogs sometime at his kennel. But on this day, he could get along well with other dogs and showed his smile like this picture. Well, mostly forced smiles though…

Perrier is Punba’s roommate. His weak point is that he too scares easily.
His tail was between his legs and the charming white tip of the tail never danced during the event.
He was scared and hid himself in a closet. He too needed a leash to meet visitors.
He is shy only outside from his place. When he gets relaxed, he becomes playful, obedient and such a spoiled boy. We are patiently waiting for a person who can find Perrier’s real charm.

Rin is a super good girl that did not need any special attention.
She used to be a city girl, so can walk down the busy street around Green dog. She also got treats, spoiled by many visitors and spent relaxing time during the event.
She is not shy but calm, so she would be the best companion. But one concern is her age. Probably 8 or 9 years old, so not easy to find her new family.

He is usually a bright and friendly dog, but barked at all the visitor’s dogs on this day.
He can get along with other dogs at ARK. There is no problem when he spends time in a kitchen without any leash. Also, he was okay with other participants at the event. He definitely can live with other dogs but a bit of his shyness might lead this barking behavior.
He has no aggressiveness against people or dogs. But he kept barking and once was kept locked in a crate.

We are sorry that he got stressed out and gave visitors a bad impression..

Cinnamon got her new home!
Her new family brought all the necessary documents such as questionnaire, copy of the agreement about pets from the landlord and pictures of home. And all the family members came to see Cinnamon.
“We would like to take her home today”, they kindly offered. But they agreed to come back later for her. After everything is prepared, like having a pet gate and pet cage to make her new life start smoothly.
For any dog, the most important moment is welcoming the dog.
If people are busy or too excited, the dog would notice it and things may not go well.
We really want our animals to leave ARK asap, but it is important to hold our feelings too.

20110911s3.jpg 20110911s1.jpg
20110911s2.jpg 20110911s4.jpg
Penne and Gnnochi have been living with a foster family as there is no space for them at ARK at the moment. For them, the adoption event is their only chance to meet future adopters.
They were too tense to move in the beginning, but could not resist the temptation to play. It was fun to see them getting spoiled so much though they still were a bit nervous.
And, the family who fell in love with handsome Gnnochi decided to have Penne too.
Cats living in ARK for a long time sometimes have less experience. But they are originally from other families and do not get stressed with rough handling by small children. That is one of the reason they got adopted this time.
However, cats are sensitive to environment change. We still are worried if everything is going alright…

We talk with future adopters thoroughly and see our animals off after checking their new environment and chemistry. But we are always still worried after they leave. “Was it really a great match?” “Everything is going well??” Also we are truly happy and relieved.

We hope they will never come back to ARK!
We hope they all will be happy forever!!

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Kish’s impatience

Of course, I am frustrated...
My mom, Chiko was rehomed before her profile was up on the website, and other white dogs like me,
Aqua and Lapis found their new homes much earlier. I too had some people who were interested in me before, but how long ago was it??

You may think I look okay, but I am not okay, feeling pressed in fact!

Astro has not been adopted yet although he came to ARK before me?
It doesn’t make me feel better!

Don’t you think it is a bit weird that I was not chosen? People do not see me as attractive??
I am still young 2y.o., can walk well, does toilet only outside, cares about family bonds just like other Japanese dogs and can be patient when shampooed even though I don’t like it.

Is it that bad that I cannot get along with other dogs except for my mom?
Don’t all the dogs hate kids??
I don’t bark that much and there are tons of families without kids, aren’t there?

I play well and eat well.
If you bring a toy, I can play with you♪

I pledge allegiance to you if you let me join your family. I am a dutiful girl who will trust you forever.

So, anyway, you SHOULD come and pick me up!
I cannot wait for you forever!

<Here is Kish’s profile>

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