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We are free from all the barriers.

Po-chan was found alone on the roadside.
Medical Treatment, neutering and vaccination were all done. Now he is moving to a cat house where…

Comaru“ah? Another new comer?”
Kenta“Where are you from, bro?”
Mya“You are really good looking! Want some snacks?”

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Yes, the place Hikaru mentioned before. Comaru’s room.

Cats are sensitive to changes. It takes time and patience to find a good match for roommates. But Comaru and his buddies, Hikaru and Po-chan, are all great at adjusting to a new environment. They are even better than puppies and they are very friendly to all!
From the very first day, they tackled and bit each other. It’s as if they have been living together for a long time. We are happy to see them together like old friends and we feel a little bit jealous even.

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They all have problems with their eyes. This is after-trouble due to a virus or bacteria from the unsanitary environments where they were born or grew up.
We gave them eye-drops when they were not in a good-shape. Even in cold weather they didn’t get sick.

When the staff wipes their eye boogers or gives eye drops, they express their feelings: “I’m so spoiled” or “I’m so well cared for” and sometimes they roll over like, “I’m not physically good, I need extra care..” It is so obvious they are faking but it’s adorable as well.

They are beautiful with their long fur. Also they are bright, funny, and care for each other. They are always in a happy mood. We never get bored seeing them and they cheer us up.
Even though they have problems with their eyes, no one can resist these funny and good boys. At least that is what we thought.
But, that was not that easy. Time flew by so quickly…

Miya chan was chosen as a sponsor cat.
You can be her sponsor if you cannot welcome her as a part of your family.

They are always friendly, curious and welcome everybody with their sweet mews. They are the most friendly sponsor cats, I can proudly say.

What is a “Sponsor”?


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