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You did it、Zelinda!

Today Zelinda finally left the ARK centre.
Her new adoptive parents are also the owners of her father, Zara.

It was three years ago that the sisters Zelinda & Zelda were left living at the centre after their mother Zandra, and father Zara, were adopted.
In December last year Zelda was finally adopted, but this left Zerinda on her own.
Zara’s adoptive parents worried about the situation as if their own daughter had been left behind, and decided in the end to welcome Zerinda into their family.

Both Zara and Zerinda seemed incredibly happy, wagging their tails and greeting each other with glistening noses.

Of course Zara’s trump card had also been passed down to Zerinda.
Although she gets in a temper when put into a new situation, upon being shown a tasty snack she immediately gave a succession of high fives.
It seemed Zara had already lost ground!
We are really looking forward to see how the relationship between the father and daughter will develop from now on.

Zerinda is a big cross-breed, who was shy in front of strangers, a scaredy-cat, and so-called “hard to adopt”. Previously when introduced to foster parents she would refuse to go for a walk, too shy to show her affection, but when seeing this Zerinda now demanding attention, excitedly trying to get people to play, the amount of love we felt for her was unbearable.
There were times we almost gave up on her, but the long awaited day of her adoption finally came!
We are very grateful to her new foster parents.

We were also able to re-home Vivi, who after being bullied by nasu and kyu had been living on her own.

We experience plenty of both happy and sad moments, but when we have days like this it really encourages us to keep on doing our best for all the animals!


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The rehoming of Snow White and the Canine Victims of the Earthquake Living at ARK

A while ago we introduced the story of “Snow white and her Five Puppies”, do you remember the mother Snow White?
She too had her heart’s desire fulfilled and finally found a family!

She was very nervous in her new home and was a little afraid of noise, but she seemed to be really interested in the garden which she looked out at it from a big window. She also followed around her new mother and investigated the rooms.
It seemed she knew who she would be relying on from now.
It was the first time for Snow-chan to be living inside a house and she had definitely seen nothing like television before!

When she first came to ARK, it was clear from her long and misshapen nails, her rusty chain, and a body so dirty that it couldn’t possibly get any dirtier, that she had spent her whole life living chained up outside.
Although she was terribly thin, her stomach alone was swollen from Ascites (an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen). Despite this, she was still doing her best for her children.
Even if she got through the treatment, there were still the problems of her age, Filariasis (a parasitic disease), and her shy personality. It seemed she wouldn’t be adopted.

However, in spite of those obstacles Snow-chan was finally able to meet with a family that surround her with a deep and gentle affection.
Perhaps everything that has happened was in preparation for such a final meeting.

20110427d.jpg 20110427c.jpg
Foster parents and temporary carers are being chosen one after the other for the dogs that suffered the Great Tohoku Earthquake.
Today the Chihuahua Choccy was welcomed into a new home.
There was magazine coverage and many people surrounding him taking photos, and although he was very nervous and uneasy, it was a very happy first step for him!
He promises to do his best in his new home!

The victims of the earthquake still remaining in ARK are continuing to fight on!
Although there are those who have been returned to their owners, for the most part they have still not yet been able to return.

So that they do not become lonely or uneasy, and to make them feel happy and confident, we have been making sure to give them plenty of loving care by speaking to them, petting them, taking them for walks, and playing with them.
As there is not enough of the staff to go around, the volunteers really play a massive part in helping.

Until the day when they can return to their families, we will take the responsibility of caring for them, alongside those who are also kindly supporting us.

The intake of the animals who suffered from the earthquake is going to continue, and it will be hard facing the harsh reality that we will be unable to save all of them, but we want to do the very best that we can for those that we are able to take in.

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17th April(Sunday)Information on the George Osaka Gathering for those interested in Adopting

20110417f.jpg 20110417g.jpg
20110417a.jpg 20110417d.jpg
On the 17th of April (Sunday) a gathering for potential adopters was held in the Osaka branch of George.
As the weather was good, we set up a stall outside the shop for the selling of merchandise.
We had been very kindly given the best position for selling, but were worried about the fact that the shop window was hidden by our stall. We were kindly told by the shop manager, “If I was bothered about something like that I wouldn’t have said it was fine for you to set up there!”
We are very grateful for always being received so kindly.

The jackets with the ark logo on were made for all the staff and were an individual donation from one of our supporters.
Looking after animals our clothes soon become torn and the colour of them fades from the disinfectant we use, meaning we so have to throw them away.
We will really cherish the logoed uniforms that we so kindly received.
Thank you so much!

20110417jajamaru_1.jpg 20110417kinoe.jpg
20110417peri_1.jpg 20110417shimeji.jpg
The members selected this time were the roommates Jajamaru, Kinoe and Shimeji.

Jajamaru is friendly towards absolutely anyone and interacted well with the other, slightly more shy dogs that had also come to play.
Kinoe played with a lot of customers and looked like she was having a lot of fun. But when you were given your dinner didn’t you get maybe a little over excited Kinoe-chan?!
Shimeji was as always a cool beauty. She doesn’t lavish affection and is somewhat nonchalant, but for some reason there is always a lot of attention surrounding her.

Periwinkle’s adoptive parents were decided before the start.
They cane to ARK the day before and took an interest in Peri, but they returned home unable to decide. However, before someone else chose Peri at the gathering they came immediately to George and continued the adoption discussions.
Peri is very lucky to be adopted by such an enthusiastic family, who decided not to merely phone, but to come all the way to the gathering!
Just need to wait a little bit longer at ARK until the preparations are ready in your new home now Peri-chan!

20110417hikaru1.jpg 20110417hikaru2.jpg
20110417hikaru3.jpg 20110417c.jpg
Hikaru When he first arrived, he lapped up all his food.
His personality is like that of a dog and he was not in the least afraid when he first arrived at his new environment. He loves attention and when people approach him he purrs loudly.
He becomes excited and plays too much, then suddenly gets tired in the middle and falls asleep, but then his eyes ping open and he purrs with all his might, as if he is trying to make up for the part he missed when sleeping! He demands attention, but is left looking somewhat pitiful.

His time as a kitten was spent as a stray, and due to an aggravated cold the nictitating membrane of his left eye has stuck together, but it doesn’t affect his daily life at all.
Although he really loves people, he is unable to be given all the attention he deserves at ARK and is lonely here. We would really like him to find a happy home quickly.
This time no-one came forward, but we will not give up and keep on waiting until he finds a family.

20110417b.jpg 20110417spice_1.jpg
20110417spice2_1.jpg 20110417e.jpg
There was also a miracle rehoming.
A very kind mum and dad were found for Spice girl.
Although she is very gentle, co-operative, and loving, she has poor eyesight which left her without anyone choosing to foster her.
However, as this time there was an unexpected fight over her, it was clear her destiny had finally come!
We are so glad we took her and were very moved!!

Many people kindly put money into our donation box for the animal victims of the earthquake.
Those wanting to adopt that came, but unfortunately did not find those destined to join their family, there are many other animals waiting at ARK so please come and visit the Nose Shelter.
We are very grateful for the large number of offers of those wishing to act as temporary carers and volunteers for the animals affected by the earthquake.

A massive thank you to all those who came! We want to continue to do our best to help as many animals as we can to have a second chance at life, so please continue your kind support!!

In addition to their usual support, George Japan is also sending dog food to the affected areas.

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ARK Report

Thanks to your continued support we have received a large number of applicants wishing to become foster families (those who will take care of animals for the time being) and we are progressing with the matching process.

A foster family for the dog at the left side of the photo, Muffin, was decided this week.
As most of the fosterers already have pets, it is a big problem for compatibility matching.
As Muffin is up for adoption, we will continue to try and find her an adoptive family at events.
Those interested in meeting Muffin please contact us beforehand~♡

CIMG0676.jpg CIMG0331.jpg
On the other side of things, the staff working in Fukushima are carrying out rescues, talking to the victims of the earthquake, and running about busily day after day, but they are unable to help all the animals, and are faced with a pitiful and cruel state of affairs.

The animals rescued from Fukushima are being transported between Tokyo and Fukushima, then from Narita airport to Itami airport via air, and then to ARK, thanks to the cooperation of our volunteers.

As it is a long time for them in the car and aeroplane, going to the airport to meet them was pretty nerve wracking.
In front of the collection point we could hear loud cries, but when we saw happy and healthy dogs inside the carriers we could for the present at least feel relieved.
Those who are not fit do not fly, but are examined in Tanaka Animal Hospital and then taken to Tokyo ARK where suitable foster parents are being searched for.

It is thanks to the kind donations we receive that we were able to transport and move the animals.
Thanks to the help and support that has come in various forms we are able to confidently carry out the rescues!

Many families have also come and adopted animals that have been in the centre since before the earthquake.
If one more enclosure is emptied, we can save one more life.
We really, really are most grateful.

*For information on the earthquake and lost animals, as well as information on becoming a foster family, please refer to “ARK News” on the ARK homepage.

(Last of all, one thing from K.K)
My heart is warmed by all your kind support.
Whether it is negative or positive we sincerely take on board your most valuable opinions, and will continue to do our best from now on!!!、

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Kyuri & Nasubi

2 years ago, 21 cats and 4 dogs were burnt out of house and home while their owner was in the hospital.
These cats were named after vegetable and have a good character, and most of them left ARK to be re-homed.

But, why does Kyuri remain here? Why does no one choose him even though he is a good-looking boy with a small face and beautiful coat? I believe that his age, two-years-old, is the best age for an owner.

But, Nasubi, you deserve it because you hide when candidates for a foster family call on you.

Good job. Nasubi, come on. If you become friendlier to everyone, I guarantee that someone will adopt you even I you are’t the most handsome.

Unlike Nasugi, Kyuri can attract everyone by playing with toys. He should be fine.♡

In the beginning, I promised not to mention your some secrets. Kyuri eats special food for PH control, and Nasubi's eyes become puffed up sometimes.

Both of you bullied her Vivi and she moved to a new cat house.

Please be assured that loneliness caused these circumstances.

People who are attracted to you should understand this well.

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Some members of ARK were re-homed.

20110402b_1.jpg 20110402a_1.jpg
We are pleased since many applicants for an adoption or volunteers visited ARK today.

As reported on Twitter, Tochi and Tsuki have to be re-homed because their former owner went back to their home country due to the earthquake in Tohoku. But, fortunately, they can live together hereafter!

Moreover,, Shetland sheep dog, Aki (10-years-old), Chihuahua Kurobe (10-years-old), and cat Zarg also have re-homed. Since they were adopted into new families, we can save further new lives.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

At first, Momo is shy around people and cats.
She is alone again after Tochi and Tsuki have gone. But, please be assured that you will find a new family like them!

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