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As we reported in ARK news, the first animal rescue groups to Miyagi have already gone back to both Osaka and Tokyo.

Relief supplies were unloaded without any trouble at the collection site in Tome as scheduled. Afterward they moved to Sendai, divided into 2 groups in order to call on small shelters, to give owners counsel and to examine animals in the area.

CIMG0032.jpg CIMG0049.jpg
CIMG0065.jpg CIMG0079.jpg
We received information that many animals were abandoned and on a leash, and we searched for them. However, we could not find them. It was extremely difficult beyond our anticipation for even our experienced staff to search for animals based on sight only. There are so many places where they could hide under rubble. Not even residents understood where they were because so many buildings were swept away by water. Under time and fuel pressure, our staff could not help but give up looking for animals.

It was very heart-wrenching to see these missing dogs featured on posters.

CIMG0076.jpg CIMG0078.jpg
CIMG0084.jpg IMG_0019_1.jpg
ARK will house animals from people who cannot keep them during this time.
We have no words to comfort affected owners who entrusted their animals to us.
It must be a very hard decision to give up their pets. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to give up my animals even if I were starving. Under such circumstances, we are honored they trust their precious family members to be with us at ARK.

As an animal protection group, I feel strongly that the solution is not just to take them to our shelter but also something more important there. I believe that existence of animals is so important for everyone’s recovery.
There is nothing better than the solution that makes them live together.

In the Osaka office, we are still struggling to handle e-mails and calls related to Tohoku-disaster.
We assume that this will be a protracted battle. As it is, we are now preparing to receive animals.
Probably, it will take quite a time to establish this system that can take care of individuals mentally and physically.

Today, they are going to the affected area in Tohoku again. Our main purpose is to bring relief supplies to inaccessible areas. And another is to supply mental care for owners and animals there.
This time, other veterinarians accompany us as volunteers, too. Absolutely, we prepare ourselves fully to rescue missing animals and other ones on a leash or locked-in.

This is just the beginning.


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Of course, I know.

Of course, I know that I am happy to be alive and eat food in the shelter, avoiding wind and rain everyday.

But listen to me. I want to have my own family like them.

Look. I can do this one. This is called “change”, isn't it?

I was fat when I was first in ARK. but I am normal now. Please pick me soon. Otherwise I may be too thin like Okota because of loneliness.

***Uno 7 years old 35kg***
He is a friendly, innocent and cheerful boy appearing that looks like a Labrador retriever.
Here’s the link to apply for adoption.

2011.04.17 Sun EDIT

At last, Uno was re-homed. His new family picked him up in the morning on a warm, clear and sunny Sunday. Uno, you are not alone anymore. You can be relaxed.

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Rescue team entered the Tohoku restricted area.

Yesterday, the ARK rescue team left for the Tohoku disaster area. They met up with a group from Tokyo and took plenty of relief supplies.

Before the departure, it took much time to prepare enough supplies and data gathering. They prepared thoroughly and planned for shortages of gasoline and other supplies.

And we received a report from them in the evening today. They entered Miyagi as scheduled and delivered dog food, cat food, and cages to the relief supply collection area.
The information collected beforehand said that many affected people in shelters came with pets. Even though they barely escaped with them, there is not enough space to place their cages. Consequently, these supplies are to be delivered to shelters as needed.

Tomorrow, they will move to Sendai to deliver food directly to owners in inaccessible areas and rescue lost animals as long as fuel lasts and as long as it is safe.

Although he is usually strong, his voice sounded tired when he called in to report on the situation. We don’t want them to overwork in such an extreme situation.

Before I realized it, I was running around in emotional circles. In contrast, Ms. Oliver makes sure to make time for a meeting. Under such circumstance, it is important to stop working and have a conversation sitting calmly for a little while.

We are sorry for delays in returning emails and for phone problems.

We are currently striving to gather information regarding rescues for animals in Tohoku. Therefore, please be patient until our report is made on this blog or ARK news.

Meanwhile, today Shohei was re-homed in the morning. In the afternoon, some visitors who desire to be a foster parent of dog and cat came to ARK. One of the most important roles for us is to maintain animals’ QOL in ARK.

Excuse me for prose in today’s article.

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Okota was re-homed !

Okota suffered from a hernia. However, today he was rehomed and went to his new family.

His new mom and dad came to ARK and planned to take him to home last weekend and take care of him after the surgery, but actually they could not do that. Today became a glorious day for him.

His hernia problem continued. He often jumps around in his kennel at ARK. If he lived in a calm environment he may not need surgery.

It will take time for him to gain weight. His vet will decide if surgery is necessary. In the case of surgery, we don’t worry so much because Okota is young.

To our surprise, lots of people expressed concern about him after he was posted on this blog. We really appreciate everyone’s concern.

Today Okota relaxed at his new home. He was sleepy and enjoyed the hot carpet. This is an ideal environment for Okota because his family is very warm and kind to him.

Okota is very happy and has overcome his tough winter in ARK. Congratulations on your new home! Your dreams came true!

I am also eager to have my own family!

Leck’s additional comments on March 17th.
At last I have gotten my family. Thank you all!

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Adoption event report at Green Dog, on 6th March

Here’s the report on the adoption event on 6th March at Green Dog in Kobe. Let me introduce our representatives from Ark…

She is now a mother of 6 puppies although she is only 1 year old. At the site, she played with the ball alone or chased Spiv. She still has the innocence of a puppy. She is thin because of her puppies, but if she found her own happiness, she could gain more weight. She is is good at getting along with dogs. That’s why we recommend her to people who keep a dog for the first time.

20100306スウィズル_1 20100306スピブ2_2
20100306スピブ3 20100306スウィズル2_1
She is alone when they let her run free in ARK because she had a fight with other dogs. This day, we set her in a pen at the site, but she didn’t need it because she could become friendly to them. She usually tends to limp and lie down. Therefore, she sometimes is in a blue mood. At the event, she moved around so actively that no one could see that she had a problem with her legs. We suppose that we don’t have to worry about surgery. If she lived happily at foster parents’ home, her leg muscles might improve. We would like to find her real family as soon as possible.

Spiv didn’t go out for 6 months because of his weak immunity. Nowadays he loves to go to this event. He is friendly to everyone and has enough energy to play with other dogs. He doesn’t fall sick anymore now. However, his real goal for this is to find a foster parent. We wonder why no one offers to be his family… Currently, he doesn’t take 5 medicines and he eats normal food. Moreover his bowels move smoothly. He is waiting for your kind offer!

Always she runs around barking because of a little shock. This might be due to her being a “sheltie” or her character. As it is, the adoption event was rather crowded and noisy rather than relaxed. Nevertheless, she kept calm without barking or running. Luckily everyone treated her kindly.

She is lovely like a puppy despite being10 years old and she loves being beside people. Actually, she was pretty thin and close to death from starvation when ARK found her. At the beginning, she repeatedly threw up due to stress. But nowadays she has recovered and she can be spayed. However, we suppose that she acquires real health when she finds a new family.

20100306シメジ1_1 20100306シメジ3
20100306シメジ2_1 20100306s7.jpg
She watched the excited dogs in the event with cold eyes sitting in the corner of the room. Although other dogs appealed very much to visitors, actually she was so popular among them and everyone treated her kindly. We envy your unique allure and atmosphere. Frankly speaking, you did nothing special in the event. 
Aside from this, her foot injury recovered perfectly. Unfortunately, she lost her toe tips but it doesn’t bother her. And she doesn’t care about it at all.

“Atochin” was born a stray and is the most timid among her sibligns. However, she didn’t get scared despite walking outside of GREENDOG and she was relaxed in the event, too. She followed them because she loves dogs and yummy foods. At times, she showed her competitive spirit and a lack of cooperativeness since she is at the age of self-awareness. If the foster parent spoiled her, she might be a bad girl in the future. We recommend that her family be in the house that has already has a dog or take her to an obedience training.

20100306sザーグ 20100306s5.jpg
20100306s6.jpg 20100306sポッポ
In fact, Zerg and Poppo participated in this event instead of Sammy and Patty whho planned to do so originally. They were re-homed just before the event. Although Zerg is friendly in ARK, he was hiding in a cushion house due to nervousness during the event. We anticipated that Poppo would do like him because she is a little shy. Beyond our expectation, she was more relaxed than him, eating food from stranger’s hands.

It was their first time at the busy event and they seemed tired. We learned that we should not take them unless there are kitties or cats that they can fit in busy and new environment easily.

20100306s2.jpg 20100306s3.jpg
20100306s4.jpg 20100306s1.jpg
This time, we are pleased that the site was crowded since many people visited us, although there were no members of ARK that have found a foster family.

Absolutely the biggest task is to find their families, but we believe that this adoption event should be first step to make people aware of ARK.

We wish to build a good relationship with those who visited us today hereafter, such as volunteers or supporters.

We cannot help feeling that your supportsmakes our activities go well. Thank you very much for your effort!

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Psychotic girl, Yume

The reason why Yumecame to Ark was so-called domestic troubles.

She didn’t know where she should go when they let her go outside because she had been kept at home until then. Children could not bring her back home and all they could do was to encourage her, feeding her secretly.

Although she managed to come to ARK, she could not get used to life here with many cats. Therefore, she stays alone in the fenced small room apart from other cats.

Nevertheless, she is very friendly to me even though I don’t usually take care of her. When I call on her, she welcomes me in a cat voice.

If she felt less lonely, she would sit beside you and let you stroke her back.

yume_S2.jpg yume_s1.jpg
yume_s4.jpg yume_s3.jpg
However, she pays me back with tricks such as a strong punch and kick including a foul bite! She might say that I don't have to feel sorry for her.

She is beautiful, lovely, and psychotic girl.
On the other hand, she is very lonely.

She held me tight and it was hard to escape from her.

After all, it’s painful, Yume.

Don't be too hard on me next time.

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