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Adoption event report at George Osaka on Feb. 20th.

Here’s the adoption event report at George Osaka on Feb. 20th.

First, we went for a walk to Utsubo Park as usual. Pascoe went on foot and sometimes stopped, staring curiously at children who were playing in the park. Everything was the first time for him. Free walked, but she liked hiding her tail between her legs. She got interested in tennis very much.

201102204.jpg 201102202.jpg
201102203.jpg 201102205.jpg
Fortunately, this time more people than usual visited the event. So many dogs came to the site and we were confused between them and dogs of ARK with yellow bandanas. It was regrettable that there were many visitors who we could not speak to in the site. Some of them might have wanted be a foster parent, or might have been interested in ARK. We might have missed lots of good chances...

Everyone loves two month old Pascoe because of his friendly character. He showed them his performance “Sit” that he has just learned. They confused him with a stuffed lion that was as large as him. Whatever he did was lovely, and he attracted everyone. It was a good opportunity for him to stimulate social development through joyful experience with people.

Limbo still remains “the boy at heart”, although he is presumed to be around 10 years old. He smiled friendly with his big body, showed his stomach, and asserted himself by his specialty performance. He put on a manner belt just to be safe. He didn’t pee except when walking at the beginning and the end. Good job, Limbo!

Spiv stopped taking 5 kinds of medicine, but actually he doesn’t have normal bowel movement everyday. He has been struggling with it everyday, and he joined this event to find his soul mate. This adoption event is the only place where he can appeal himself because he does not stay at ARK but KK’s house now. He is friendly with social dexterity, and he had a great time with dogs that came to this event.

Free is shy, timid and very cautious. She sometimes shook under the table and the chair with fear when she saw many people at the site. However, she did a good job at her own pace, as she was relaxed and ate food..

Three months old “En” seems to have missed an exact place due to Pascoe. She played with toys and fell asleep on someone's lap. This made everyone feel good when they saw her.

Although they weren’t scared with people and environment, they could not appeal their good points at all to visitors because they were very upset. After all, we are very sorry that the adoption event might be only for kitties. But! , but!…We would like to give these adult cats chances too….

201102207.jpg 201102201.jpg
201102206.jpg 201102208.jpg
Moreover, a curious triangle relationship appeared. En who loves Limbo, Limbo who is annoyed by her is crazy about Pascoe. Pascoe ran away from Limbo almost crying, because Limbo pushed over him with his forepaws.

Many visitors preferred small dogs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring small dogs this time. (Actually, some of them were not ready for sterilization operations and some of their foster families had already been decided.) Regrettably, detailed offers did not come up.

However, there were people who bought ARK goods, people who donated money, and people who shopped at George. We recognized that the adoption event was productive.

We also appreciate people who gave things to the animals in ARK and us!
We realized that our activities work out thanks to the people who support us. Thank you very much for all.

We will go for it hereafter!!

Here’ the link to George’s website.

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Get well soon, Shimeji!

We are sorry that we have not updated this blog in a timely manner.

Shimeji planned to attend the adoption event on 20th February but she could not join because she injured her leg in her kennel. We guess that it happened to her during the night. The cause still remains unknown because there is no sign of a fight or violence.

Her leg is swollen and was getting worse. She doesn’t feel well. She is at the vet clinic now.

She is a lovely and good girl although she is shy and quiet. Actually, we really hoped she could attend the adoption event. If she had been there, it would have been a good chance for her. Regrettably, she has to go to see a vet regularly so she is still awaiting adoption.

Adoption Event at George

Date: 20th February 2011
Time: 12:00~16:00
Place: Geroge Osaka

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I’m Alexia.

Where am I? It seems to be better than the cage that I had before.
I can eat enough food now. Moreover, I can lie down without sleeping o my poo and pee.

Do you know trimming? I was surprised to have a shampoo and cut because this is the first time for me. Actually, I didn’t understand what was going on and I was shaking because I was nervous. But now, I feel so nice! It made me see clearly and it became easier to walk after having my nails cut.

Why are they putting a lead on me? This is new because I never went for a walk before.

But, outside is spacious and bright and there are many new smells.

Nevertheless, it still scares me. Hold me, please!

201102026_1.jpg 201102028_1.jpg
201102029_1.jpg 201102027_1.jpg
We are waiting my foster family to accept us as well as spaying and neutering. However, some of our friends have not been rescued yet, because, as you know, the capacity in ARK is limited. They could not accept all of us at one time. We are worried about those that still remain behind.

Sometimes, we can find a foster family before they post on the adoption profile about us. So, anyway, please come and see us!

Here’s the link to the article about circumstances of Alexia and her friends.

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Lots of visitors including a surprise guest”“Lots of visitors including a surprise guest

The good news is that ARK was full of visitors today. Fortunately, many of them wanted to become their foster parents♪

First, cats Bon and Assam who were expected to re-homed were picked up by new families. They lived together in the same cage. Today, they were re-homed but they will be able to play sometimes hereafter because the owners are sisters.

201102053.jpg 201102054.jpg
201102055.jpg 201102052.jpg
He was re-homed to the foster family that had accepted a kittyUme (currently, Ui) a year and a half ago. They chose him after they considered if he could get along well with her.

A young married couple came to see her because they loved her at first sight after seeing her photo.

She was the most timid among the puppies that lived together, and was at ARK staff’s home for hard rehab. She could not get close to her foster parents without fear. However, they placed importance on chemistry between her and Kuro. They decided to accept her because other puppies seemed to find their families quickly.

And, this is big news! To our surprise, Mr. Shigesato Itoi who is a famous copywriter and an essayist visited ARK along with some of his office staff.
He supports us through Hobonichi Planner after he knew ARK in connection with George. What did he see and feel in ARK?

Here’s the link to ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞.
(↑They ran an article about Lucky in KIMAGURE-CAMERA♪)

Animals at ARK are waiting for foster families You don’t have to worry about the covered snow around ARK anymore. So, we are waiting for your visits♡

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Okota lost a lot of weight and has a hernia.

Okota was really obese and a huge miniature Dachshunds when he came to ARK. In fact, it was hard for him to walk. However, he lost his weight from 10kg to 5kg after an intensive dietary therapy!

Here's a better good-looking Okota than before!

But another concern comes up... It seems that initially his diet went smoothly, but after that he kept losing his weight. We are currently eager to fatten him up to more than 6kg. That is his ideal weight.

Not disease but “stress” caused this as in other dogs. We have found similar patterns on many dogs that could not fit into the busy shelter life. Some of them got sick and had a problem in their behavior from stress.

In Okota’s case, he cries and jumps on purpose to get attention from someone who passes him.
But, as you know, our staff cannot care only for him. His behavior was escalating more and more. He lost a lot of weight because he never relaxed.

People often think that animals in ARK are ok because we have professional staff to care for them. However, a shelter is stressful and it is always best if the animal can get their own home.

Recently it was discovered that Okota has a small hernia. His case is mild and does not need surgery. However, if his case worsens it might be necessary for him to have an operation. It would be best if he could be adopted or have a foster family. In that case, he would have a quiet place to recover should he need surgery.

We are sad that no one is interested in fostering hi m yet. We hope that people will see how cute and cheerful he is and offer him a home.

In his previous home he lived with other dogs so we know he can get along with them. However, at ARK he doesn’t like the other dogs. This is probably due to stress.

We really hope to find him a foster family as soon as possible. This will be the best thing for him.

Steps for foster parents;
Please call or e-mail us with an application form.

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Adoption Event Report @Greendog, on 30th Jan.

An adoption Event was held at GREEN DOG in Kobe on 30th January. Due to a notice beforehand in the newspaper "THE KOBE SHINBUN", the event ended on a high note because more people than usual visited there.

We extend a warm thank you to everyone who came out to support us and to those who brought donations.

In fact, this was the first time for Kleta, who has been at ARK for 7 years, to join an event. She has epilepsy. However, she hasn’t had a seizure recently due to medication. Nowadays she enjoys walking and is not nervous around new volunteers.

We decided to give her a chance to attend the event in the hopes that she could find a foster family. While we were worried, she remained unexpectedly friendly and calm, and she welcomed visitors cheerfully. Moreover, she didn’t get carsick.

20110130b3.jpg 20110130b1.jpg
20110130b2.jpg 20110130i.jpg
Euro who was picked up with a stray dog mother and 3 sisters and brothers was relaxed and friendly to everyone as usual at the site. We suppose that her character resembles her mother's. She was so lovely chewing on a stuffed lion. She did not scare at all when walking along a wide busy street.

Regrettably, no one offered to become her foster family this time. But we can now recommend her with confidence to everyone.

Memphis was picked up from another place. He and his brothers are very cautious and timid, although he is the same age as Euro. On the day of the event, he wetted himself with nervousness as soon as he got out of our car. He could not walk outside, furthermore he hid under the table at the site.

20110130f.jpg 20110130d.jpg
20110130c.jpg 20110130g.jpg
However, he did his best. He got used to the atmosphere after watching the event accompanied by ARK staff. At last, visitors hugged him, and he waited or sat to get some food from them.

Shandy is a big baby and is good at getting along with people in spite of a shy character.
She said hello to strangers without hesitation when the site was calm, but she also hid under the table as the site was getting crowded. On the other hand, she got some food with other dogs from visitors.

20110130a.jpg 20110130h.jpg
20110130ケンタ 20110130コマル
Friendly Spiv was in a cheerful mood the whole time, and he glad-handed everyone.
Besides this, he rolled over so visitors could rub his belly. He did his duty which was greeting at the reception area as well as playing.
Usually Spiv's toilet manner is so good, but male dogs sometimes pee on something when they go to an unfamiliar place or his tension runs high. Spiv put on a “manner belt " to be safe, but in the end it wasn’t necessary.
Good job, Bucchan!

And cats...
Comaru's slogan is "barrier-free of heart". He asked dogs to play by reaching out his paws out from the cage.
Kenta behaved in contrast to Komaru who was behaving as he like. He moved away from his usual friendly character, and he was staying under the cushion. Nevertheless, he had not appetite problem. He ate food perfectly, sticking his head out of the cushion. Everybody was watching it pleasantly.

It remains a mystery what happened to them, but their situation switched at only one moment.

Hikaru's concerns may be pretty close to this...

Tsugumi was very popular in this event, and finally, she acquired a destined foster family!

We underrated the difficulty to find her foster family because of her affable personality although she is 9 years old with heartworm. However it was harder than we expected. Now, we are so happy and relieved that she could find a perfect dad and mom for her. (To be honest, we feel a little sad...)

She is staying at KK's house until they are ready to accept her as a new family.
Although we will miss her, she and Bucchan are spending the rest of their days in love.

Aside from Tsugumi, lots of nice families said to us that they were going to visit ARK to find a soul mate. We will make an extra effort for everyone in Ark to be happy.

GREEN DOG always offers the site for the event and donates lots of food to ARK.
We appreciate their support very much!

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