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Spiv's health maintenance

"Butchan" whose real name is Spiv has been staying at KK's house because he fell ill last December. But, now he is getting better and he is in tip-top condition.

Here's the link to a former article about him.

His biggest task to overcome was controlling his bowel movements.

Unfortunately, he was born with a handicap where his anus was disconnected from the rectum. He became able to move his bowels by himself after surgery; nevertheless, he tends to be constipated since his anus is still weak when it contracts.

He had taken lots of medicine before, such as laxative, antiflatulent, and functional supplement. His medication time schedule was so complicated. It took almost 3 years for Ark staff to struggle with completing a special well-balanced menu only for Spiv, which is based on dietary therapy.

We perfectly understand that he is cheerful, obedient, friendly to people and dogs, young, and small. However, we could not recommend him to a foster family with confidence under these circumstances. Therefore, he was selected as a sponsor dog.

Absolutely our final goal is to keep 3-years-old Spiv's health until the future. To make finding his foster family easier, we focused on his physical preparation against diseases. We tried to settle his bowel problem and build up his immunity, while reducing some medicines.

In addition, he changed to regular dog food after a discussion with the vet.

At last, he reduced the laxatives in a stepwise manner successfully.
His bowels are at normal condition without the laxative now. Walking hard everyday makes his intestinal peristalsis active and nutritional supplement also makes his bowel movement easier increasing bacteria in intestines.

He could reduce medicine as one step.

It was difficult to switch to a regular dog food after spending 3 years perfecting a special menu.

The new food is “Ultra Premium” by Natural Balance. This food seems to agree with him and meets his nutritional needs. It is balanced and easier for the staff to feed since there is no need to try and make a homemade meal anymore. We are very happy that this food suits Spiv.


We hesitated to let "sheltered" Butchan go out or to a sleepover at someone's place a few months ago. But now, he wants to go in a car when he goes outside of house. He enjoys walking for more than 10km everyday. He sometimes goes out to the city. Furthermore, he runs up the mountain road ahead of all others.

Nowadays we can recommend him to any foster family with confidence because he is easy to care for and is in good physical condition. Of course he is also friendly!

Of course, we would like to find his foster family. However, now we will take care of him responsibly for his sponsors and many people who support him.


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Hikaru’s mumble (Part II)

Comaru, let me groom you♪

Kenta “Oh, Ms KK. Please do that for me too.”

Comaru “I can brush my teeth with it.”

Kenta “It’s not for teeth brushing. It looks like a microphone”

Hikaru “Stop you two, you arembarrassing..”

Comaru “La-la-la♪ Santa Claus is comiiiiing to toooooown♪”

Kenta “hey, Christmas is already over, silly boy!”

Hikaru “I am now wondering if it is okay to take these two to the next adoption event..”

Adoption event at Greendog Kobe
Date: 30 Jan 2011 (San) 12:00-16:00
Place: Green dog square at Southern mall Rokko
http://www.green-dog.com/store/gds/index.html (Japanese Only)

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Hikaru’s mumble (Part I)

I am Hikaru.
I am living with Kenta’s family after having the treatment for a cat cold, neuter operation and vaccine.

Kenta’s family unit is tight, but they kindly accepted me, the newcomer.
Someone says he cannot read the situation or is a bit annoying, but he is so kind to me.

That is only because I AM good at communicating with other cats?
If they hear it, they would be offended!

Kenta “What are you talking about?”
Mya “Looks like fun, let us in!”

Hikaru “Well, we are talking about you, how great you guys are.”

Kenta “anyway, I’m hungry. What time is dinner?”

Hikaru “You just finished it, Kenta. That is why people say….”

Comaru “What? Dinner? Let me have some.”

Hikaru “I’ve heard you all will join an adoption event. So I thought it would be great that I give some introduction to you here… you ruined it..”

Hikaru’s mumble (Part II)

Here is the story about Kenta’s family;

Adoption event at Greendog Kobe
Date: 30 Jan 2011 (San) 12:00-16:00
Place: Green dog square at Southern mall Rokko
http://www.green-dog.com/store/gds/index.html (Japanese Only)

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Waiting for new adopters

In the end of last year, we had multiple rescues of puppies.
7 puppies who were rescued from 2 different areas are now living together.

Just a coincidence, but they look alike.

A mother of one group of puppies is friendly and could be rescued together.
She had a collar, so we assumed that she was abandoned. It seems she was a stray dog and got pregnant.

The mother dog of the other group of puppies was very cautious. We tried different ways, but could not rescue her.

Puppies take over their parents behavior. Some come to us and some keep distance from us. They look alike, but their behavior is very different.

We accept their original behavior. And we have to let them have various experiences and make them be able to enjoy their lives with people.
But 7 puppies are a lot. Daily care takes time and not enough time for separate rehabilitation…
But during that time, puppies grow fast and their precious time has gone by.

The most timid one, Georgia was taken back to an ARK staff’s home to be socialized.

On the first day, he was shivering.

201101021127000_1.jpg 201101021151000_1.jpg
201101031251000_1.jpg 201101032228000_1.jpg
There are many steps for rehabilitation. Taking him to the places where there are a lot of people and cars, taking him in the car, walking, etc. all while giving treats is important.

Even in a house, he reacted to small sound or human movement.

But he got along so well with other dog at the staff’s home.
That’s the spirit of a stray’s puppy. Good at adapting to a dog society.

Their character changes while they are growing up.
Georgia seems getting a bit of courage, maybe because he’s been going back to staff’s home.

ARK is limited in what we can do for them.
The fastest way for them is to be adopted as soon as possible, and have a lot of great experience while they are spending time with people as a member of the family.

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A very very special miracle happened today!
Shibu and Silky were rehomed!!

Here is their article before -> Shibu and Silky

It is not an easy task for stray kittens who came to ARK when they were 4 months old to adjust themselves to human society and sharing happiness with humans. Love and effort are not good enough to solve this issue.
Even changing place at ARK gives stress to Shibu and Silky.
So, they were living in a small room together.
I wrote about them on the blog before, but it was a last resort. They take only to staff members taking care of them, and they are sensitive to changes. I almost gave up the idea of finding them new family.

Today, we had a future cat adopter. They also met pretty and friendly kittens at ARK. However, they kindly said, “these kittens still have hope. If we found them by ourselves, there would be no choice. We will adopt ones whom ARK wants us to adopt.”.
Of course, Shibu and Silky did not show their good side to a potential adopter.
Not only refusing to be held, they did not let them touch.
Even so, they told us “it’s okay. we are not planning to have them as our toy”.
They are a married couple who love cats, understand cats and respect cats.

I am sooo excited with joy!!!!

And one more great story we had in the end of last year.

It is about sister dogs, Zelinda and Zelda.
Please read this article first -> The Secret Inheritance

We tweeted a bit about it, but Zelda was rehomed in the end of last year!

It is difficult to rehome a: …”bigger middle sized dog”, “mix-bleed”, “timid”, “shy”, “with health problems (inclu. prescription food)”, “old”.
These dogs match all the conditions above except for old.

We were happy that Zelda was rehomed, but heartwarming story did not end. It may be fate or some kind of link.

Zelda once gave her blood to one dog who was from ARK when the dog was sick and needed blood transfusion.
That dog had been fighting against the disease and overcame it once, but finally gone to heaven.
Zelda was adopted by the married couple who had that dog.
The day that Zelda was rehomed, was the day that dog’s death anniversary.

Sad memory day became the day the next happiness began.

When we took the photo at her new home, Zelda could show her “inherited skill” without being requested.
Speciall skill was surely handed down from her father Zara.

Hope my sis Zelinda also will get her happiness.

Atlas also got his happiness as a member of new family. It seems this year would be a good year!!

No, we will try to make this year good!!

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Happy New Year

We tweeted yesterday, but this year’s first snow piles.
This photo is before it piled up.
We saw car accidents or skid marks everywhere around...

At ARK, water pipe got frozen and water was cut off. Water still not has come back on today.

Animal care cannot be stopped even during New Year holidays. We are doing as usual. But we cannot say to visitors and future adopters, “Please come visit us!” in this snow.
It is sunny today but the temperature does not rise. I am worried about how when this snow melts..
If you plan to visit ARK, please call us and check in advance.

This is Otsuru who put his face in the snow.
Fun isn’t it, Otsu!!
It is not easy to walk on a frozen snow, but dogs do not care about it!

2011 started with snow panic at ARK.
Your continuous support will be much appreciated this year too!

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