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Spiv and Tsugumi

Tsugumi has been staying at KK’s house.
When I foster a dog from ARK, basically “one dog” is allowed as already I have several dogs. (It’s kind of a limit number for giving good care) But this time, Spiv came to live with us too, until his Adopter or Foster family is found.

Check out why Spiv has to be fostered…

Butchan seems to like Tsugumi so much. He friendly licks her, tries to play and shows his love to her everyday.

But Tsugumi is a type of girl who does not want to be with other dogs.
Her only hope is sticking to someone, human only.
She ignored my dogs who came to play with her.
She seemed annoyed by Butchan, but the 9th day of Butchan’s stay, his love succeeded.

Since then, Tsugumi seems she realized how fun it is to play with another dog. She spontaneously wants to play with Butchan.
But she is still a beginner. Sometimes she does it too much and the play becomes a fight.

Butchan is good at hanging out with other dogs, and teaches how to play well.
Tsugumi used to be just quiet and spoiled, but recently she showed her hidden side and new behavior.
She does Play bow.
Well, still looks clumsy…

Maybe “new experience” such as joining Adoption event is one of the triggers.

3 y.o. Butchan who was born with a little disability and Babesiasis, living in animal hospital/rescue shelter, taught Tsugumi who had been chained up outside of an entrance alone until she turned to be 9 y.o, how fun to play with other dogs.

These two seem to play so happily, then Kamome who loves other dogs could not stop herself to join!
Kamome had tried many times to play with Tsugumi and Butchan, and never worked. But finally the time has….!

…not come.

Probably she is big enough to be scared.
Kamome is still 3yo, just wants to play together…

I thought Tsugumi is not interested in other dogs. But that was not true.

I knew that Butchan can get along with other dogs. But I did not know he can be a lovely teacher.

I may have forgotten that dogs, not only Tsugumi and Butchan, have hidden unlimited abilities. Dogs may show their new ability, depending on the dogs/people spending time with, or environment.

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Little monsters, Kate and Nick

Compared to middle size dogs or big size ones, small dogs are tend to find their adopters easily. Sometimes they are rehomed (meaning, adopted) before they are up on a web page.

But, Kate and Nic have been in ARK for a long time.

Kate is tough, selfish, and picky.
well, in other words, she bites..

But let me explain to her credit, she is so attached to the staff member who is taking care of her. She is obedient and honest, never bites.

And she is very smart.
She recognizes the footsteps of the regular volunteer.
Of course I am sure she can get along with an adopter.

Nic has a strong attitude only when he is in a cage or being with his mom, Kate.
Real Nic is a timid and calm boy who relies on the people near him.

He was a good boy when he came to ARK.
However, the longer he stays at ARK, the worse he behaves.
That’s because of the stress he got.

For Kate and Nic, their real enemy at ARK is me, K.K.
I did not visit them recently, then I was disliked without knowing it ☹
The reason they hate me is that I bringa a big and noisy dog, Ardbeg.
When they notice I am in the room next to theirs, they become noisy.
(Ardbeg already left ARK…., Kate and Nic used to be calm even for being photo taken…)
I wanna cry…

We want them enjoy the life at ARK, want get rid of their stress and want to get connected with them. We try to find the time to be with them in their feeding time or walking them.

But the best solution is that Kate and Nic be rehomed.
We have been waiting for the day that their new families come for them…

Nic also can get along with cats.
Oh, Kaka is much bigger than you…

“I’m also waiting for somebody who picks me up from here. Call meaw!”

You also can donate dog food for Kate and Nic!

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Adoption event at Gorge OSAKA on 19th Dec 2010

20101219s1.jpg 20101219s3.jpg
20101219s4.jpg 20101219s7.jpg
An adoption event was held at George OSAKA on 19 Dec 2010.
We arrived at George before the store opened, then went for walk to the nearest park, Utsubo park.
Two legs ate lunch there.
It was supposed to be a relaxing lunch time under the sun, but we could not relax due to the dogs’ demanding too much attention!
You will have your own dog food after the adoption event starts, pals…!

Actually, no one found their new home on that day.
However, a lot of people came visit us at the event. Some became ARK’s members, some brought donation stuff, some bought ARK’s goods and ex-ARK dogs also came with their families.

The event was very fruitful this time too.
And the stars at the event were…

20101219s5.jpg 20101219s10.jpg
20101219s12.jpg 20101219s11.jpg
This is Tsugumi.
After Ardbeg was rehomed, she has been fostered in my family.
Tsugumi is spoiled, and always chased me during the event.
But I ignored her and took pictures of other dogs, then she lay down with snorting, or dancing hard to get my attention.
This made the people around her smile.

There was no call for Tsugumi since her profile was up on the website. However, two families came to the event to see Tsugumi this time and that’s a good sign!

Muchy's appeal was successful with her innocence and activeness against her age, 13yo. She got so much attention.
Her activeness was a bit too much and had a little fight with the dogs of visitors or other ARK’s participant dogs.
You are adult enough and a mother of two dogs. You ruined the script of the role for “calm, full of motherhood and gentle old dog”!

Kinoe is a female dog who can get along with other dogs so well. She is playful and knows when to quit. She is good for the family who already has a dog because she is friendly and gentle.
She can calmly wait and sit for food.
She got some food from the hand of a child.

Hana, she looks good in Santa Clause outfit, doesn’t she?
She looks so laid-back, healing type girl and of course she was popular that day.
She is not aggressive and even small children did not get scared.
She is litter trained perfectly and has a great personality. But she cannot find her new home due to congenital cardiac disease and being on medicine.
Meds are preventive ones and no exercise limitations. We hope she will be able to find her new family who can welcome her as is.
ARK’s winter is too cold especially for her. We hope she can have a chance to get away from this.

20101219s6_1.jpg 20101219s8.jpg
Orange Pekoe was nervous and afraid, but gradually got used to the event’s atmosphere. In the end, she could play with toys with visitors and could have some food.

Opposite to her, Assam was relaxed from the beginning.
He ate a lot and could even pee there.
In the middle of the event, Hana consistently bothered the two and barked at them. Assam was so manly brave and gave Hana a Cat punch without hesitation.
During then, Pekoe was hiding herself behind the brave brother, waiting quietly in a safe place until the thing ended.

Hana seemed that she could not get along with cats, at least we thought so then, but she seems okay to live cats. Because on the way back to ARK, Assam escaped from his basket and bumped into with Hana who was free in a car. But Hana did not get excited even Assam sniffed her nose.

Those who got interested in them, please let us know. They are waiting for their new families!!

>>> Post Event Note on 24th Dec 2010 >>>

Hana was rehomed!!
She could spend her Christmas and new year inside of a warm house.
Congrats, Hana!

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ARK’s 20th Anniversary Finale Party

20101212s.jpg 20101212s1_1.jpg
20101212s2.jpg 20101212s7.jpg
ARK's 20th Anniversary Finale Party was held at Hotel Hankyu International, Umeda OSAKA on 12th Dec 2010.

The finale party started with a congratulatory speech from Simon Fisher the British Consul General. We really had a great, heartwarming, fruitful and memorable night with our 74 “friends” gathering for the party.

Flowers were also received from many people.
The former Home minister Kunio Hatoyama who is very famous as a dog lover gave us a congratulatory telegram.

Also, 4 dogs came from Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to celebrate our anniversary.
Daisuke, the brown long hair dog in the middle, is originally from ARK.
These dogs are all rescued dogs who overcame various issues and their fates.

The representative of Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People shared their story about training rescued dogs to become hearing dogs. She also talked about the relationship between ARK and them. Her speech moved me, and I am sure everyone at the party felt the same.

20101212s6.jpg 20101212s4.jpg
20101212s3.jpg 20101212s5.jpg
Great food and beautiful piano music made the party special, and we all could talk and know each other more.

Many of ARK’s volunteers also attended.
We see them mostly in muddy doggy smelling clothes, but they all were dressed up at the party. I (aka K.K.) admired them in beautiful dress and kimono. They all were stunning!

20101212s8.jpg 20101212s10.jpg
20101212s9.jpg 20101212s12_1.jpg
Status update of Sanctuary was reported there.
Charity raffle (JP page only)and Auction made a big success. Your kind donation helped the Sanctuary project go another step forward.
Panel exhibit displayed “The plan for Sanctuary”, “20 years history of ARK” and 3stories from this blog.

Quiz was placed on each table. That was “Quiz rally for 20 years history”. But we forgot to show the answers for these questions. Please check it here for the answers.

Q&A for 20years ARK history

This day was also Ms.Oliver’s birthday. We gave her bouquet as surprise present and sang her Happy birthday.

We would like to thank Hotel Hankyu International for supporting us in many ways. Our preparation was tense and not so perfect. Sometimes abrupt changes happened, but thanks to their support, we could have this wonderful party.

We greatly appreciated that we could have our 20th anniversary party at this wonderful hotel with first class hotel service.

We also thank all the people who joined the party and joined the raffle though postal giro.

We, all the ARK staff members, will work together to follow Ms. Oliver who started this from nothing until now. We will keep doing our best for animal’s bright future. Thank you for your continuous support.

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