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ARK’s Report

Sorry it took us soooooo long to update the blog…
This is a report of the previous week of Nov. 29, 2010.


Visla jumping on the table and toward the open window almost gave us a heart attack at Adoption event in Oct. She was adopted and left ARK. Her new family is a married couple who likes walking dogs and can handle her problem behavior (i.e. jumping everywhere! Trying to run away!) with a strong will. We were happy to take her to these reliable guardians.
Visla, don’t be difficult for your new daddy & mommy.
Be sure to listen to your big sister Kabu!

And one of the cats who was rescued from Izumi-shi, Gonzo also found his new family. Gonzo is the one who has allergies and has a weak constitution, and vaccinations had been postponed.
His eyes were swollen with itchiness, medication was a must and prescription food was also necessary to avoid stomachache. Honestly, we thought his rehoming was only a dream.

We are relieved because his adopter is a vet nurse and perfect for him.
We believe that his allergic condition will be better once he starts the life in his new family, relaxed and without stress.

There are many animals who cannot solve their health issue or problem behavior due to the stress from the life in shelter.Gonzo and Visla are our rising stars!

Then , we quickly started tearing down Visla’s kennel.
Kennels are to be rebuilt for the repair work of drainpipes.
Facilities are aging everywhere in ARK which becomes 20 years old this year.
Maintenance staff members try to reduce the cost and recycle the stuff as much as possible, but still big amount of money needed…

Gee….. we desperately need kennels as many as possible for accepting rescued animals, but no choice..
We staff members are so happy to see the animals leaving ARK. On the other hand, we still are at a loss about the animals that keeping coming and are waiting for space to get in.

Many animals have been the victims of the recession these days.


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An exciting day!

Lots of potential foster families and volunteers came along today and turned it into a day full of excitement! Four dogs and one cat found foster families! ☆☆☆
The adopted dogs were Kuku, Koko (not yet pictured on our website with Kuku and the foster family), and Beck, while Visla will be picked up when her foster family is ready.

The adopted cat, Mrs. See, wasn’t on the website yet either, but has gone to her foster family. Mrs. See was one of the cats from the large-scale Izumi City rescue.

At ARK, we groom and trim our brides and grooms before sending them off to their new families, and Beck just happened to have had a shampoo the day before.
He was so cute that we took his picture.
This was his second shampoo since coming to ARK and I think it was most likely his second shampoo in his entire life.

Just by chance, he had been shampooed the day before and the next day he finds a new home. It must be fate! ☆☆☆

The others were also happy to leave ARK, and I just wish I’d had more time to take photos for this blog. Unfortunately, this is the only photo from that day…

Tomorrow, Dica will be picked up.
Before the cold winter arrives, we’d like as many of our animals as possible to find warm homes and start their new lives.

If it was this busy every day, we wouldn’t mind at all!

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Yes, it’s true.
Ardbeg, who was temporarily fostered at KK’s house, has found a new family!

Actually, he had experienced a trial period at a different home before this.
Unfortunately, he and the family were not compatible and their lifestyles didn’t really match, so he was returned to us.
Ard was quite attached to that potential foster family and the family members did their very best for him too, but unfortunately, they had no other choice but to make this difficult decision.

(As a basic rule, ARK does not usually allow a trial period, but in special cases, trial periods are allowed.)

                (This photo shows the late Koruri, and Ard is on the far left.)

Ard became emotionally unstable after he was returned to us and problematic behavior began to surface due to separation anxiety. It wasn’t the fault of the family he spent the trial period with, but for Ard, having to move around from here to there just because of what we humans decided for him turned his insecurities and dissatisfaction into emotional dependence.

In our efforts to provide the best chance for him to be rehomed, we put him through an unnecessary experience, but we couldn’t have predicted this outcome.
It wouldn’t have been a problem for a dog that was sociable and could easily adapt to new surroundings, but Ard is a sensitive and temperamental dog, and the shock was tremendous for him.

He's not really dog-like, but rather complex and so is uniquely appealing. There was the option of Ard becoming a full-time member of KK’s family, but we can’t say that he was really compatible with our dogs, so we’re very thankful to the family who offered to take him in. We didn’t want to further confuse him by moving him around just because it’s convenient for humans.

We no longer have anything to worry about.
We firmly believe that Ard has finally found his place.

However, Ard still doesn’t quite comprehend his new living situation and is in the midst of his transition period. His foster family is trying to help him to settle in and their deep affection and strong will are sure to help ease his transition.

This one photo was taken the day Ard finally met his foster family.
Ard’s standoffishness makes us smile.
Sorry we made you go through all this, but now you can rest assured that you’ve found your forever home.

We thank all of you who sent encouraging messages to Ard, and we pray that he will quickly understand and accept his surroundings so that he can live comfortably and peacefully.

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The 2010 Animal Welfare Festa

We went to the 2010 Animal Welfare Festa on Sunday 7 November.
The event is held by NPO Doubutsu Aigo wo Suishou Suru Kai (an NPO Promoting Animal Welfare), Takatsuki Veterinary Association, and Takatsuki city every year. This year, about 11 (I think it was 11...) animal welfare organisations that are based in Osaka participated.
Butchan and Mochi represented ARK at the event.
They had a sleepover at KK's home the day before, and went to join the event in their best condition.
Here is the report.

20101107s1.jpg 20101107s3.jpg
20101107s2.jpg 20101107s5.jpg
We decided just the day before to let Mochi (Butchan's roommate) join the event.

He was nervous, though he started to show off his "sit" and "wait" skills and proudly asked for treats from children.
When he was given a treat, he would gently take it from their hands, without jumping up onto people out of being excited and happy (like Butchan); Mochi is a calm gentle dog who was popular with people.

He was so popular, someone wanted to take him home, but was disappointed to find that they couldn’t take him home that day....

20101107s6.jpg 20101107s9.jpg
20101107s7.jpg 20101107s01.jpg
Butchan seemed so happy to be there; he was wagging his tail at dogs and people.
There were people there who had read the ARK Tails blog and came to see him.
They told us that he was much cuter in person (in dog!) than in his photos.

He was reunited with the vets from the animal hospital where he stayed when he was a puppy, and was able to show them how far he’s come in terms of learning to fit into society and enjoy his life outside of isolation.
Butchan also remembered them and was just so happy to be around them.

We hope this occasion will be an opportunity for more people to show an interest in becoming a sponsor.
It would be even better if we could find a foster family for them....

Ah, and there were some other happy encounters for the kids at ARK who are waiting and hoping to find a foster family.

Mochi also met some people who may be interested in becoming his foster family☆

"Let's sleep for now and wait for the good news."

Yep, let's go to bed early today...

We’d like to thank all the ARK supporters who help us with daily chores and events, thank you very much for also helping us on this day!
Your help is very important and precious to us!!!
(We couldn’t do what we do without our supporters, and we look forward to working with you again and again~)

Osaka ARK Adoption Event in Kobe
Date:14 November 2010 (Sun) 12:00-16:00
Location:GREEN DOG SQUARE(グリーンドッグスクエア)

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Butchan is a precious little boy

Spiv is a sponsored dog, and everybody calls him Butchan.
Butchan gets along well with other dogs, and he’s a very friendly and happy boy who will be 3 years old soon.
When he was younger, he was bit picky and he would panic about changes in his surroundings.

His current roommate is Mochi.
He’s young, cute and has a small frame, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to find a new home. Why has he not found a foster family? Why has he ended up as a sponsored dog?

We wanted to give him the experience of a short sleepover the other day, so we took him home with us after work and brought him back to ARK the next morning.

Why did we do this?
I’ll tell you why we decided to do it.

Butchan warmed up to KK's husband right away even though it was the first time they’d met.

Butchan came to ARK when he was just a puppy. He has a condition in which his anus is detached from his rectum.
Through surgical procedure, he’s able to poop, though his anus is less controlled and sensitive than dogs without this kind of condition, and sometimes poops can get backed up and then pour out.
However, if his poop hardens too much, he can’t poop it out and this can cause a serious problem.
He takes stool softener every day, and he has to eat Hill's i/d canned wet food (it has to be a large can because he gets diarrhoea with smaller cans - it must be a slight difference in the formulation) and Hill's dry food for puppies.
After trial and error, this menu was found to be the most suitable for his diet, and it has been set for him.

He was able to pee on his own.

Another obstacle is that he is a carrier of Babesia.

Canine Babesiosis is a tick-borne disease caused by a protozoan blood parasite called Babesia.
It can cause complications such as anaemia; currently there is no cure and it’s impossible to completely eradicate the parasite from the system.
What’s more, even if the symptoms don’t appear, if the dog’s immune system is weakened or the body undergoes any stress, it can recur.

Butchan only knows his dog enclosure at ARK and the hospital, but he jumped onto this bench with no problem.
Eh... well we’ve got a rule that no dogs are allowed up there …

We’ve been monitoring Butchan carefully, trying to avoid stressful situations so that his immune system isn’t weakened and Babesia won’t be triggered.
We try to avoid anything that could possibly be stressful to him by locating him in an enclosure where only people he knows come by, putting him in a nice, dry hospital crate when it rains, and not to taking him into new or unfamiliar environments.

Butchan jumps onto our entertainment centre without a moment’s hesitation.
We were pleasantly surprised and kept on snapping photos.

He generally has a good time at ARK - he looks forward to his daily walk, staff and volunteers visit him and play with him, and he plays with other dogs.

But is his isolated life giving him the happiness and the quality of life he deserves?
I think he shouldn’t settle just for happiness in his isolated life but also outside of it, and hope to find his own loving family.

He was really curious about the TV.

Even if Butchan doesn’t find a permanent home, he should be able to enjoy going to events, having sleepovers at the homes of staff, and going out in general.
But then again, is he satisfied with his current life?
And even if he is rehomed, managing his condition is not easy and we worry that he may get easily stressed after being adopted.

Butchan got a fright when the TV screen was turned off and switched instead to the sound system for music. Here he is peaking at the TV from a safe distance.

We have discussed Butchan on different occasions with staff from the clinic and those who are assigned to take care of him. Everyone is worried about him; he required so much care and attention when he was a small puppy.

We started with a day trip to go out and about, and to see people and society.
It went very well. He enjoyed everything that he saw for the first time, and he didn’t get stressed by all the stimuli of big city life.

No abnormalities have been found in his routine blood tests, and he even seems to enjoy visiting the hospital where he spent many months when he was a small puppy.

And here is the next step: to have an experience of sleeping over at a regular household.
KK took him home after work and came back to work the next morning with him.

My goal is the Animal Welfare Festa at Momozono Elementary School, Takatsuki city, Osaka on 7th of November.

We’ll have him sleep over at KK's home the day before, and then he’ll go to the event to meet people and enjoy their company and warmth.
We hope to find Butchan a foster family or at least a sponsor.
If you are interested in Butchan, please come to animal welfare festa to meet him.

***2010 Animal Welfare Festa***
 Date: 7 November 2010 (Sun) 10:00~15:00
 Location: At the playground and gym of Momozono Elementary School, Takatsuki city, Osaka

For details on how to become a sponsor, please click
How to become a sponsor

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Halloween BBQ Party

On 31 October (Sun), we had our Halloween BBQ party at ARK's future location, where the new sanctuary will be.
The weather forecast was not looking too good due to a typhoon approaching us, but the forecast had changed for the better the day before and there even was a sunny symbol, so we were not too worried.
And also the bad weather could just clear up.
However, we weren’t so lucky this time...

You can see a group of umbrellas, and you may not see much rain there, but it was raining quite a bit even during this photo session.
Before the party started, the rain would stop here and there, and the sky even revealed glimpses of light blue...

20101031e.jpg 20101031c.jpg
20101031g.jpg 20101031f.jpg
Our original plan was to interview participants of the parade as well as those in costume, but it wasn’t really possible in this rain.
So we decided to change our plan and start serving food.
We had Ms. Oliver's homemade lamb and roast beef, Ms. Oliver's special dip, salad, and baked potatoes.
The foster family of Binky, who volunteer at ARK on a regular basis, also helped us out with ethnic stir-fried noodles.

20101031b.jpg 20101031i.jpg
20101031h.jpg 20101031k.jpg
We’d like to thank all the people who gathered with warm hearts in this bad weather.
Cold rain that never seemed to stop made us feel guilty, but everyone’s warm smiles made the food taste even more delicious and things became really good fun.
The dogs were having fun running around in the dog run - they didn't mind about the rain at all.

And when it was the time for the costume contest, making a decision among all the unique and cute costumes was just difficult.

20101031d.jpg 20101031a.jpg
20101031j.jpg 20101031l.jpg
For the "Oliver Prize," Ebisu's sponsor trio was chosen. They visit ARK once every couple of weeks to see the animals and keep the dogs company.
For the "Best Halloween Prize," Zara, who became an Afro dog, was chosen. Zara was bit startled by his own sudden transition to a whole new image.
For "ARK Tail Prize," Sasuke and Happeny’s family was chosen. Their idea of dressing up as their dogs because the dogs refused to wear costumes, was brilliant.
The winners of the "Oliver Prize" and "Best Halloween Prize" got some ARK merchandise, and the winners of the "ARK Tail Prize" get their photos featured in our blog entry. See!

The other costumes were all interesting and very well put together, and it was unfortunate that we couldn’t have our parade.
We were waiting for the rain to stop so we could go ahead with the parade, but the weather just wasn’t in our favour that day.
Such a pity – but one of our staff went ahead with a "solo parade" in the rain...

The ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition at Tenkachaya, Osaka is open till tomorrow. Please click for details →Gallery Ashitanohako

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