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Good Bye and Thank You, Koruri

This is my personal news. My beloved dog Koruri has passed away, gone over the rainbow. I contemplated whether or not I should post this on the ARK blog, but Koruri had served as a trainer and helped rehabilitate ARK dogs with behavioral problems, and she made an appearance on the ARK blog from time to time. If Koruri disappeared from the ARK blog with no explanation, our readers and supporters might have wondered what happened to her, so I decided to post my personal news here on the blog.

The cause of her death was heat stroke. The weather had been cooling off, but that day it had gotten a bit hot again, and she fainted during her walk that morning. The temperature outside before we went for the walk was 26 ℃, she had a wet bandana around her neck just in case, and as usual we would stop for water during our walk.
The two other dogs who were with us that day didn’t show any signs of abnormality, and Koruri was also fine until the very moment she fainted. She was rushed to the hospital and received treatment, but she quietly passed away on the morning of the third day. She was 5 years and 8 months old.

Our house has with air conditioning 24 hours a day, and our dogs live inside the house.
She had survived right through this summer's heat wave without getting sick, she showed no irregularities the day before or in the morning of that day, and she had no problem with her appetite or with going to toilet. Ever since she came to join our family when she was 4 months old, she never had any health problems and she was a completely healthy girl.

This is just an assumption after all this happened, but we think the abnormal reading in her liver and kidneys that showed up in a blood test when she was hospitalised for heat stroke may have had something to do with triggering the heat stroke.

Rapid changes in temperature may be have played a role. Our vet told us that no matter what precautions you take to prevent it, when it happens, it happens.

We have three other dogs besides Koruri.
Kamome is a Great Dane who is prone to potentially fatal conditions such as gastric volvulus and stroke. Rega, our Weimaraner, is a sickly dog, and Michiru is ten years old. We would be mentally prepared if anything happened to them. But Koruri was young and had no health issues - how can her life be taken away by heat stroke? My husband and I are simply shocked and still cannot believe it. Others who took a walk with us that day were all fine, even without any sign of tiredness. How could this happen to Koruri...?
No matter how much I think of her, she’s no longer here with us. I will have to accept that no matter how long it takes. I just can’t mourn her passing enough, but I have to move forward. I hope all of you are able to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones so that you won’t be left with so much sadness when you suddenly have to say goodbye.

ARK has lost an excellent trainer in the rehabilitation of dogs with behavioural problems, and the loss is tremendous. She had the instinct of a trainer in giving guidance to others. She was wonderful and very reliable. Now that we’ve lost her, our home can no longer serve as a "tiger's den."

Koruri's name came from the little blue bird "Koruri." And just like her name, she brought so much happiness to many dogs and foster families.

I would like to thank Koruri for contributing so much to help ARK dogs for rehabilitation. Koruchin, thank you so much for everything.

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September 18th (Sat) Green Dog Adoption Fair Report

On September 18th (Sat), the first day of “silver week,” an adoption fair was held at Green Dog in Kobe. Although there were fewer people than usual, it was lively with families who came to meet certain dogs or cats, and others who expressed an interest in volunteering and in the activities of ARK in general.

Our cat representatives this time round were two and a half month old kittens named Darjeeling and Earl Grey.
Darjeeling wasn’t afraid at all and happily played with a toy, but Earl Grey seemed a bit nervous and hid in the house to check out what was going on.

As the number of people in the room increased, Mocchi would go hide in the corner, but everyone was so kind to her. As those acts of kindness got through to Mocchi, her usual smile returned during the latter half of the fair and she began take initiative in approaching visitors.
She’s a bit shy in the beginning, but is very good with other dogs and she’s such an elegant dog. We highly recommend Mocchi!

Winkythe papillon and a puppy named Zakuro were playing with each other the whole time.
It’s unbelievable that although Winky is missing an eye, he’s so friendly, has excellent coordination and is really energetic.

Zakuro Zakuro the puppy found a new home! It’ll be just a little while more at ARK until your new family comes to pick you up, Zakuro.♪

There were people who came to see Ard. His looks attract a lot of people, but his breed isn’t an easy one to care for, so finding a new home for him may take time.

We don’t want these animals ever to experience abandonment again, so we’re very careful when selecting new families for them. It’s crucial for new families to be well prepared for the arrival of their new family member.

What’s this?
Earl Grey played with children and in just a few hours got completely used to it.
Ard, were you worried too?

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Welcome to Barn’s Kindergarten☆

At the moment, there are a lot of kittens at ARK.

These kittens come to ARK for various reasons and under differing circumstances.
Some of them are still shy or less sociable, but they’re really adorable and affectionate. When someone comes in, they get excited. “Play with me!” “Pet me!” “What’s that?”A little party breaks out among them.
It’s like Heaven for cat lovers, and it gets hard to leave the room.

Newly born kittens are hard to take care of, but kittens between the ages of 2 months and 1 year old are mostly easy to take care of and to live with. Caring for them would be easy even for people who’ve never had a cat before.

The kittens that were suffering from cold or who were in a weakened condition when first rescued are now done with their neutering and spaying – all they have to do now is wait for the day they find their new home and leave ARK behind them.
They’re waiting for your love☆

They will be participating in the Green Dog Doption Event!

*If you are interested in becoming a foster family, please read the link below and contact us.*

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Snow White and the 5 Puppies

Snow White came to ARK about a year ago.
According to the person who rescued her, she was abandoned with her 5 puppies in front of a house.

A rusty chain was attached to her raggedy red leather collar, and from her long, unclipped nails we could tell that she’d been chained up for a long time

When Snow White was rescued, she was suffering from severe anaemia, abdominal dropsy (fluid retention in the abdomen), and a severe case of filaria.

No matter how many times we drained her stomach, fluid would soon return, and her anaemia did not show much sign of improvement despite prolonged treatment. This was because she was sacrificing her own health to take care of her 5 puppies.

After her puppies had left her, people thought that she couldn’t get along with other dogs, so she spent her days alone.

Snow White’s enclosure was right by the entrance to ARK, and a lot of people would walk by and/or peek in. She’s scared of men she doesn’t know and so she was living under stress every day.

Recently, one of our staff suggested that we keep her in the office, and we decided to give the idea a shot.
We thought she wasn’t too fond of other dogs, but it seems she doesn’t really mind them. Since she’s been going out for walks with other dogs and has been spending time in the office, she’s found it easier to get along with other dogs, even those we thought were going to be tricky.
In the beginning, she was very sick and was taking care of her growing puppies – perhaps her nervousness and general attitude were self-defence mechanisms.

Now she gets the most comfortable spot in the office and is turning into a cute couch potato.

When she was first rescued, we estimated her to be about 10 years old, but she may be younger than that...
The sparkle in her warm, black eyes is not typical of a senior dog.
Perhaps illness and stress can also make a dog age faster?
Snow White is a tough lady, who is elegant, modest and quiet.

Living in the office is not so bad, but we really would love to see you finding your own loving family, Snow White!

ARK Osaka Adoption Event in Kobe
Date:18 September 2010 (Sat) 12:00-16:00
Location:GREEN DOG SQUARE(グリーンドッグスクエア)

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ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition in Umeda

The photo exhibition to celebrate Ark’s 20th anniversary has begun!
This 3-day exhibition will be held from today until the 5th (Sunday) at 10:30 pm on the concourse of Hankyu Umeda Station.
Compared to an exhibition at a gallery or an adoption event, the exhibition at Umeda Station, in the centre of Osaka where millions and millions of people pass by, is a great opportunity to bring the topic of animal welfare to the public eye from a very different angle.
There are no sad photos, so people who don’t want to see those less happy photos can still come to visit us.
Ark’s animals, who have been captured by photographer Kyoko Harada, look at us with warm eyes through these photos. When you look into the eyes of these animals, who never give up on trusting people despite having experienced their selfishness, it will warm your heart.


ARK staff will be there from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have! Elizabeth Oliver will be making an appearance as well. We look forward to seeing all of you over the next two days!

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition in Umeda
Date: September 3 (Fri) - September 5 (Sun)
Time: 9:00-20:00 (Photographs can be viewed at other times as well)
Place: The concourse of Hankyu Dentetsu Umeda Station, between the Big Man (large-screen TV) and Kinokuniya bookstore.

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Silky and Shibu

A group of primary school students applied and became the foster family of kittens that were seeking foster homes on the Internet. Of course they didn’t tell their parents.

They received a cage with 3 kittens at a nearby park, and tried to keep them on their own, but they were quickly caught.
The kids lived in an apartment complex that didn’t allow pets, and someone was also allergic to cats. They couldn’t even keep the kittens temporarily, and they had to hand them over to the police.
So their parents contacted ARK.

These kittens shouldn’t have been handed over to the children, but that’s another matter, which we’ll discuss some other time. These kittens, born to a stray mother, were named Shibu, Silky, and Seeley. They were already 4 months old, so their time to be socialised had already passed a while ago.
They came to ARK in a rabbit cage covered with their own poop and pee, and they were huddled tightly together out of fear for their safety because they had gone through so many changes in their environment.

Seeley is doing a little better in terms of adjusting – he isn’t friendly to everyone but he has gotten used to people a lot and is now living separately from the other two at our other cat enclosure. However, Shibu and Silky are still on the defensive side when it comes to people.

Fortunately, they’ve been able to start adjusting to life at ARK and to the staff who are taking care of them - though sometimes when I peak into the cage, their expression freezes.

Even though we tell foster family applicants, “when they get used to their environment, they play with their toys and they’re really adorable,” it’s not very convincing when they hide in front of them or show people their defensive side...

So we wanted to show the world the adorable side of these kittens when they put their guard down. The staff who take care of them took some photos and videos of them.

Like this one of Shibu...

And this one of Silky...

And here’s a video clip!
We’re waiting for your request to become their foster family!!!

[広告 ] VPS

[広告 ] VPS

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition in Umeda
Date: September 3 (Fri) - September 5 (Sun)
Time: 9:00-20:00 (Photographs can be viewed at other times as well)
Place: The concourse of Hankyu Dentetsu Umeda Station, between the Big Man (large-screen TV) and Kinokuniya bookstore.

Things needed at ARK (Things we are short of...)
Things to clean Dachshunds' ears
 ・Zymox Otic Ear Protector
 ・Epiotic Ear Wash Liquid
Important for protection at this time of year:
 ・Cat Frontline
 ・Dog and Cat Frontline Spray

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