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Triple Happiness

I'm Robin.
ARK was very lively today.

Even in the hustle and bustle, I saw something very special.
Three of my buddies left ARK with huge smiles.

The first was Baby Pink.
She was used as a breeding machine.
Her new father and mother brought Pochi Maru whom they had previously taken home from ARK.

Then there's Wizard.
A family that had participated in an adoption fair offered to become his new family.

And finally, Marron, who had requested a foster family, has found a happy ending.
Not a foster family, but a permanent family.
The couple who has taken her home expressed an interest in me too, but since I'm
still 7 years old and not ill, they said I probably still have other chances.
I wonder if that's true…?

I was asked, "Do you want to come with Marron?" but I declined.
I don't like other dogs too much.
I'd rather be the only dog in the family!

The staff here seem very busy, but also very happy.
The new families who adopted these dogs shared in that happiness.
A trio of happy dogs created a wave of abundant happiness.
If this chain of happiness continues, maybe a tidal wave of happiness will arrive…!!!
Maybe I'll trust in the words that Marron's new mother said that I'll have a chance someday too.

GEORGE Osaka Adoption Fair
Date & Time: August 7 (Sat) 12:00-17:00
1-20-9 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
TEL: 06-6147-2900


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Mako and Mikan

Mako and Mikan came to ARK when their previous owner was asked by building management to get rid of them because there was a restaurant on the floor below them.
It seemed as if their owner really loved the two of them, so we couldn't hide our surprise that they were so dirty.

Mako and Mikan couldn't tell the difference between their bathroom and their bed.
Wherever they were sitting, whether it was inside their house or not, that was where they went to the bathroom.
But having urine on their bodies seemed to be uncomfortable, so then they cleaned themselves diligently.

Rabbits are animals that like cleanliness.
Even without being taught, they naturally separate their bathroom place from their sleeping place.
So how on earth did these rabbits develop such aberrant behaviors? What kind of conditions where they kept in?

Using a variety of different methods the staff looking after them has been able to make huge improvements in comparison with when they first arrived. They keep their cage much cleaner now.
However, there's still a lot of room for improvement in both their skin condition and their ability to keep a clean cage...

It's difficult to make progress because some of their current problems are due to stress.
There are dogs barking all around them and when people come and see them, it's to quickly clean the cage and feed them, not to brush and cuddle them.

When we see how much they enjoy being petted and their mischievous faces when we come to do the cleaning, it breaks our hearts.
There aren't that many people who want to adopt rabbits, but we would like to find a home someday for these two where they can have peace of mind and a family to look after them.

GEORGE Osaka Adoption Fair
Date & Time: August 7 (Sat) 12:00-17:00
1-20-9 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
TEL: 06-6147-2900

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Midsummer Greetings

Bronze Lulu
Is everybody doing well in this sweltering heat?

Even though ARK is in the mountains with small streams flowing nearby, we still have to take precautions against the heat. The animals who have air conditioning in their enclosures are fine, but for the dogs and cats who have outdoor enclosures, we have to make conditions cooler for them using netting, wood screening and wooden blinds.

We can hear the sound of cicadas as the sun goes down and the temperature starts to cool a little.
I went to take a picture of the dog enclosures just after 7pm.

Many of the dogs sleep were sleeping on cement ground rather than in the dog houses.
The cement must feel nice and cool.

Oh, did I wake you?
I'm sorry, Zelda.

GEORGE Osaka Adoption Fair
Date & Time: August 7 (Sat) 12:00-17:00
1-20-9 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
TEL: 06-6147-2900

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7/18 (Sun) Adoption Fair Update

An adoption fair was held at Green Dog in Kobe on Sunday, July 18th.
It was a very hot day as the rainy season had just ended, but the dogs spent the day in the comfort of the air-conditioned Green Dog store.
Thanks to air conditioning, adoption fairs during the summer are no problemo!

Punba was adopted once when he was a puppy, but he was returned to ARK when the family could no longer care for him. When he came back he was skittish and jumpy, but he's relaxed a lot since then, so he still manages to have a good time at ARK.
We were worried about how he would do in the adoption fair environment, surrounded by lots of strangers, but he exceeded our expectations and was actively enjoying himself.
That's not to say that there weren't moments when he would hide under a table, but he didn't have to rely on treats or staff members to get him out into the action again.
He was also very calm in the parking lot.
Looks like the socializing he's been receiving once a week has paid off!

A puppy's heart is full of energy!
She showed no fear and jumped around everywhere.
What? This picture of her is saying something else?
For some reason, when she’s picked up she loses all her mojo.
She was given a lot of great socialization by getting treats while being cuddled and petted by a lot of different people.

"Wi" participated in the April adoption fair too.
He's young, sweet, full of life, and well-mannered, but somehow hasn't had much luck in the adoption department.
He didn't receive any inquiries this time around either, but it's only a matter of time!

It's hard to believe that the spunky Tobo-kichi is 11 years old! It seems he was suddenly hit with the need to pee in the middle of the floor, and fulfilled this need under the watchful eye of all the visitors.
Someone was having too much fun...
Tobo-kichi isn't just energetic; he's also very affectionate, lowering his head to make puppy-dog eyes while sitting like a lady.

Good-natured and loving, Koyuki quietly appealed to the hearts of the visitors.
She was unfazed when a small child suddenly grabbed her from behind.
The day after the fair, Koyuki was adopted from ARK by a kind couple.
Best wishes, Koyuki!

Although he's sociable and playful when he's at ARK, Osian wouldn't come out of his cage on the day.
He was so tense that he would hiss at his brother Hobbit when he tried to join him.
The food in his bowl was left untouched, which completely betrayed his dog-like food aggressiveness.

Like his brother, Hobbit spent the whole time in his cage.
He's in the litter box not because he's doing his business, but because Osian wouldn't let him in the house.

Due to their poor health when they were young, the brothers haven't even experienced a change of cage at ARK. They're almost 2 years of age and so we thought their affectionate temperaments would serve them well at the adoption fair and wanted to give them the chance to find potential new families.

Even though it didn't go so well this time, we want to keep giving all the cats at ARK the chance to attend these events!

Towards the end, Tobo-kichi gave in to fatigue and sprawled on the floor.
Koyuki stopped by to check in on him.

As with our past events, we had a wonderful turnout at this adoption fair.

Thank you to the doggies that had previously been adopted from ARK that dropped by as well!

A big thanks to the families who have adopted ARK dogs for coming along to the event!

We also had visitors who were interested in volunteering for us and learning more about animal welfare. Many kindly made donations of money and supplies, and some people even brought provisions for the staff members! Thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.
We can't begin to express how much this support means to us.
We're filled with gratitude.

We took the treats we received back to ARK and shared this wonderful love and support with our animals back there as well!

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We Taught Some People About Animal Rescue

Last week, we gave a talk at Takatsuki City Elementary School about "What happens to abandoned dogs and cats" and "How to interact with a dog."

We are truly grateful for this opportunity provided by the staff of the Abuyama Area Circle Wakuwakutai (Excitement Troop), which supports the Abuyama Elementary School PTA.

The main aspects of the program included an introduction to ARK, the "What a Dog Needs to Live Happily" guessing game, a slideshow, and time for dog petting.
The main participants were children in the lower grades of elementary school. All those who participated, including the mothers who attended, listened seriously to us.

For the dog petting time, we asked our Head Instructor, Koruri, to attend.
We had given the children a "letter from Koruri," in advance so none of them yelled when they saw the dog, ran around, screamed or suddenly touched her head from above, and everyone interacted with her very skillfully.

This was Koruri's first time doing anything like this, so she was very nervous, and not able to perform her tricks (high five, turning, slalom, ball catch, etc.) like she usually does. But she was gentle and calm, which was great.

I was the one who was no good.
I felt that standing up and talking in front of people and communicating something to them was really hard.
There are many things I could have done better, but I want to create more opportunities like this instead of just getting caught up in the everyday chaos.

If any of our readers are affiliated with a school or work with children, would you contact us? We will be waiting for your call!

Osaka ARK Adoption Fair in Kobe
Date & Time: July 18 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

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Happy News in a Rain Storm

We received many emails and calls from concerned people about the consecutive flood warnings and torrential downpours we had. Our dog enclosures have been destroyed in the past by a landslide, so we were monitoring conditions closely and hoping it would pass us by without any damage. Some of the roads in our area were closed off due to a landslide, but ARK didn't experience any major damage and our animals and staff are all OK. Your kind concern touched our hearts; thank you very much for worrying about us!

There's good news from ARK!

We had 3 adoptive families come to visit ARK in these conditions, even when some roads were closed off and they had to take a detour to get here. We're happy to tell you that the Pomeranian
Karubi-chan; Treasure, who had been at ARK for over 4 years, and Nyanko-chan, who had such difficulty finding a home, have left us!

Treasure gets scared easily; she's so shy that when a stranger peaks into her dog enclosure, she hides. She's not the easiest dog to take care of, so we couldn't recommend her to many prospective adopters.

It's difficult to describe the charm Treasure has – there is something special about her, which could only be felt by staff that took care of her and volunteers who took her for walks. Her smile, her cute way of playing, and the happy expressions she makes when she rolls around on a comfy blanket; these little adorable things about her just melt our hearts.

"Such a good girl, really a good girl, but she might have to spend the rest of her life here at ARK”- there were times when we almost gave up on any hopes of her finding a home.

But she finally found a new home that will understand her kind but shy nature!

Oh, we are just so happy for her! Our hearts are full of joy!
We can't be completely happy just yet, though, because we need to make sure that as time passes she forms a bond of trust with her new family, and that she won't cause any problems or try to escape.

We have to continue our efforts, and make even more of an effort to work with those that are shy and scared, and who find it "difficult to adjust"!

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Breeder Rescue: Progress Report #2

After a breeding business was discontinued, 12 breeder dogs came to ARK. This is how they're doing.

In ARK News: "Large-Scale Rescue"
For post-rescue details, please see: http://www.arkbark.net/?q=en/node/2221
For Progress Report #1, please see: http://tokyoark.blog110.fc2.com/blog-entry-278.html

Walks are an important opportunity for mental rehabilitation.
I feel relieved to see these dogs running happily up to me.

The dogs are being spayed, but their wombs and ovaries have been seriously damaged.
Some had rotten amniotic fluid due to their wombs bursting.

One dog was suspected of having a congenital umbilical hernia, but it soon became clear that her condition was actually due to poor suturing following a Caesarean operation.

The vet says she must have been in severe pain.

Other dogs may also have some serious physical problems even though they seem fine.
Prompt action is needed, but clinic staff members have been feeling the pressure because other ARK animals also need to be treated.

Dental work is also being done when the dogs are spayed because some had tartar and gum disease due to being forced to give birth too many times.

Thank you to the person who kindly donated the dental procedure kit.
Now animals can receive dental treatment at ARK instead of having the stress of being taken outside ARK to go to the dentist. This boosts their quality of life.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation.

We'd like to express our appreciation to all the people who donated money to help us with this large-scale rescue.
Thank you so much for your help.

Thanks to all of you, some of the dogs have already found new families and left ARK.

The dogs who have yet to be posted on the website are being prepared for rehoming.

If anyone is interested in adopting one of these dogs, please come and visit ARK!

Osaka ARK Adoption Fair in Kobe
Date & Time: July 18 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

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Finale Party Preview Meeting

This year is ARK's 20th anniversary.

For the past year, we've been holding photo exhibitions and various other events, but the biggest one of all will be the finale party held on December 12th.

We went for a preview and business meeting at the venue, which, thanks to the Japan-British Society, will be the
Hotel Hankyu International.

December 12th, the day of the Finale Party commemorating ARK's 20th anniversary, is also Ms. Oliver's 70th birthday.

The fact that a party for an animal welfare organization will be held in such a top class hotel is significant in Japan.

A lot of people will take part, and we hope that the clout and persuasive power it gives us will radiate out with a ripple effect.
Because it will have a strong influence on our future efforts, we’re giving the plans for that day very serious consideration.

We're planning to provide a much more detailed announcement in the next newsletter.
Everyone, please keep the day open so you can join us!!

News & Events
ARK's 20th Anniversary Finale Party

Osaka ARK Adoption Fair in Kobe
Date & Time: July 18 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

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Breeder Rescue: Progress Report #1

After a breeding business was discontinued, 12 breeder dogs came to ARK. This is how they're

In ARK News: "Large-Scale Rescue"
For post-rescue details, please see: http://www.arkbark.net/?q=en/node/2221

All of the rescued dogs were diagnosed with external otitis (external ear problems) and required ear cleaning and thorough ear checks.
Every day, we check the condition of each dog's left and right ears and administer various medicines.

Luckily, each dog has a wonderful personality. They've probably never been shampooed or had their ears cleaned, yet they don't show any signs of aggression or panic, and are well behaved.

They seem to smile and when seeing how they seek human affection, it makes one wonder: How is it that after all you've been through, you can still trust humans?

Up until now, you've probably never felt the love of humans.
You've probably never had your own name.
No one stroked your feces-soiled fur.

They are just a small part of a bigger problem.
If more people knew about the reality of puppies sold in pet shops coming from these types of breeders, perhaps people would think twice about buying puppies at pet shops.

AERA magazine published an article about the realities of pet distribution.(May 31 issue

It breaks my heart to think of the other dogs there that we could not save.

For those dogs that ARK was able to save, we'll take responsibility and make sure they'll be happy.

These dogs were used solely as breeding machines to breed puppies, and they all face a mountain of health issues. Until we reach the point where we can introduce these dogs to adoptive families, they will need treatment, vaccinations and spaying. All of this will require funding. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Post Office Account: 00970-2-267840 
Account Name: Large-Scale Rescue (Daikibo Rescue)
In the memo column, please write "Breeder Rescue."

Stay tuned for more progress reports on these dogs.

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