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I'm Kuma

My name is Kuma.
I've lived at ARK for almost three years.

Before I came to ARK, I lived in a park in central Osaka with 31 friends.
Those friends got homes one by one.
Their adoptive families had a bit of a hard time because it took time for my friends to get used to their new homes. We had never lived in a normal household, you see. Thank you for giving a happy home to dogs who used to be homeless.
I know it's weird that I'm thanking you since I haven't been adopted yet...

Whenever potential adopters visit ARK, staff members recommend me, and the Japan Times even featured me in an article, but for some reason these steps haven't led to a happy ending so far.

I'm sorry.
I've disappointed everyone.

I'm small and the right size to take care of, I love people, and I'm toilet trained even though I've never lived in human's house.

Even if you won't adopt me, I'd be happy if you would take me for a walk.
So please come to see me!

Osaka ARK Adoption Event in Kobe
Date & Time: July 18 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

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Charity Party: ARK Pub Night Report

On June 19 (Sun), a charity party was held in KR&AC (Kobe Regatta and Athletic Club) to celebrate ARK's 20th anniversary and raise funds for the new sanctuary facilities.

We staff dressed up as cats and dogs to greet the guests.
A traditional Scottish dance was on the program, so we also wore tartan clothing as well.

ARK's canine representatives were old dogs who live at Ms. Oliver's house.
There were three: Kenta, Shuu, and Tooweetoo.
They entertained the guests calmly and straightforwardly, with excellent manners.

We displayed the plans and photos of the location for the new sanctuary facilities.

The food was very satisfying in terms of both taste and quantity.
It was really good!

Dancing started with a live bagpipe performance.
It was a great opening - very impressive!
The dancing was led by people from the Kansai St. Andrews Society.
When I danced, I was surprised!
It was much harder than I imagined!
Ms. Oliver said, "It's just like bon-odori, isn't it?" but I don't think so at all!
It’s very difficult!
But everyone had a really good time dancing!

When we were good and tired, it was time for the charity raffle.

All the prizes were donated, so all profits from the raffle are going to ARK's new sanctuary building fund. We gave prizes to the winners who were present, and mailed prizes to those who participated via money transfer the next day.
(Click here to see the winners of the raffle.)

A lady at the party won a woodblock print by Fujiko Hemming.
She cried tears of joy, saying that the dog in the picture resembled a dog she had once shared joy and sorrow with.

We heard a report on the progress of construction of the new sanctuary facilities in Sasayama city.

The biggest issue is procurement of funds, but we can't give up on it even though it's an ambitious plan because we must change Japanese awareness of animal rescue, and improve conditions for abandoned animals.

There are people who know that animals are being made to suffer tragedy through humans' selfishness, but choose to ignore it. If animal rescue were more fun and easier to get involved in, perhaps more people would support it.

So we at ARK want to express the fun side of animal rescue.

We hope that the parties and events we hold as part of our outreach activities will give people the opportunity to notice that animal rescue is never far from their lives.

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Teruteru* Nozo-chan

I'm Nozomi.
When I woke up I found this funny cape on me...

My tummy hurts...
I was told that they just spayed me.
I have to wear this cape so I won't lick my stitches.

Oh, I feel so down.
Please give me something to eat...

*Teruteru bozu is a ghost-shaped character with a round head and cape-like body (like you can see on Nozo-chan) made from cloth or tissue, and is hung up to ward off rain.

We currently have so many kittens in our care that we can't post all their profiles on the "Animals for Adoption" part of our website.
If you are considering adopting a kitten (or two!), please call us or come visit us at ARK!

☆ Animals for Adoption (Osaka)
☆ The Adoption Process

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A Backstage Tour of the ARK Calendar Pictures!

Photographer Kyoko Harada visited ARK the other day. She visits us a few times a year to take pictures of ARK during the four seasons and the animals under our care.

I had the privilege of taking the first look at the new shots on her digital camera. There were vibrant pictures of animals taken with the exquisite sense of an artist who captures the most subtle beauty in objects, which in fact seems surprising when you consider her delightful, easy-going personality (sorry!).

I was deeply impressed that the landscapes and animals we see every day are expressed as such beautiful art through the eyes of this artist.

Ms. Harada is a busy professional photographer, and has supported ARK as a volunteer and as her life work. Let me humbly say that I'm proud to have this wonderful individual as a like-minded friend of ARK.

Ms. Harada is a cat lover, but is allergic to cats. Despite this, she bravely ventured into the cathouse to shoot her feline friends. This brave attitude made all of us fall for her!

The pictures she took this time will feature in the 2011 ARK calendar, and we will be holding many ARK 20th anniversary photo exhibitions in the near future.

Don't miss them!

Please join in our raffle!
This is a raffle to raise money for the ARK sanctuary building fund.

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Yuki-chan and her Cat Cold

The place where Yuki-chan was kept was nothing but a closet with a small skylight.
The smell of sticky dampness and ammonia permeated the room.
There was a pile of dry food that was probably left there by the lady of the house, who took the opportunity of her husband's business trip to leave him.
Other than that, Yuki-chan had nothing.

The reason the woman left was to get a divorce.
When her husband came back from his overseas trip, he found the cat and two dogs in a state of distress.
Up until then, he had never been responsible for the animals' care, so he didn't really know what to do with them.

When Yuki-chan first came to ARK, she was having kidney problems, so we gave her some medical care, including an IV drip, and soon she was feeling much better.
At first, she was a little scared, but gradually she began to show us her real character.
She's a cheerful girl who moves at her own pace and is loving to everyone.

However, she unfortunately has a problem with chronic colds.
Right now, she isn't showing any symptoms, but in order to prevent the cold from spreading to the other cats, she can't be put into the cat house.
Although she's really affectionate towards people, she has to be kept in a quarantine room that few people pass by.
While it's certainly true that the cat cold is something she will have her entire life, we think that if she's living a stress-free life with a family it won't get any worse.

She loves people, so she always wants to be close to them, but that's difficult at ARK.

Yuki-chan has escaped from jail-like conditions.
But will the day come when she can enjoy a tranquil life cuddled up to her family?

Charity Party! ARK Pub Night in Kobe
Date: June 19 (Sat) 18:30-21:00
Place: Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club

Please join in our raffle!
This is a raffle to raise money for the ARK sanctuary building fund.

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Naughty Little Boy, Mukkun

Mukkun's mom is a stray cat living in a residential area.
A local group has been trying to capture her for TNR (trap-neuter-return); however, because she's smart and very cautious about people, they've yet to catch her.
Not long after we started trying to catch her, she gave birth to 4 kittens including Mukkun. All the kittens found families except for Mukkun, so he had to come to ARK.

Mukkun is currently kept separate from other kittens as he's under treatment for intestinal parasites at the moment.
Mukkun, being a fun-loving, mischievous cat, is bored to tears having no one to play with. He desperately tries to catch the attention of our busy staff by sticking his cute little paw out of the cage.
All kittens are impish and always need a lot of looking after, but of all the kittens here, Mukkun is super mischievous and one big "naughty" kitten.

Whenever we try to take care of him, he starts acting bratty. He disturbs us during cleaning, medical checks, and just about anything!

"If I behave, you pay less attention to me!”
"Look, I'm gonna behave badly!”
"I'm gonna bite you and not let you go!”

You're not too smart are you, Mukkun?
If you don't behave then people will walk away from you.
Please neuter and vaccinate me as soon as possible so I can find a loving home!

Charity Party! ARK Pub Night in Kobe
Date: June 19 (Sat) 18:30-21:00
Place: Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club

Please join in our raffle!
This is a raffle to raise money for the ARK sanctuary building fund.

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