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Golden Week

Do you have plans for Golden Week?

At ARK we will be hard at work as usual caring for the animals, doing rescues, and holding animal pick-up consultations. There is never a holiday at ARK; we are open 365 days a year!

We've just been spayed/neutered. We hope you'll come to meet us!

We look forward to seeing visitors, volunteers and prospective adopters!
Please click here for the contact number to make an appointment.

If you are interested in adopting an animal from ARK, please read the following before visiting us.
★Adopt a Dog or Cat
★The Adoption Process


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April 25th (Sunday)GREEN DOG Adoption☆Event Report

An adoption event was held at GREEN DOG in Kobe City on April 25th (Sun). Participants included not only people interested in adopting, but many who support and are interested in ARK, as well as people looking to volunteer.

Wizard (Shippo), a friendly dog, showed his affection towards everyone. He showed off how well can sit. He accepted food nicely and was able to show his good side. Even when a little girl who was yelling loudly ran towards him, he didn't get overly excited and just quietly watched her, so he would do well in a home with children.

Running around from this person to that person from beginning to end was Shig.
His batteries were fully charged throughout the event, and he was happily moving about.
Everyone told Sig how cute he was, which seemed to satisfy him tremendously.

Perrier and Cider, a brother-sister pair, rested under the table and spent the day at their own pace. Even without much socialization experience and although they're a little vulnerable to changes in their environment, these two were able to relax from the outset and would wander towards the visitors that intrigued them.
Perrier, who doesn't eat much, didn't eat the food offered by the visitors, but instead, would go up to people even if there was no food. Good job, Perrier!
We were worried about Cider, who tends to be more inhibited, but he was asking for food from the visitors!

20100425o_1.jpg20100425j_1.jpg20100425h.jpg 20100425i.jpg
Usually Happeny doesn't do well around men, but this day was different, and he played with men and women, young and old, all without making a fuss. He's been at ARK for six months and hasn't been able to find a home. He sometimes participates in adoption events and is such a cute-looking dog.

Poor Okoge-kun. From the first day he was taken in at ARK, he was relaxed and sweet, so we thought he would be able to demonstrate this friendly side at the adoption event, but he hid the whole time. However, he did react when a man peeked into his cage and called out to him, probably because his previous owner was a man.

No one found a new home on the day, but there were many wonderful couplings that hold promise for the future.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to everyone for their donations of supplies and funds, which we will gratefully use for the animals at ARK.

Thank you to everyone who came!

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Okoge’s “Character”

Okoge's owner was elderly and lived alone with no family.
He had to move into a nursing home because of illness.
A day care center employee who was taking care of Okoge's owner before he went into hospital asked ARK about Okoge, who was about to lose his home and his owner.

Okoge is friendly, gentle, quiet, a little bit funny, and never shy. He's an ordinary middle-aged cat.

But sometimes his head tilts.

The caregiver said that he's had this condition for at least 6 years and it has never caused him any trouble.

The vet diagnosed him with "vestibular syndrome".

It's a disease that occurs when something happens to the equilibrium organ in the ear called the "vestibule", which is the organ that controls balance. In Okoge’s case, even though the cause is unknown, his symptoms have stayed stable and he has not previously received any treatment. He has torticollis (tilted head) and nystagmus (trembling eyes) but the ataxia and circling don't happen often and he seldom vomits.
There's little chance that it will get better, but there's also little chance that it will get worse.
He doesn't have any health problems besides this.

He plays normally with cat teasers and other toys, and he walks well even with his head tilted.
He's also good at punching!

The vet says, "Okoge is enjoying a normal life as a cat and doesn't care about his disease. People might think he's handicapped but that's a prejudice and I'm sure there's someone who would understand his condition. He'd be a wonderful family cat.”

He’s going to attend the GREEN DOG Adoption Event on April 25 (Sun).
A newly-hired vet will also attend so you can ask questions about Okoge. Please come and meet Okoge and you'll see that his handicap is one of his most interesting characteristics!

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ARK Reunion 2010☆Report

On April 11 (Sun), dogs adopted from ARK gathered for the ARK Reunion 2010/Spring Sports Festival.

The number of the dogs who came to the dog run at the planned construction site for ARK's new facility was 85 (plus 4 dogs adopted by ARK staff members). On top of that, 154 adoptive family members also came.

Siblings or dogs who were rescued together had the chance to meet up again and the adopters enjoyed a chat with each other.

Photographer Kyoko Harada came from Tokyo for the day.

The adopters were so glad of the chance for their lovely dogs to have their photos taken by a professional photographer.

On the day, it rained heavily in the morning, but the weather forecast said it would be cloudy with a chance of light rain so we decided to go ahead with the event!

When we arrived at the site, the weather had improved. Sometimes the sky was even clear.

It rained heavily from the opening ceremony until lunchtime, but the rain had stopped by the time we started the games in the afternoon.

The speed-eating contest: Homemade biscuits made by ARK supporters were used for this game.
Picky dogs and dogs on food restrictions also took part in this game because the biscuits were safe even for human consumption.

That's right - dogs were not the only ones who had to eat during this speed-eating contest!
Some ate quickly but couldn’t walk to the goal, some were quite slow to start eating, some kept eating at their own pace, and some ate but couldn’t swallow everything and gave up running...

The spoon competition: One dog loves balls so much that he grabbed the ball from the spoon his owner was holding, another owner lost her balance because her dog ran so fast and vice-versa, and one dog dropped his ball and lost the game just before the finish line...

The "Come here!" competition: This tests your relationship with your dog.
Some run straight to the goal like scared rabbits and ignore their owner, some stand frozen at the starting line, some want to run so badly that they keep breaking away, some are leisurely and walk to their owner at their own pace, while other dogs run in all directions...

Each of the dogs showed us their interesting or funny sides.

The "show your special skills/short performance" contest: Eight dogs showed us how well they could catch a ball. Chappy showed her two-legged walk, Shuta showed us being held by his big sis, Binky showed how she would come at the call of a dog whistle, Zara showed the tricks she learned through The Secret Inheritance, and Grasset showed off her dog-dance.

On the day, love was in the air in many shapes and colours.

These dogs are all different sizes, shapes, personalities and ages.
But the one thing they have in common is that they all look more peaceful than when they were at ARK, and we can see that they are happy.
Now they have their own families to love and be loved by.

Dogs are free from the past and the future because they live in the present. But these dogs remembered us. That really made us happy.
And they said to us, "Thanks, we're happy now".
The staff members had tears in their eyes as they were reunited with these dogs.

We would like to thank everyone for coming to the event despite the bad weather.
We also thank you for sharing such a memorable and fulfilling day with us. We're delighted that the day passed without any major hiccups.
Thank you very, very much!
Adopters, dogs and staff members please take care until we meet again!

To all participants, please send us your comments or feedback about the event.
To all bloggers, please place a link to this page if you write about the event.
Let's give all our supporters and adopters who couldn't join the event the chance to read about what a great time we had!

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Shandy Returns

Shandy caught the eye of an adopter and left ARK, but she came back. And within a week!

We couldn't get a clear understanding of the reason, so in order to facilitate future placement, we sent her on a homestay at KK's house.

Shandy was one of four puppies abandoned in front of ARK at the end of last year. Their immune systems were weak, they had bad skin and enteritis, and antibiotics made them swell up with an allergic reaction, so they had to spend a vital developmental period focused on medical treatment rather than socialization, and their lack of experience gave them a cowardly side.

Even at ARK, if Shandy got nervous while on a walk she couldn't go on. We were worried about whether she'd be able to walk around KK's neighbourhood.

On the first walk after joining KK's pack, the newest member started walking easily. And here I was thinking I would have to hold her to let her get used to her surroundings.

She walked through the residential district in a normal, relaxed way. I think she picked up the mood of the other dogs because she's easily influenced by those around her.

In places with lots of greenery and no people, she was in an even better mood and jumped around happily.

When she passes a bicycle or car, or when a truck or bus makes a loud noise, she gets scared and stops. She stopped at an intersection and watched the cars and bicycles and pedestrians. At first she was agitated, but she grew more and more able to be calm around traffic and noise.

When she gets scared and stops, if I wait for her a while, she can start again on her own. I don't need to do anything in particular. I just have to accept her situation and wait for her.

She behaves the same when out for a walk without the other dogs.

Because she had been cared for by all female staff members, I was worried about her reaction to unknown men, but she wasn't afraid of my husband, and in fact showed interest and came up to him on their first meeting. Sometimes she barks at him when he comes into the living room, but she does that to me too and she soon stops. She didn't bark during her first two days here, so I think she picked up the habit from our nervous dog, Koruri.

She's not oversensitive or nervous, likes to be held, and is friendly and obedient toward people. She is great with other dogs as well. Even in a new environment she eats all her food and has healthy stools. She plays with other dogs or by herself, relaxes indoors, and sleeps well; Shandy's level of fear is much milder than I had imagined.

That's my report after three days at KK's house.

One reason given for her return was that she was afraid of cats, but when we showed her cats at ARK, she wasn't afraid, or fixated on them, and didn't seem to care about them at all. We hope we can find a better match for her with a family!

This is her sister Cider.
Cider and Perrier also went to stay at staff homes. They are past the age for socialization but it's not too late. There's no manual for raising children, human or canine!

They are doing their best to live as dogs who are well-loved.

Tokyo ARK Adoption Event in Minami Aoyama @ DOG SIGN
Date: April 24 (Sat) 11:00-14:00

Osaka ARK Adoption Event in Kobe
Date: April 25 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

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Baby Goats Born

It happened on an ordinary morning two weeks ago.
A staff member cleaning the goat shed discovered something coming out of Notty (a.k.a Takako)'s bottom.
Could she be sick?!?!?!

No, she had given birth to two baby goats!

Goats are pregnant for 5 months.
She was rescued in December, so that means she was already pregnant when she came to ARK.

It is embarrassing to admit, but none of us at ARK had any clue that she was pregnant.
"You sure are putting on those pounds by eating so much" we used to say.

A couple days after they were born, something seemed amiss with the babies.
They were looking weaker and weaker.
It turned out that Takako was having difficulty giving milk.
We were worried she may have inflamed mammary glands and made frantic calls to many veterinarians, trying to make sense of the different and often contradictory advice we received.
We finally got a hold of fresh goat milk and bottle-fed the babies, but as it was a completely new experience for us, the first week was a big struggle.

These days the two kids are happy and healthy, and growing steadily.
They're venturing out of their shed and running around the hills.
It's a joy watching them frolic about every day!

They are the cutest pair.
The girl we named Heidi and the boy, Peter (in honour of the popular Swiss children's book).
Both of them are very affectionate and love to be held.

It doesn't seem to bother Takako when people touch her babies.
Eating seems to be a bigger concern to her...

Perhaps she's so hungry because she’s feeding her kids.

Our other two male goats are also big eaters. If anyone out there could donate hay for the goat shed or some goat feed, we would really appreciate it!
Also, anyone living in a goat-friendly environment that could adopt these guys, we'd love to hear from you.
Unfortunately we can't take care of all of them at ARK!

Tokyo ARK Adoption Event in Komazawa @ Dog Life Design
Date: April 10 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
Place: Dog Life Design

Osaka ARK Adoption Event in Kobe
Date: April 25 (Sun) 12:00-16:00
Place: GREEN DOG SQUARE (Japanese only)

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