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The Important Thing is...

Yesterday was a very successful day for ARK; we had an interview with applicants to become an adoptive family, tours for visitors, volunteers and those who brought us donations. And kittens who were scheduled to be re-homed were picked up by their new families as well as 7-year-old Kumajiro. Yes, there was a lot of happiness yesterday!

Here I would like to introduce Lambrusco whose adoptive family was decided yesterday.

Lambrusco lived by a riverbank as a stray for over 7 years. His friends were captured by animal control, but he alone survived and came to ARK.

Lambrusco can be a bit of a “scaredy-dog” but he is very obedient to people and the staff who take care of him can vouch for his calm and gentle personality. However, he is a mixed mid-sized dog on the large side, has cataracts and liver problems requiring routine blood tests, and he is estimated to be somewhere between 7-10 years old.

And to add to these, he also has a severe case of filariasis (parasites).

Lambrusco has very good toilet manners. His personality and the fact that he does not need to be trained or taught further manners made him a good candidate for adoption. However, because of his size and his health issues, we felt the chance of him finding a new home would be very slim.

So we cannot thank enough his new family who chose him. We had also introduced them to some other dogs, but they told us that they thought the other dogs seemed to have a higher chance of finding a new home and they preferred Lambrusco for his calm and kind personality. His new family chose him based on their willingness to give their love to a rescued dog and compatibility with his personality.

After a life as a stray for over 7 years, Lambrusco has finally found love and happiness. Last night must the very first night for him to sleep inside of a warm house. In the photo, we can see the happiness in his eyes.

To be rescued by ARK is not a happy ending for the animals – a happy ending for the animals is finding a new home where they are welcomed as a loved member of the family.

We wish him all the happiness on behalf of the other dogs who lived by the same riverbank but who were captured and killed by animal control.

We hope that other older dogs and dogs with health issues can find happiness like Lambrusco did.
We wish for this from the bottom of our hearts.

*** From the staff who are taking care of bunnies ***

Thank you very much for your support, we cannot do what we do without you.
Recently we have been facing a shortage of rabbit food (pellet food) and we hope we can have your support for donations.
Please help us feed these hungry bunnies!
Thank you.

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3/21 (Sunday) Adoption☆Event Report

An adoption event was held at the KENKEN CLUB in Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, on March 21st (Sunday). The venue of the event, KENKEN CLUB, is the classroom of instructor Tsuda-sensei, who does training for some of ARK's doggies.

The adoption event was held in part to mark the re-opening of the KENKEN CLUB.
A panel exhibition marking ARK's 20th anniversary was also on display.
The bright and spacious classroom made our 2-legged and 4-legged friends feel wonderfully free.

When visitors arrived, everyone went to welcome them.
Clown even made sure to see everyone off as they left.

Let me introduce the stars of this event!

Male, 4 years old, about 20kg
When people or other dogs pass by the kennel at ARK, Non-chan tends to get over-excited and howl, leaving a not-so-great impression. He hasn't been able to find a foster home and has already been living at ARK for 3 years.
He's actually easygoing and kind to both people and other dogs. He's so cute when he goes up to people and rubs his big body against them. I have no doubt that whoever lives with Non-chan will find his presence a real comfort.

See how calm and gentle he is around children too?

Male, 4 months old, about 5 kg (will most likely grow into a medium-sized dog)
Guinness is one of 4 puppies who were abandoned in front of ARK at the end of last year.
Due to his weak condition, prolonged medical treatment took up precious time that should have been spent on his socialization. We were worried about how he would behave at the adoption event.
To our pleasant surprise, he begged to be held, ate snacks and wanted to be spoiled. He was occasionally afraid of a visitor's bag and barked at a few people, but he indulged in playing with toys and seemed to have fun.

Male, estimated to be 7-8 years old, about 6 kg
After being in a traffic accident and becoming a stray, Clown was rescued. From the first day he arrived at ARK, he was in good spirits and was happily running around in circles. However, one look at his x-rays surprised us. His pelvis was split in two and he was suffering from a dislocated femur. His injuries were successfully treated through surgery, and all he needs to do now is to strengthen his muscles through regular exercise. He had a serious case of external otitis (an ear infection), but now he's all better. It's hard to imagine what kind of life he's led, but we feel sure his positive nature will help him find happiness.

At the adoption event, there was a family who expressed interest in cheerful, friendly Clown, but their child showed allergic symptoms and they tearfully had to cancel the adoption. It was very unfortunate since their child seemed to enjoy playing with dogs and they seemed to be a good match.
How truly sad it is to like dogs, but to have allergies to them.

Female, 2 months old, about 2.5 kg (will most likely grow into a medium-sized dog)
Cashew is one of 4 sisters who comes to our office and goes for exciting walks. This time around, she participated solo in the event, without her siblings or the staff who are usually in charge of her. She had already started quivering in the car on the way to the event.

At the event, when other dogs would come near her, at times she would growl. Actually for the past few days, she's been placed together with older dogs in an outdoor kennel, where the older Guinness bullied Cashew and her siblings a bit. She wailed dramatically when that happened, and perhaps that fearful memory had been implanted in her mind. On top of all this, she was dealing with nerves and anxiety, which may have caused her to reach her limit.

For a while, we kept her away from other dogs and held her until she adjusted to her environment.

Male, 1 year old
Because cats are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment and tend to hide when participating in adoption events or get sick when the stress is overwhelming, selecting a cat to participate is quite difficult.
But Earth was relaxed from start to finish. Once he arrived, he ate all his breakfast and begged to be held by everyone who came by. He was twisting and turning in the cage and almost fell over.

He reacted happily when children played with him with the cat toys.
Clown would bark at him sometimes, but he was as steady as a rock and remained very relaxed.
He's also friendly to other cats.

When there was a lull in the action, Non-chan and Guinness took naps.

Towards the end, Cashew was able to relax and play with the other dogs in the same space. She was able to assert herself better with Guinness, and in turn, Guinness no longer picked on her, but instead backed off.

Watching the two of them made me think, "Each dog, in their own head, has their own thoughts going round and round that make them act the way they do..." and "So, this is how they grow up..." This idea increased my affection for them.

A sub-plot has developed: when Cashew came to our office afterwards, she wasn't afraid of the other dogs and didn't cower when they barked at her.

Unfortunately, this adoption event didn’t yield any adoptions, but holding the adoption event at a new place where lots of people visited will no doubt lead to many fruitful encounters.
(When there were lots of people, I was busy attending to them and couldn't take many pictures.)

Osaka ARK is planning to hold adoption events at GREEN DOG in even-numbered months and at KENKEN CLUB in odd-numbered months.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Out for a Walk!

The four puppies being raised in the quarantine room are beginning to the leave the nest by making trips to the office and other rooms. In their most recent adventure, they went for their first walk!

They were nervous about their first experience with a harness and lead.

Where am I??
I'm a little nervous...

Hey, say hello to Happeny!

I'm not ready yet!!


Just going out on ARK's walking route was a big adventure for the puppies.
They were able to interact with other dogs and put their five senses to work. It was a big step in their socialization because they were able to smell things, hear things and breathe in fresh air.

Request for Donations of Dry Cat Food (Osaka ARK)
Request for Donations of Senior Dog Food (Tokyo ARK)

Osaka ARK Adoption Event & Photo Exhibit in Nishinomiya @ KEN KEN CLUB
Date: March 21 (Sun) 12:00-16:00
Please click on the link above to see the participating dogs and cats!

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Sweet Hatsune’s Body and Soul are Being Worn Away

Hatsune was rescued by the police when she was found wandering about. She's very friendly towards people and other dogs. A black Labrador Retriever with a cheerful and obedient personality, for her the word "aggressive" is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

She knew all the commands like “sit," “shake a paw," “roll over," and “wait." And it seems like she has also been spayed. We estimate that she's about 1-2 years of age. Her body was not too dirty, and everyone thought that her owner would soon come to claim her. However, her owner didn’t show up and the day for her to be sent to animal control had come.

Hatsune's weight was average for her size when she was rescued by ARK, but now look at the curve in her waist that has occurred in a matter of one month. I'm jealous... No, it isn't funny to make such a joke.

She loves people, she wants to be with people, and she can't relax in the dog enclosure. When people come, she gets so happy that she becomes overly excited. And when people leave, she goes back to the dog enclosure to look for them. She's become tense all the time because of the appearance and disappearance of attention from people. She longs for affection and that's the reason why she's losing weight. A number of animals find ARK too stimulating and hectic so they can easily lose weight or develop diarrhea due to overactive intestines.

In addition to her weight loss, the pH level of Hatsune's urine has risen to the point where we’ve discovered struvite crystals, which signal the beginning of bladder stones.

A lowered immune system due to stress can cause all sorts of other illnesses. Especially for animals who have no control over their lives and whose fate is determined at the convenience of humans, this is an unavoidable situation.

If her stay at ARK lasts any longer, and even if we try to treat her symptoms through diet and medication, the only way for her to get better is to remove the source of her stress. If her condition worsens and/or becomes chronic, it will be too late. So that's why she has been temporarily evacuated to KK's home.

Why on earth was a dog as sweet and obedient as Hatsune abandoned in the first place?

Did the owner get laid off and become homeless?
Did the owner get into debt and have to hide from debt collectors?
Was there an unavoidable reason that meant the owner couldn't keep Hatsune, so he/she decided to abandon her with the hope that someone would rescue her instead of taking her to animal control?
BUT if no one had rescued her, she would surely have been sent to animal control to be killed.

Did her previous owner even give the slightest thought to how an abandoned dog must feel? If you have any experience of living with a dog, you must have once or twice thought this when playfully hiding in the corner to surprise your dog.

That facial expression full of fear and anxiety.
That face when the dog is desperately looking for her/his beloved owner.
But in Hatsune's case, it was not just playful hiding.
Her owner never came back.
We don't know the reason why her owner disappeared. In every animal control/rescue centre in Japan there are animals desperately waiting for their owners to come and claim them, but they only have a short time limit until they are sent for execution.

At KK's house, Hatsune has perked up a little but often times she cannot get a sufficient amount of sleep. Finally, her exhausted nerves let her sleep, but she's always on the alert and jumps awake every time she hears the movements of people.

We really want her to leave her past behind and to find a new warm home where she can sleep peacefully.
She's small for a Labrador Retriever, and her ideal weight is about 20kg. She's temporarily staying at a foster home so she is not usually at ARK.

If you would like to adopt Hatsune, please contact us!

She is scheduled to join the adoption event in Nishinomiya.

Tokyo ARK Event in Aoyama at the United Nations University
Date: March 13 (Sat) 12:00-15:00 (the Farmer's Market is open from 10:00-16:00)
Place: In front the United Nations University

Osaka ARK Adoption Event & Photo Exhibit in Nishinomiya @ KEN KEN CLUB
Date: March 21 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

ARK Reunion 2010 and Spring Sports Day
Date: April 11 (Sun) 11:30~
Place: ARK Sanctuary Land, Shitsukawa, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo

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The Puppies’ Big Adventure

We are currently raising four healthy puppies at ARK.
They are energetic and have voracious appetites!

What?? There's no more??
I want seconds!

What did you say?
Something about my tummy?!

They are being raised in the quarantine area and only know the staff members there.

We figured it was about time for us to begin some socialization training for them.

First, we brought them in to the office.

In the quarantine area they run around and are full of life. But when we brought them to the office to be held by the staff there, they got very scared, started to shake, and wouldn't move.

It was quite the adventure for them.

Can they eat their food in a strange place?

At first they ate well, but when the dogs outside started to bark they became uneasy and stopped eating.

Starting from small things and little by little, we'll expose them to different experiences so they can become socialized.

They're only one and a half months old.
This is the time when their differences in character and differences in growth become apparent.
Puppies who are only a little older them are placed for sale in pet shops.

This is the time when puppies need to be socialized. Does taking them away from their parents and siblings and putting them in a glass case allow a puppy to grow up healthy and sane?

Such an act is nothing but cruelty.

Tokyo ARK Adoption Event in Komazawa @ Dog Life Design
Date: March 6 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
Place: Dog Life Design

Osaka ARK Adoption Event & Photo Exhibit in Nishinomiya @ KEN KEN CLUB
Date: March 21 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

ARK Reunion 2010 and Spring Sports Day
Date: April 11 (Sun) 11:30~
Place: ARK Sanctuary Land, Shitsukawa, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo

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Just a Little Shy

We have a variety of cats: some approach potential adoptive parents, some hide from them, and some observe them from a distance.

Cats that have a better chance of being adopted are, of course, those who approach people.
Those who hide often lose their chance.

Amu was rescued when he was about one month old.
Even though he's sweet and gentle, he hasn't found a home yet. Now he's about 10 months old.

This is Koharu.
He was rescued when he was a kitten. He's a bit shy, probably because his mother was a stray.
He stared at me from a distance. I'm new to him since I'm not the one who usually takes care of him.

Who's showing his tail without showing his face?

It's Ku-ri.
I introduced him before as the cat who wears socks.

All of them are friendly to the staff members who take care of them every day, and I'm sure that they would soon start being friendly when living with a new family.
They're just so timid around strangers.

Who's sticking her head out from behind Amu? Is that Roll?

Roll, a stray girl, was born last spring.
She hid when I went into the cat enclosure, since I'm not the one who usually takes care of her, but finally she came out.
She approached me carefully, little by little.

She let me pet her when I stuck my hand out after I took this picture.
I didn't take any more pictures because I was afraid she might run away if tried to take another.

I suppose she came close to me feeling both fear and curiosity.
She's quiet, but that's why I was happy when she approached me.

These cats are timid around people they don't know, but don't you think they're attractive?

Tokyo ARK Adoption Event in Komazawa @ Dog Life Design
Date: March 6 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
Place: Dog Life Design

Osaka ARK Adoption Event & Photo Exhibit in Nishinomiya @ KEN KEN CLUB
Date: March 21 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

ARK Reunion 2010 and Spring Sports Day
Date: April 11 (Sun) 11:30~
Place: ARK Sanctuary Land, Shitsukawa, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo

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