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Really a Diamond in the Rough?!

Today, some representatives from the Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People visited ARK.
They came to select a new hearing-assistance dog candidate.

Can you believe who they chose?
Believe it or not, Campari was selected!

There have been several dogs selected from ARK to be trained as hearing-assistance dogs and some of them are actively involved in their roles as hearing-assistance dogs. And there are some dogs who failed to become hearing-assistance dogs but who have found happy homes.

This time round, Campari passed the aptitude test and was selected as a candidate.
It seems that our little drama queen is actually a diamond in the rough!

Even is she does not pass the training to become a hearing-assistance dog, Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People will take the responsibility of finding her a happy home.

Just like Goo-Goo, this was another surprising farewell.
We're glad but also a little bewildered. But, of course, we are very happy!

Good luck, Campari!


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The Little Drama Queen!

What's that?
There is a small cream-coloured thing in KK's living room...??

Campari-chan, didn't you go back to ARK after the adoption event?

Campari is a lively dog who is friendly to both people and other dogs, however, there is one small problem...

She can be such a drama queen.

When she had to get her stitches out after spaying, she made such a big fuss that 3 people had to hold
her down. And when she got her combination vaccination, she just cried and put up such a fight. Even at our adoption event, she took treats from people but hesitated to be petted or held.

At our home, when our kids bump into her ever so slightly, she cries as if the world is coming to an end.

She definitely surpasses those soccer players who overreact on the field, crying foul play.
She even flips her lid or cries when it is her fault or when there was not even any contact with her.
This is just too much...

She does not show any aggressiveness and she just cries, so for now we need to deal with the issue as disturbing behaviour. However, as she grows to be an adult dog and nothing changes, it may cause a problem.

For example, if we handle her in the wrong way and she becomes physical or vocal at the vet during a check up or an injection, it may lead to her having a problem with letting people touch her. And if the adoptive family is too picky, sensitive or spoils her too much by letting her have her way, this behavioural pattern may become worse. Someone who can can be calm with her and not get frustrated would be a good family for Campari.

Except her overreacting, Campari really has no other flaws.

From the beginning, she has been going to her wee-wee pad to go to the toilet every time, she does not bark unless there is a reason, she is relaxed during her walks and enjoys them, she does not get car sick, she is very affectionate and obedient, she is friendly to other dogs, so there really is nothing else to complain about her.

In the beginning, our kids were startled and puzzled by Campari when she just cried and cried in such a dramatic manner, but now it seems like they've gotten used to it and they've stopped paying attention to her when she does it.

This time is different from the time with Goo-Goo, and there isn't really much that us humans can teach her. She needs to be exposed to petting by our kids, and being held and touched as much as possible, and for us to let her be herself.

Oh Campari, roll around, be loved, and grow strong!

What? Is that Campari cuddling up to Kamome?
Yep, she just loves to cuddle...

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2/21 (Sunday) Adoption Event Update

An adoption event was held on Sunday, February 21st at GREEN DOG SQUARE in Kobe. The room we rent, Curio, was decorated with the photographs of GREEN DOG customers' dogs. The walls were covered with adorable pictures, and the event turned out to be a great opportunity for visitors checking out the photographs to learn about ARK as well.

The adoption event was a great success, with the space being at full capacity throughout the day with visitors donating supplies and money and coming out to show their support. Dogs that had been adopted from ARK and dogs that were not from ARK both came to hang out as well, so that you couldn’t even tell who was there to adopt a dog and which dogs were looking for homes!

Now let’s meet the stars of the event...

Like a true puppy, Campari is energetic and playful.
She was making her rounds displaying her freshly-mastered "sit" and receiving plenty of treats.
But when she happened upon someone without a treat to reward her with, she would quickly lose interest and walk away. That attitude is not going to win over hearts, Campari!

At 3 months old, Pernod was the youngest pup to attend the event.
The previous day, on a walk with a prospective new family, Pernod was unable to show his true colors. He's still working on walking well on his leash.
The adoption events are wonderful opportunities for those dogs that don't make an impression when they are at the ARK shelter.
Were you able to show them what you've got, Pernod?

Lo is friendly towards other dogs and loves being cuddled, but at ARK she is an aggressive fence-fighter, leaving visitors with a bad impression of her. Therefore the adoption events are the perfect occasions for Lo. This was her 2nd time to attend. She was much more relaxed than the last time, and didn't bark at the endless and possibly overwhelming flow of visitors. She was being very affectionate to everybody, but there was one instance where she barked up a storm towards one child. It seems Lo is best suited for a home without children. Perhaps she has some bad experiences from when she was a stray.

Marcus started the day off in a cheerful mood, but as time passed the mood seemed to fade and he preferred to stay away from the action. His curly tail, a trademark of Shibas, was droopy as he turned his back to the crowd.
But not for long, as many kind-hearted visitors stopped by to console him.

It was as if Marcus was an old man gazing out into his garden while sipping his tea. There was a peace and serenity surrounding his entire being.

Gentle with children, calm, and friendly with other dog... it is rare to come across such a low-maintenance Shiba as him.

Mi-chan made another appearance after the last adoption event.
She's sweet, calm, quiet, and quite a catch, but hasn't peaked much interest among prospective adopters.
Is it because she's 8 years old? Or because she's relatively large for a Corgie?

Mi-chan was on the pudgy side when she was rescued, but after arriving at ARK she rapidly lost weight. No matter how much she eats, it doesn't stick. Perhaps it is a result of stress and the cold.
She always has such a cheery disposition that it seems as if she’s not feeling any stress, but it must be that she's just not showing it.
It is heartbreaking to see her put on a brave face everyday.
If only she could leave ARK soon, but there haven't been many inquiries about adopting her.

Raised by a man who lived alone, Momo spent the first 10 years of her life with very little contact with other dogs.
Yet, she is a Beagle/Shiba mix with wonderful social skills. Although her sweet personality and small size make her very desirable, her age and the fact that she has heartworm has made it difficult to find her a new home.
But senior dogs need love too! And so Momo participated in this adoption event. It turned out to be an exciting day for her, as there's been some interest in her but since it's not official yet, it's still a secret!

Eat. Sleep. Play. Eat. Sleep.
Kitty's activities at the adoption event were pretty much limited to her cage and food bowl.
Even a trip to the vet doesn't deter the usually outgoing Kitty from batting the ropes on the window blinds for fun, but on this occasion the large crowd may have been a little overwhelming even for Kitty.
In general, for a cat to sit and eat a meal after being placed in a completely new environment is a pretty big deal. But for Kitty, eating is just business as usual, and she seemed rather shy at the event.

Such is the charming orange tabby, Kitty.
Let's take a nap while we wait for that new family to show up...

Many of you who checked out the event notice board may have seen already, but Google's appearance at the adoption event was suddenly cancelled.
We had received a call from an interested party who had seen Google on the ARK website, and they passed the initial screening. All that was left was to see what Google thought of the prospective adopters and vice versa. After meeting Google and completing some paperwork at the ARK office, Google's new family came all the way out to Kobe to meet us, Google's foster parents. We had dropped Google off at ARK before heading over to the adoption event, and had spent the day wondering how the meeting with the prospective adopters went. We blinked back tears of joy and surprise when Google showed up at the event in the arms of his new owner! With them was Google's new big sister, a Golden Retriever.
Their visit was truly appreciated, especially since they had a long trip back home to Hiroshima.

"Can't we take him/her home today?" This is a question that is often asked during the adoption events.
It is not possible for ARK staff to make such a final, life-changing decision for both the animals and interested adopters within the time frame of an adoption event, especially as the event itself is an unusual situation for the animals to be in.
The adoption process can move forward if potential adopters have already passed the initial screening, but until then the adoption events can only serve as an initial meet-and-greet.
All the animals at ARK have gone through painful experiences, and it is vital that anyone who is interested in adopting an animal take time to seriously think it through with the entire family so that everyone is aware and accepting of the responsibility of caring for an animal for the rest of his or her life.

This adoption event turned out to be a great success, not only thanks to the many wonderful visitors and supporters who stopped by, but also because there were several potential adopters, who had seriously considered and accepted the responsibilities of adopting an animal. Excitement and hope is in the air at ARK!

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Follow-up on Google

It had been five days since his last walk, and Google was excited to go on a walk with the whole family.
This sudden change in Google surprised both us humans and our dogs.
He used to stand frozen in front of gutters, afraid to cross over them, but not any more!

He runs, frolics and jumps!!
Goo-goo, what happened to you?!

He wore a raincoat when we went for a walk on a rainy day.
First, we put the raincoat on him while still in the room to watch his reaction.

His first raincoat.
A lot of dogs feel uncomfortable, but he was romping around the living room.
In fact, he wouldn't stay still at all, so it was difficult to take a picture.

Even during his walk, he wasn't concerned about his raincoat.
The way he was walking in the rain was so cute, but we were worried about getting the camera wet, so unfortunately couldn't take his picture.

We took him to visit a home that has children.

As Goo-Goo hid under the table, the children tried to lure him out into the middle of the living room with treats.
With the children tempting him to come out and by using the treats as bait, Google gradually came out from hiding. Both Goo-Goo and the children really did well.

They played house and watched TV.
Even when Google was held, he didn't get angry or try to run away. Instead, he seemed quite pleased.

At our house, he has started to bark when he wants us to play with him and he whimpers when he wants to go for a walk. In this way, he's beginning to show various emotions.

The training we've been doing to have him come to us when we call is, of course, going well.
Google seems to show us how he's changing on a daily basis. We can't take our eyes off of him!

He'll also participate in the adoption event on Sunday the 21st.

Kobe GREEN DOG Adoption Event
  Participating dogs and cats have been chosen!
  Date: February 21 (Sunday) 12:00-16:00

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Google's Poker Face

A puppy was rescued from a workplace.
Was he abandoned by someone who couldn't keep him?
Or was he a stray separated from his mother?

Approximately 4 months old, he came to ARK and was named Google.
But he curled up in a ball and didn't respond much to anything. He didn't behave like a puppy at all.
When taken outside, he didn't try to walk at all, as if he was afraid of something.

In this state it would be impossible to rehome him, a dream within a dream.
We had to get him to enjoy living with people.

So, he went to KK's house for socialization rehabilitation.

At ARK, he wouldn't walk much when taken for a walk, so he started off by going for a walk in a sling.
We started by letting him observe the world from a safe place.

When we let him walk on his own, it took him a while to get started, but he walked obediently at his own pace.
Perhaps it's because he was together with the resident dogs.

Unlike your average frightened dog, he isn't afraid of cars or motorcycles, and is okay around traffic.
But when a person passes by, he freezes and cowers.
Even if the person ignores him.

He refused to walk past an old man doing aerobics on a riverbed from quite some distance away.
But on his third morning walk, he was able to keep walking even when someone came close.

We also took him to a party at a friend’s home.
First we let him watch everyone and get used to the atmosphere of the place.

We brought his meal with him and had him eat while being held by strange men and women.

Little by little, he's becoming more able to express his emotions.
He can show joy when petted or praised and he can get angry with another dog.
Watching him, I get the impression that he lived in an environment where he was isolated from people and other dogs.

The problem with him is that he doesn't always come when called.
If he feels safe, he comes, but otherwise he runs away or hides.

He uses pet sheets for a toilet, isn't aggressive, and seems like a quiet, easy-to-care-for puppy, but his lack of reaction and not coming when called will probably cause trouble when he grows up if they're not addressed now.

I want to help him gain experience and social skills while waiting for an adoptive home that's a good match for him.

Kobe GREEN DOG Adoption Event
  Date: February 21 (Sunday) 12:00-16:00

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ARK’s Old Dog Club

These are dogs that were rescued by ARK when they were young, but have grown old without having found a home, and some are old dogs who have been separated from their owners. For various reasons, they have ended up spending their twilight years at ARK.

Older dogs live either at home with Ms. Oliver or in a special enclosure for older dogs.
This picture is of the older dogs' kennel.
During the day, they bask in the sun in the covered area outside, and at night they sleep inside the gates.
Their kennel also has an air conditioner.

For a change of pace and some light exercise, they go for walks, sniffing interesting smells and slowly strolling along.
Unlike younger dogs, they don't pull on the lead.

Since it's below freezing every day at ARK in winter, they have to wear warm clothes for protection against the cold.

Izumi-san didn't like be touched. Trying to put clothes on her resulted in serious bites. It's taken some time, but she's finally come to trust us.

There are also dogs here that fought a lot when they were younger, but in their old age, they've become calmer and have taken to communal life.

Here's a peek into their bedroom.
Oops! Sorry to wake you...

Although they're old dogs, they'd like to spend their final days with a home and family of their own, not as just one of the hundreds of dogs at ARK. But it's really rare for people to adopt older dogs. Most people are looking for a dog that is in good health and doesn't have any illnesses.

I suppose older dogs do have chronic diseases and it will become a burden for their human families to nurse them. But still, sometimes they need visitors! Yes, just like we do.

The important thing, and this is also the case for humans, is not how long you live, but how you live, don't you think?

In comparison with puppies, the time you would spend with one of these dogs would probably be short. But if they spent their remaining years enjoying the warmth and love of a family, these dogs would surely pass from this world to the next expressing their eternal gratitude.

Kobe GREEN DOG Adoption Event
  Date: February 21 (Sunday) 12:00-16:00
  The cats and dogs who will participate are currently being chosen!

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition in Omotesando
  Date: February 9 (Tuesday) - February 14 (Sunday)
  Time: 12:00-19:00 (Last day is until 17:00)
  Place: Gallery80
  URL: www.gallery80.com (Japanese only)
  Tel: 03-3408-2982
  Free entry
  For more information, please contact: tokyoark@arkbark.net

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Osian and Hobbit

I hear an intense cry from one of the cat houses...!
Ah, that must be...!

I'm hungry!
I'm hungry!


We ate very well today, too!

These hearty eaters are Osian and Hobbit.
These brothers were abandoned in front of ARK when they were tiny kittens. Their special ability is being able to eat with such gusto!

                    "I'm Osian!"
They have an exceptional physical ability.
They can do a vertical jump onto someone's head without a run-up, and they are passionate about playing.
When they were kittens, they were on the weak side, often having a slight fever and swollen eyes.
They're such good cats, but we weren't completely confident to recommend them to adoptive families, and it was a bit frustrating.

                     "I'm Hobbit!"
Nowadays they don't catch colds during the change of seasons or when it's cold like they used to, and they have been doing very well. We think that as they've got older, they have built up their immune systems.
They were left behind as other kittens left ARK for their new home, but now we'd love to see them leave for their new home, too.
These brothers are perfect for a cat lover who loves playful, friendly cats!

This is Jam, their kittenhood mate, who also "missed the boat" and is looking for a new home!

Kobe GREEN DOG Adoption Event
  Date: February 21 (Sunday) 12:00-16:00
  The cats and dogs who will participate are currently being chosen!

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition in Omotesando
  Date: February 9 (Tuesday) - February 14 (Sunday)
  Time: 12:00-19:00 (Last day is until 17:00)
  Place: Gallery80
  URL: www.gallery80.com (Japanese only)
  Tel: 03-3408-2982
  Free entry
For more information, please contact: tokyoark@arkbark.net

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