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Waiting for You

Chappy came to ARK when her owner passed away. She is the mother of Mako, who I wrote about before.
Mako still has not been adopted either...)

After coming to ARK, she was very wary and always hid when someone entered the cat house. Even when we wanted to do a medical check on her, she would not come out, so we just called her name or tried to tease her with a cat teaser, and did not touch her against her will. That continued for many days.

Chappy kept moving from one cat house to another, and spent time with many cats, but she did not get along very well with other cats. Right now she is living in a small house that can hold just one cat.

To our surprise, her mood improved dramatically after she started to living by herself. Sometimes we see her waiting for people, snuggling up to people, and even playing with them. We sometimes wonder if she is the Chappy we used to know when she was living with several other cats!

She doesn't get enough exercise in a single cat house, and we also can't spend much time with her. Our best hope is that Chappy has some good luck and leaves ARK happily ever after.

Chappy will turn 10 years old this year. Many cats can live up to 20 years nowadays, and Chappy has only come halfway. She is the perfect cat for those who want a cat who snuggles a little but likes to keep a moderate distance, as well as those who value a balanced and quiet life with a cat.

Kobe GREEN DOG Adoption Event
  Date: February 21 (Sunday) 12:00-16:00
  The participant dogs and cats are currently being decided!


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Balzac: The Dog Who Never Learns

It seems that Balzac still hasn't learned his lesson so he had to come back to the "Tiger's Den" this week.

The strong, daring Balzac would be suited to the following types of families:

Active families!
Families with hyper kids!
Lively families!
Houses where people come and go often!
Families that will walk him often!

I also recommend him to first-time pet owners♪

Here's Balzac in his Elizabeth collar after being neutered.

He's ready to find a loving new home!
We hope you'll come to meet him!!

Kobe GREEN DOG Adoption Event
  Date: February 21 (Sunday) 12:00-16:00
  We are currently deciding on the participants!

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Balzac the Troublemaker

17 beagle-mix puppies were rescued at the end of last year.
They were separated into small groups, but still the fighting among them never ceased.

Among the pups, there is one boy that stirs up trouble no matter which group he's in.
Meet Balzac.

His former owner called him "Mushi," short for "Yowa-Mushi" which is Japanese for "coward."
The nickname is misleading, however, as it turns out that he's not the target of bullying, but rather that he causes trouble by being a sassy smart aleck!

Once a fight breaks out in Balzac's enclosure, the barks of excitement spread like wildfire to the other enclosures and soon the puppies there are fighting as well.

So, the "Tiger"s Den" was alerted about this state of emergency.
The call for help was received by "The Educators" in KK's home.

Kind to the well-mannered, they welcome polite pups with exposed bellies and sniff-able bottoms, but one impolite gesture will garner a smack from Koruri, followed by a chomp to the head by Kamome's huge mouth (look at Kamome going at him in the picture!), while Michiru and Lega vocalize their approval.

It is interesting to see what's acceptable and what behavior is crossing the line. The rules and boundaries between dogs are really quite intriguing. "The rules of dogs should be taught by dogs."

Balzac was constantly butting heads with the other puppies at the shelter, but he was being very obedient with our 4 dogs.
Study hard so you can become a well-mannered dog, Balzac!

That being said, Balzac is very friendly and interacts well with people.

But, Balzac, that doesn't mean you have to greet everyone you meet on your walks. That way we'll never get anywhere!

We took a trip to the home centre together.
He didn't act particularly frightened or panicked, but remained still like a cat.
Let's experience a lot of things while you're still young, Balzac.

He was immediately able to use his toilet pad successfully.
Even if he's sleeping, he'll wake up and go to the toilet pad, finish his business and go back to his bed.

He isn't skittish, he doesn't bark, and he doesn't get carsick.
Where did the troublemaker from ARK go? Why, he's a very easy boy to take care of!

It was only for a few days, but his stay at my home allowed me to see personality traits and qualities of Balzac that were not visible when he was among other puppies at the shelter. These qualities are the characteristics that are important for potential adopters to know about.
Was it a good experience for you too, Balzac?

We'd better not hear about more fights breaking out, or it's back to the Tiger's Den for you!

Kobe GREEN DOG Adoption Event
  Date: Feb. 21 (Sun) 12:00-16:00
  We are now deciding the participants!

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Leo is Ready for Adoption at Last!

We rescued 30 Chihuahuas in December. Despite our concern that there were so many of them, they are leaving ARK one by one for their new homes.
We'd like to thank you for donating money and food since many of them need checkups and medical treatment.

This is one of them, Leo. Finally, he is able to look for a new home.

Because of high suspicion of hydrocephalus, Leo fainted several times when he was at the breeder.
After he came to ARK, he coughed a lot and we were worried about his health.

We were concerned if he would be able to be neutered and find a new home. But blood test and chest X-rays turned out to be fine and he was successfully neutered the other day.

However, it turned out that he has a tracheal collapse.
It's no problem as long as he doesn't get obese and refrains from hard exercise.
He doesn’t cough anymore and doesn't need medicine.

Hydrocephalus is a common congenital disease in Chihuahuas.
Leo doesn't have any problem as long as he doesn't play too hard with other dogs or bumps his head.
I suppose a lot of Chihuahua owners are handling hydrocephalus well.

Leo is a friendly, gentle, selfless, and well-behaved boy.
However, his disease makes it difficult to find his happy future home.

I wonder if he will be able to find someone who understands his situation.
I hope he'll be happy as much as other dogs!

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Pauline’s Red Thread

Pauline was kept in an animal-hoarding situation. She had many puppies because she hadn't been spayed, and her previous owner kept taking in abandoned dogs. However, due to economic difficulties, the owner was unable to care for all the dogs. Pauline is one of the dogs taken in by ARK at the request of the owner.

Pauline is shy around strangers. At first when I tried to take her out for a walk, she kept following the staff member in charge of her and seemed insecure.

Pauline scares a bit easily. One time she panicked and broke her cage.

Her experiences consist of not having had many opportunities for human contact and having been locked up in a cage. Therefore, experiences that are different from normal or that are "new" are frightening for her.

These problems wouldn't have occurred if she'd been able to experience different situations and be socialized from when she was a puppy. But that's water under the bridge now.

During our walk, she didn't pull on her leash and she managed to walk slowly with me. She was playful too. Deep down inside, she's really friendly and likes to be near people.

She wasn't very good around other dogs. When Pauline wanted to play, she couldn't introduce herself very well and wasn't able to make friends, but she's improved on that front and now has a new roommate.

The training for her to adjust to the cage at the kennel is going well. Even though I'm not her regular caretaker, when I tell her to, she goes into her cage without any resistance.

Is this right??

No matter how old a dog is, humans can help change that dog. She responds to our love.

There is a belief in Japan that we all have an invisible red thread that connects us to our destined partner. We hope Pauline will find a family at the end of her red thread--a family she's destined to be with.

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January 3rd (Sun) GREEN DOG Adoption Event Report

Having the first adoption event of the year at GREEN DOG must have been a good omen! Since it was just after New Year, we weren’t sure if people would come or not, but the number of visitors far exceeded our expectations.

This Corgi, Mi-chan, is the type that usually never barks, that can make friends with anyone, and that modestly seeks affection. On that day too, she looked like she was having a good time, going to meet visitor after visitor. She didn't get carsick either.

Sherbet, a Yorkie mix, seemed to be pretty popular, getting lots of cuddles and treats. When she first came to ARK, she was really distrustful of people and growled, so we could hardly believe how much she was enjoying herself at the event.

When the number of people increased, Florin got terrified and started desperately looking for a hiding place. At ARK, she barks whenever people come near the dog enclosure, giving a bad impression. Even though we've been looking for an adoptive family, her fear of strangers and cowering shyness have prevented us from finding anyone suitable. At the event, even though a lot of people saw her and said "How cute!" she couldn't really show her good points.

Her fear comes out of unfamiliarity, not hate or disinterest. Once she gets used to someone and they're familiar to her, she opens her heart to them. We'd really like to find an adoptive family who will quickly see that side of Florin.
She's just so cute…

August looked busy all day, constantly running here and there, poking his nose into things. Au-chan only goes to the bathroom on the pet sheet or outside. At the event too, he patiently waited until he was outside. He usually sleeps in his crate like a good boy. Despite these good points, ARK hasn't been able to find him a family for some reason. Since the staff members are concerned about him, it was decided that he would take part in the adoption event. Check out Au-chan's special trick: his bum wiggling dance and standing on his hind legs!

Sherbet saw Au-chan stand on two legs and decided to copy him!

Shido and Hannah were calm from the very beginning. They ate, moved freely around their cage, played together, and had lots of fun with the visitors. They were even spotted napping when the room was full of loud people and dogs. When he decided to get up, Shido sucked on Hannah's belly. Hannah got up and went to the bathroom. In the litter box, of course! This is actually the first time we've ever had a cat go to the bathroom at an adoption event. Hey you guys, this place is very different from the cat enclosure, but you were really relaxed!

It was definitely the New Year!

We had a lot of adopted dogs from ARK come back to visit and play!

GREEN DOG was where Dea-chan (Bonanza) and Sunny-chan met their new parents. Hachimitsu-kun (Aira) and his family are looking for a new family member. When he was at ARK, he didn't get along well with other dogs and didn't like to be touched on sensitive spots like his ears and paws. But now he plays well with the other dogs in the dog run and it looks as though his parents will finally be able to get their wish of having more than one dog. He did a "high-five" and "roll over" too. We were able to see once again the results of an adoptive family's hard work and love, and see that dogs with behavioral problems can become good dogs with the right people.

Miles the Chihuahua (Naa) was having so much fun he didn't want to go home.

Sakohime-chan's (Sandy) adoptive parents told us that her special trick is shaking in fear, and we were deeply moved that her timid character is an idiosyncrasy that makes them love her even more. 

Ricky-kun's willfulness is slowly getting better, and though it's sometimes worrying for his mom and dad, since he's getting older there's not much to be done about it... But the most important thing is that he's healthy!

Koroku-kun can now behave well when surrounded by crowds of people and dogs!

On the day, we didn't have any dogs or cats definitely adopted, but there were a lot of people who are giving serious thought to it, so we have the feeling that good things are coming in the future.

Also thank you very much to all of the people who brought donations and for all of the adoptive families who came to tell us how their cats are doing.

And to the person who purchased dog food from GREEN DOG and passed it on to us through a GREEN DOG staff member, we might not know your face or your name, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The GREEN DOG staff also said they were almost moved to tears. Thank you so much!

In the spring, we'll be having an ARK alumni meeting at the site of the new ARK Sanctuary in Sasayama. ARK adoptive parents, we're looking forward to it!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The first news of 2010 is that Puma the Chihuahua went to a new home!
What a good start to be adopted on New Year's Day.
Everyone hopes to follow him and find a new home!

Too many hardships and sad things happened last year, and we had to face the reality that animals are mistreated by selfish humans.
However, we got the strength to get through the year from the encouragement offered by our supporters throughout the country.
All of us at ARK will do our best to save as many as animals we can.
We appreciate your continued support in 2010.

We will hold an adoption event at Green Dog in Kobe on January 3rd.
When we started to plan the event, we expected the chihuahuas from a large-scale rescue to be part
of it. However, we've had to reconsider this because some of them who were spayed/neutered have already found new homes.

The animals who will participate in the event are:
Dogs: August Florin Mi-chan Sherbet
Cats: Shido Hannah

If you can't come to the ARK office in Nose, please come and visit us at the Green Dog event. Please consider visiting us even if you're not thinking of adopting an animal right now or if you are just interested in ARK's activities.

Click here for details of the GREEN DOG adoption event.

Bonus picture! Shido and Hannah with Molly, their mom, shortly after they were rescued.

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