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Documentary: Dogs, Cats & Humans

A documentary film entitled Dogs, Cats & Humans has been receiving a lot of attention recently.
The film is currently showing in Tokyo and has done well on the Pia Movie Ranking.
The director, Motoharu Iida, kindly invited our staff to the screening in Osaka, and the following is a review.


A Review of the Screening of Dogs, Cats & Humans

Described as a “documentary examining the current circumstances of animals in Japan,” I arrived at the screening of the film fully prepared to bawl my eyes out with a handkerchief gripped tightly in my hand. However, the actual movie was not overly dramatic nor did it attempt to be a sob-fest. It presented information in a neutral, objective voice, and I came out of the theater feeling refreshed and invigorated. That’s not to say that I didn’t get teary-eyed at certain moments, but there were also many heart-warming scenes that overall make the movie appealing to anyone.

Animal welfare, or rather animals in general, had been of no particular interest to Iida, until a certain lady approached him with a request, and soon filming began. Iida began to learn about the reality of pets in Japan through making the film, and in the process developed questions and doubts of his own. As Iida confronts these doubts, the audience can discover the answers just as he does.

For those of you thinking, “I like dogs and cats, but I don’t want to see a sad movie,” there’s no need to worry. You can go see this film without bracing yourself for heartbreak. Inviting friends and acquaintances that are skeptical of the need for animal protection to this movie would be a great way of introducing them to the issues.

The current issue of the magazine, AERA, has an article entitled “The Japanese Democratic Party is Kind to Dogs”.
In another magazine, CREA DOG, there is a section dedicated to “What We Can Do to Decrease the Number of Unhappy Dogs.”
I believe that overall interest in animal protection is currently increasing.

ARK recognizes this increasing interest and will work even harder to raise awareness of the need for higher standards of animal welfare in Japan.

↑Click to check out the official website for Dogs, Cats & Humans☆

10/10〜 Tokyo, Eurospace  TEL: 03-3461-0211
10/17〜  Niigata Pref. Tokamachi Cinema Paradise TEL: 025-752-7505

11/7〜  Aichi Pref. Nagoya Cinema Take    TEL: 052-733-3959
11/21〜  Okayama Pref. Cinema Clair  TEL: 086-231-0019
11/21〜  Hiroshima Pref. Yokogawa Cinema  TEL: 082-231-1001
11/28〜  Kanagawa Pref. Cinema Jack & Betty TEL: 045-243-9800 
Late Nov. Osaka Pref. The Seventh Art Theater   TEL: 06-6302-2073
Late Nov. Kyoto Pref. Kyoto Minami Theater TEL: 075-661-3993
Early Dec. Hokkaido Theater Kino  TEL: 011-231-9355
12/5〜  Fukuoka Pref. KBC Cinema 1-2 TEL: 092-751-4268
12/7〜  Ehime Pref. Cinema Lunatic  TEL: 089-933-9240
12/12〜  Hyogo Pref. Kobe Art Village Center TEL: 078-512-5500
12/12〜  Tokushima Pref. Cine Arute  TEL: 088-632-2239
12/12〜  Toyama Pref.  Forza Sogawa TEL: 076-493-8815

1/16,17  Nagano Pref. Matsumoto Cinema Select TEL: 0263-98-4928
Jan. 2010 Kanagawa Pref. Kawasaki City Art Center  TEL: 044-955-0107
Jan. 2010 Shizuoka Pref. Hamamatsu CINEMAe_ra  TEL: 053-489-5539
Jan. 2010 Niigata Pref. Niigata CineWind  TEL: 025-243-5530
Jan. 2010 Hokkaido Pref. Tomakomai Cinema Taurus  TEL: 0144-37-8182
Jan. 2010 Gunma Pref. Cinema Takasaki TEL: 027-325-1744

Additional locations will be added in the future!


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October 18 (Sunday) FIELD NOTE Adoption Event

On Sunday, October 18, a fair to support ARK took place at FIELD NOTE in Nara city. Artists who support ARK, and 5 dogs and 2 cats from ARK who are looking for foster families joined the fair.

Pain de' Cuisson, which usually supplies bread and other baked goods, made special hamburgers to sell exclusively for the day (I was too busy eating, I forgot to take a photo...)

091018fieldnotesf3.jpg 091018fieldnotesf4.jpg
091018fieldnotesf7.jpg 091018fieldnotesf6.jpg
The handicraft artists who participated were:
Kunugimaki from Atelier of Wood, leather craft artist 、Noriko Sakata, woodcraft artist Tomoko Miyauchi, and Dyework shop 、TECK-TECK.
People’s willingness to help animals that have been forced to live in terrible conditions because of the selfish and irresponsible behaviour of others was clear – you could feel the warmth of love in the air. We are very, very grateful to both FIELD NOTE, who holds this event twice a year, and all those who support us. On top of all they’ve done, we also received some donations, and we would like to thank you very much again from the bottom of our hearts.
14 dogs that had previously been adopted from ARK also came along, so it turned into a small reunion.

Alan (Vanilla) ♂ (top left) would love to play with other dogs but he’s not very good at doing so, and his foster family is bit worried about it.
Ellie ♀ & Kurumi ♀ (top right) had a little incident involving the rescue of a lost dog and almost welcomed a new sister.
Wig ♂ (bottom left) had a very good time with his ball in his mouth, diving into cardboard boxes.
Anko (Wakame) ♀ (bottom right) found her foster family at this very same place a year ago.

Navi ♀ (top left) and Suzie (Imana) ♀ (top right) come from the same place. Both girls are blind due to inhumane breeding practices. However these girls are calm and good with other dogs, and their foster families don’t seem to mind a bit about their disability.
Pochimaru ♂ (bottom left) was not interested in going along with his mom’s hope of finding a second dog. It seems he doesn’t want a playmate.
Zinc ♀ (bottom right) is the September puppy in ARK’s 2010 calendar. Look how he’s grown!

Taiyou (Inka) ♂ (top left) was the boy who was chosen as the main character “Lupin” in the film “Inubaka.”
Puffin ♀ and Bigori ♀ (top right) are saying hello to Taiyou as always.
Shijimi ♀ (bottom left) is the “cover girl” for FIELD NOTE.
Sakura ♀ (bottom right) is such an affectionate baby to her foster family.
The animals’ adoptive families seemed to have a great time with their dogs and enjoyed hamburgers, shopping, and having tea in the cafe section of FIELD NOTE.
One thing I noticed was that there were some dogs without a collar or nametag or just with a collar with a nametag connected to the leash (if a dog got his/her head out of the collar, it would be impossible to tell where he/she came from). This is quite common with dogs, but as we know, only the owner can protect his/her dog. They say, “My dog will be ok,” but you never know what sort of unexpected situation could happen. Please make sure your dog is wearing a collar with a nametag. And when you go outside, please consider the use of a harness to connect to the leash or the use of a premium collar for walks♪

This time we brought some cats with us.
The cats we chose to bring were Hatena and Nachiguro, brothers with calm personalities who are not very shy.
They didn’t seem to be scared and showed an interest when people talked to them or played with them, but for the most part they stayed in their box sleeping. When everyone left and the clean up started, they slowly came out of their box. They must have been nervous after all.
Hatena and Nachiguro, good job!
There were no adoption requests today, but for the animals, today’s participation will lead to tomorrow’s happiness.

091018fieldnoteキーパー1_1 091018fieldnoteキーパー2
091018fieldnoteゾロ3 091018fieldnoteゾロ1_1
Black Pomeranian Kiba ♂ had very good chemistry with one family, but they didn’t want to decide right there on the spot. They told us that they would contact us after they have discussed it thoroughly with the whole family.
Zloty can be a bit too sensitive sometimes, and that can give the impression that she’s a difficult dog. We were worried that she would be scared in a group of people she wasn’t familiar with. But our concern was unnecessary. She sat straight up the whole time, ate the food people gave her, and she was ok without having the staff around her. She even walked with her tail straight up along the side of a street with cars going by. There were a couple of people who became interested in her and we also received some requests. However, they wanted to give her serious consideration and decided to visit ARK in Nose-machi with the paperwork instead of deciding right there and then.

Wombat, a very shy, scared dog, joined this event as a socializing opportunity. As we predicted, he was up to his nose in anxiety and tried to stay calm by searching for a spot to hide. We let him take a break and brought him out for a walk to relax - as time passed, he reached the point where he was able to eat cheese from someone he didn’t know without a staff member being near him.
Huh? He’s standing calmly with his leash in a hand of a boy he’s never met before!
What? Are you not coming back to ARK with us today?
..... Hmm, you’re having photos taken with Zinc’s family, what’s going on?!?!
Oops, I shouldn’t say more than this right now…!

Pump was his usual self with a hearty appetite. He would listen to the command “sit” to get a treat but his eyes were already on the next treat...
Often times he barks at other dogs that walk by the dog enclosures at ARK, which may give the impression that he’s a bad dog. But seeing him outside of ARK, we could see he’s actually such a laid back, calm dog, and also very cute.

Happeny became a bit shy around people and was a little hesitant from time to time, but when people offered him a treat, he quickly went up to them. He was popular with people because of his baby face and puppy-like body. Unfortunately, nobody applied to adopt him, so ARK continues to seek a family for him. Please take him into consideration!
A roundtable discussion with Elizabeth Oliver that took place at magatama cafe×dining in Osaka city on the same day was very successful☆
We would also like to thank all the people who joined us at this event!

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Al Rehomed!

Al has been rehomed!!! I hinted about this at the end of my entry about the last adoption event, but because it hadn’t been decided I didn’t want to say too much. He had started a trial with a new family, but at that time we weren’t sure if he would get along with the dogs they already had.

Al’s new home is with Boss and Cherry!
We were worried at first because Boss didn’t really like Al, but now they are good buddies. Al has become one of the family♪ This is thanks to all love the family gives their dogs.

Al has been waiting to find his forever family and to lead a normal dog’s life.
He can now go for walks with his new mom and dad, and he can sleep deeply on top of warm blankets.

◆◆◆ A Message from Al’s Family ◆◆◆

At first when we used to open the front door, Al would come to greet
us excitedly. We would try to take what he was holding in his mouth from him but he didn’t want us to. However, over time his behavior changed. He would come running up to the second floor with his tailing wagging and the newspaper in his mouth. We would say “thank you” and take the newspaper from him. And he would let go of it! Now we have him bring us many different things.
Al is very well-behaved and so cute! He is such a well-trained Golden Retriever that it makes me sad to think that nobody wanted to adopt him.
He even lets me clean his ears.
Al is such a good dog!


Al, you are one lucky boy!

 Field Note Adoption Event
   Date: October 18 (Sunday) 11:30-16:00
   Venue: Field Note, Nara City
   Previous Field Note Adoption Event ←Please click here☆
 ARK’s 20th Anniversary Photo Panel Exhibition
   Date: September 21 (Monday) through October 18 (Sunday)
   Venue: ×dining">magatama cafe×dining
 ARK 20th Anniversary Party at the Ramada Hotel Osaka
   Date: November 7 (Saturday), doors open 18:30 (and close around 21:30)
   Venue: Ramada Hotel (Nakatsu, Osaka)

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Event-Packed Autumn!

On October 10 (Saturday), ARK took part in Nara City’s Parent-Child Festival.
This was one of the pre-events leading up to next year’s Nara International Film Festival. There were several participants, some of whom had booths featuring handicrafts and natural foods. ARK was happy to be invited to participate. Although none of the dogs or cats attended, we did have a panel display to inform people about animal rescue and we sold ARK goods.

We were able to interact with many people; some knew about ARK and our activities and some knew nothing about us or our rescue facilities. A big thank you goes out to Kōbo Gi-san who prepared our panel display and gave us support in setting it up at the venue.

ARK has several events this autumn as we are coming up on our 20th anniversary next year.
Next week we will be holding an adoption event for dogs in Nara, and Elizabeth Oliver will make a presentation and chair a discussion in Osaka.
There will also be an adoption event in Tokyo.

Even if you can’t adopt an animal, if you are interested in volunteering for us we would be happy to hear from you!

◆◆◆ Event Details ◆◆◆

 Field Note Adoption Event
   Date: October 18 (Sunday) 11:30-16:00
   Venue: Field Note, Nara City
   Previous Field Note Adoption Event ←Please click here☆
 ARK’s 20th Anniversary Photo Panel Exhibition
   Date: September 21 (Monday) through October 18 (Sunday)
   Venue: magatama cafe×dining
 ARK 20th Anniversary Party at the Ramada Hotel Osaka
   Date: November 7 (Saturday), doors open 18:30 (and close around 21:30)
   Venue: Ramada Hotel (Nakatsu, Osaka)

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Pottsun the Sponsor Cat

Hello. My name is Pattsun-sama-o. Hey, why are you laughing?

I got such a long name because the staff thought my forehead looked like the “pottsun” hairstyle that is popular here, because I was found in the summer, and because I am a boy.
Phew! It’s hard to explain in English so I hope you’ll just accept the name!

I have been chosen as one of ARK’s sponsor cats. A big thank you to all my sponsors!

When I feel really stressed I begin to hyperventilate.
One day, my breathing became so strange that they had to take me to the vet. I had to spend about an hour in car going through fields and over mountains in order to get to the vet. I didn’t know where I was going and got so nervous inside my small cage. I was so upset I had trouble breathing.

An x-ray of my heart showed that it’s a somewhat irregular shape. But it’s not so bad that I need to take medicine regularly. The vet said I need to lead a quiet life with as little stress as possible.

I’ve heard the staff talking about me.
“Even though he easily gets bladder infections and has to eat prescription food, and is shy with people, I’m sure that somebody will want to adopt him. But what happens if we put him in the car to take him to his new family and he starts to hyperventilate and damages his heart further?”
“I tell prospective families that despite the membrane adhesion in his right eye, he can still see fine and lead a normal life, but they avoid him and aren’t interested…”
”I guess we won’t be able to find him a home…”

When I was a kitten I got along really well with the other kittens. But over time I ended up getting into a lot of fights. I just wanted to play…Maybe my way of playing wasn’t right?

I don’t know when it started, but at some point in my life I became scared of strangers. I would think “Who are you?” and “What do you want?” and become so nervous that I couldn’t breathe well. What I really want is to be loved, petted and hugged.

If it were somebody that I knew then I would jump up on their lap and massage their legs with my paws.

So this is why I was chosen to be a sponsor cat.
If you’re interested in me, please go to the “Sponsor a Pet” link on the ARK homepage.

 ARK’s 20th Anniversary Photo Panel Exhibition
   Date: September 21 (Monday) through October 18 (Sunday)
   Venue: magatama cafe×dining
 Nara Parent-Child Festival (Bee Craft Fair) (PR panel exhibition)
   Date: October 10 (Saturday) 11:00 – 16:00
   Venue: “Tsudoi no Hiroba” Kenritsu Bunka Kaikan-mae (Nara Prefectural Culture Hall); Nara Park
 Field Note Adoption Event
   Date: October 18 (Sunday) 11:30-16:00
   Venue: Field Note, Nara City
   Previous Field Note Adoption Event ←Please click here☆

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